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Jesus Christ is King by Joshua Feuerstein

Direct quotes from Joshua Feuerstein:

I watched a video Jesus Christ is King. Here are some direct quotes: 

“Evolution is not a science and never will be because it was never observed.”

“Evolution is just a theory.”

“Chaos can never produce order.”

“Everything works like a clock; it has order.”

The universe “had to be through Intelligent Design.”

“I can’t look at all that creation and say that it was an accident.” 

“Creation has…


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I know the impact of criticism, I've known it all my life. It begins with my family who expects me to fit in, to think as they do, to do the things that they do, to remain silent because I say things they don't want to hear or read. 

Sometimes the criticism is constructive, offering me a new frame of reference, pointing out a contradiction, exposing my biases and these are all valuable and important in my creative processes. 

There is another kind of criticism that is less…


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Dream And Reality, by Dove of Peace, an Iranian woman

"If you only live in the dream and not in the reality

then you will get lost in your imagination.

If you only live in the reality and not in the dream

then you will be lost in the materialistic world.

Make therefore your reality to a dream and…


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An Iranian Woman Writes of Her Journey

"Tragedy after tragedy changed my life. Even though they changed me, but always, I have refused to be reduced by them... 

"I am an Iranian woman, a researcher, a learner, a lecturer and they call us the third generation and some call us the burnt generation, but I am very much alive! 

"I have been student my entire life, ... I started teaching at a college and became the youngest lecturer in the college, however my passion to gain more knowledge pushed me yet again behind the…


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Learning Life Skills

Violence after violence impacted my development. Those episodes developed defenses in me and impacted the ways I think and feel and act. Why? Who benefited by the violence? Who paid the price for each experience? Do other families have such memories? What makes a family healthy? 

I am a citizen of the United States of America, a questioner, doubter, thinker, dreamer, visionary. I know the feeling of fear and helplessness.…


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On the Origins of Consumerism

"In the 1930s, Paul Mazure, a leading Wall Street banker working for Lehman Brothers, wrote: 'We must shift America from a needs, to a desires culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things even before the old had been entirely consumed. We must shape a new mentality in America. Man's desires must overshadow his needs.'" 

(from the BBC film Century of the Self)

"By the 1950s, consumerism was thoroughly interwoven in the fabric of…


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God sets an example for his followers, who will destroy his enemies, their offspring, humankind.

Imagine yourself sitting in a church service and hear the reading: 

"I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.... The enemies have vanished in everlasting ruins; their cities you have rooted out; the very memory of them has perished.... The LORD will swallow [up his enemies] in his wrath, and fire will consume them. [He] will destroy their offspring from the earth ... their children from ... humankind." (Psalms 9:2, 6, and 21:9-10)"

The reader says, 'The Word of…


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Victim-talk vs. Initiator-talk

The problem, as I see it, is people who have been trained to be dependent, passive, and subordinate do not think in terms of independence, dominance and action orientation. I hear "victim-talk" instead of "initiator-talk". 

Victim vocabulary:

victim, fatality, loser, prey, stooge, dupe, sucker, fool, fall guy, chump, patsy, sap, sacrificial lamb, burnt offering, scapegoat; …


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Evolution of Homo sapiens and institutions as a consequence of chaos

It is difficult to believe that Iraq was once a garden of Eden that supported large populations and had lush fields of crop and a thriving culture. Climate change ended that era. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey: The Immortals: Contemplate the future with a hopeful vision explains the history of that ancient part of the world from 5,000 years ago, the city of …


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How UC–Santa Barbara Can Turn Grief Into Action: Divest From Gun Manufacturers

"if UCSB students, alumni, faculty and staff want to channel their feelings into constructive action, here’s a suggestion: ask the University of California Regents if its $88 billion endowment is contributing to gun violence by being invested in gun companies that fund the National Rifle Association (NRA) and obstruct common-sense gun policies. If it is, they should demand that the UC system divest itself from these merchants of death."…


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Kondratieff wrote that communism, socialism and capitalism will fail, they are designed to fail. Their basic underlying principles have flaws.

Kondratieff was correct when he wrote that communism, socialism and capitalism will all fail because they are designed to fail. The basic underlying principles have flaws. 

Communism fails because it doesn't value creativity, encourages collectivism, doesn't value individual rights, doesn't provide incentives to work, has a militant attitude toward imperialism, reveals indifference to environment, it has a basic lack of ability to distribute commodities in a fair manner, it too easily…


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Positive Psychology, Flourishing, Flow

Learned optimism is the concept that one can learn a talent for joy, like any other, optimism can be cultivated and is done by consciously challenging any negative self talk. Optimists live their lives with higher achievements and have better overall health with reservation.

Older people however, who have low expectations for a satisfying future, may be more likely to live longer, healthier lives than those who see…


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The Poor Farm

Does anyone here remember the "Poor Farm"? It was a place where old people, too old to work their farms and with no one able to care for them, were sent to the Poor Farm. My grandparents took me there when I was a very small child when they visited family members, took them food, and clothing and treats. I can't remember any of the faces except my grandparents'. I remember grandma crying, and granddad trying to comfort her. Neither one drove and depended on others to take them to The Poor…


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Questions for Theists

Questions for theists 

Do you really believe there is a supernatural energy who made heaven and Earth? 

or a supernatural energy impregnated a woman? 

or a virgin gave birth to a son? 

or a man who had supernatural power lived on the Earth? …


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I am interested in freedom from religion.

I am not interested in confronting the man or woman who goes to church, who prays before meals in their own homes, who asks for something from a supernatural power privately, or the parent who takes good care of his or her children without using corporal punishment. 

I am interested in confronting the man or woman who attempts to get his or her religious values incorporated as part of government and laws of the…


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Cosmology is the study of planets, stars, galaxies, and universes and gives insights into how the universe works. Cosmologists discover laws of the cosmos, not create them. They communicate the cause and effects of each law and explain them in ways the average intelligent person can understand. They base their insights on questions, doubts, experimentation, exploration, testing and formulating hypotheses that others can challenge and change as new evidence emerges.

Names such as Abd…


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Pepper spray and protesters

Pepper spray use by law enforcement against non-violent protesters is clearly outrageous. Police protect property, not non-violent protesters.  Furthermore, why are the police and fire fighters not standing with protesters?  They lose team members with reductions in state and local budgets. The goal is to weaken unions, disable protesters, keep working people poor and shackle small businesses.   

Obama snookered us. Obama can't change parts of a flawed system, but has to transform the…


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