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China’s crop of outrageous new hotel designs

I was in Chin in the 1980s. I saw spotlessly clean streets with women out early each morning sweeping. I saw butchers slaughtering animals in open-air markets, blood streaming into the streets. There were no flies. I saw small rooms open to the street where people constructed electric irons for the world trade, even U.S. trademarks. I talked to people taking care of babies while their parents worked in factories. Mothers were allowed to take time to nurse their babies and it was not time…


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Green Roofs: Saving the Planet One Building at a Time

Advantages of green roof gardens: 

Aesthetic Improvement

Waste Diversion

Landfill Diversion

Stormwater Management

Moderation of Urban Heat Island Effect

New Amenity Spaces…


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Fractal History

Do you ever wonder, as I wondered, why a broccoli or cauliflower looks as it does? Why do animals have two legs or four legs, two eyes, or two nostrils? Why are rivers formed into dendritic patterns? Why do some crystals have dendrite patterns in them? What causes a snowflake to form into patterns? Why is every fingerprint different from every other one?

One day I heard a lecture and the speaker used a word I did not recognize. I discussed the word with the speaker afterwards and she…


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Capstone video: Rich ideas of substance: Chris Martenson, "Crash Course", economics.

Over the years, I ran across people and ideas that have important messages that we need to know about and understand. These are individuals and concept who look at the reality of our current situation and have ideas for solving problems and conflicts. The subjects range from economics, education, health care, permaculture, politics, religion, spirituality, and beyond. 

The first one I call attention to is Chris Martenson and his "Crash Course" in which he defines the state of the…


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I am an atheist bearing witness to atrocity of hate-mongering by people of the bible

People tell me that god is the god of love and justice. I read in the bible that truth will set me free. I also read a list of lies, distortions, delusions that rival any of Brothers Grimm's fairy tales. I read and see murders, genocides, obscenities to match any pornography of modern authors and wonder if anyone who believes in god has ever read this sacred book. I watch as people who claim to be full of love and compassion carry signs declaring hate for women's right to control their own…


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We need a new Social Contract, by D R (Donnie) Hosie

If there is no heaven or hell after we die, if there is only nothing, the same kind of nothing that existed before we were born, then we return to nothing when we die. Therefore, it seems to me we have to make full use of what little time we have. 

Realizing this is IT, that we have no second chance, no reincarnation,…


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How Jesus became God on Humanist Hour

Have you ever walked across the ice on a frozen lake and begin to see small cracks form under your feet? The cracks become bigger, making a pretty sound ... until you realize that the ice is not going to hold you and you have to change direction, and really fast or tragedy will occur?

That is what it was like for me when I believed in god and Jesus. I taught and was superintendent of Sunday schools, belonged to and held leadership roles in the women's bible study groups and outreach…


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Samhain, pronounced "saw win" by some

"While it’s been suggested that Jack-o-Lantern is genuinely old, there are no written references to it until 1663 when it’s referred to as “Jack with the Lantern.” Old Jack with the Lantern was one of many fairy tale stories featuring the trickster figure “Jack.” According to his Lantern tale, God wouldn’t accept Jack into heaven, and Satan wouldn’t accept him into hell, but Lucifer was nice enough to throw a burning ember of coal Jack’s way, which Jack then kept in a hollowed out turnip.…


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My Grandfather, Alphonse Fulgentino Jules Denoo

My Grandfather, Alphonse Fulgentino Jules Denoo, born in Ruddervoorde, West Vlaanderen, Belgium in 1877, told me he came to the United States in 1900, and travelled by train to Escanaba, Michigan. He lived there for a while in a Belgian community and decided he wanted to get away from his Belgian language. He went by train to Seattle. He reported to me that he rode a horse from Seattle, through Moses Coulee, to Spokane, and then to Emida, Idaho. He met and married my grandmother…


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Permaculture 1

Forty years ago, on July 1, 1974 I bought an old house that was the most decrepit in the neighborhood. The plumbing and electrical system needed replacing, and the roof had a swag. Mice overran the house and property. Volunteer trees and weeds filled the garden with healthy growth.

The house sits on the edge of a swamp, created by fire, ice…


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It is very nice being 78 years old and able to rest after a life of very hard work and great interest in people. Mountains, rivers and valleys interest me, too, and I wonder why they exist, what elements make them,…


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Fear masquerading as politics

"I Know What Boys Like


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Underlying all our agricultural land is the bedrock of ancient granites, sandstones, or sedimentary rocks from the time when the continental N America was a sea bed. That land mass rose to form the continent. The glaciation coming from the North Pole reached into northern USA areas.

During the end of the Ice Age, huge piles of gravel and moraine remained, forming the Great Lakes and many of the lakes in my area of the Palouse. The ice pushed top soil off much of Canada and redeposited…


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Managing feelings of anger, fear, grief, stress ...

it takes training, practice, even exercise to learn the skills that it takes to be calm in the face of chaos. Doctors have to learn it when they are in medical school. They have to learn how to focus on a case at hand even as the roof collapses around them. Hunters have to learn how to concentrate and not let a sound or movement detract them from their prey. People with temper problems can learn to manage the energy that is produced by the fight or flight part of the brain, the amygdala. The…


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Are you going to crutch today? by Michael Pennington

"Sometimes I just miss the crutch. How well said. Let's look at other crutches now. "That boy is going to grow up to be president" - and you feel good. "Sam is going to be a rocket scientist"-- and Sam feels good. We see then in daily life the benefits of the crutch.

Take it into religion then with a Sunday morning where one person asks the other "are you going to crutch today?" (I had to throw that in there because this is what it really is.)…


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"sometimes, I just miss the crutches"

This is an answer I gave to a friend who wrote to me, "sometimes, I just miss the crutches". 

Of course you miss the experiences you had as a christian. There was community, music, probably some fun and games, Interesting stories, probably made interesting because they were myths. We all enjoy a good myth, especially if it involved murdering thy neighbor or bashing babies heads against the stone walls, or thrusting a sword through the bellies of babies or pregnant mothers. 



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Sandra Fluke, raises her voice to defend and protect survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

'Silence Encourages the Tormentor, Never the Tormented'  ~ Elie Wiesel.

"Many take our freedom of speech for granted, especially in a noisy election season, or when the Supreme Court denigrates its importance through decisions like Citizens United. But for too many victims, the freedom to speak up about the nightmare of…


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Treatise on Morality, Scott Clifton

""What I'm interested in is maximizing health happiness and well being and minimizing unnecessary harm and suffering."

~ Scott Clifton

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Treatise on Morality.

Every time I hear, "How can you be moral without god?", I know what the bible tells of god's behaviors and the behaviors of followers of religion. I see those who preach, teach and practice hate. Battered women who try to live under the influence of religion, Christian and Islam, learn the things that will maintain and perpetuate family violence. If you have doubts, just look at the morality of god's acts in the bible and morality of families living according to biblical teachings. I want…


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