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Even the religious don't think God is on FB....

My mother posted one of those "God loves you, repost this and he will help. Don't repost this and all will go wrong" things.  What really cracked me up was my brother, who is a Baptist deacon, responded,"

I didn't know God needed Facebook to make good or bad things happen. I LOVE God and am not afraid to post it or shout it, but I don't think God wants me to threaten people if they don't post a message about him. Just my…


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To 2008 and beyond

I was looking through some of my old notebooks lately, and discovered I like to write a lot about nothing in particular.  My thoughts are vague, and I ramble on.  While I say I write about nothing, I guess that is not actually true.

About five years ago, I was writing things related to the economy, and how my personal life was messed up.  My husband had been out of work for a year, and we were in the process of selling our house before it was foreclosed on.  We were coming to terms…


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Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite things to do.  It is a necessary evil, since everyone has to eat, and the food won't walk itself from the farm to the table.  That isn't what that movement is talking about.

Anyway, I have to go to the store this morning.  It means I had to spend time last night thinking about what I am going to cook for my family for the next couple of weeks.  My family isn't vegetarian, so there will be meat.  I know the whole thing is upsetting to those…


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Gardens, snakes and cookie monster.

When I believed in God, I was taught to believe he created each of us, unique and special, and that he loved us all enough to die for us.  I accepted this as a fact.  I felt there was nothing I could do to make God not love me, and that once I accepted Jesus, I would get to go to heaven, no matter what.

Later, I found out that was not what a lot of Christians believe at all.  They believe this god made them to follow blindly.  They believed God created Satan, who would lead them…


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Out of work thoughts.

Why do so many people who have jobs forget how hard it can be to find work?  I know a lot of us are trying to find something, and are not having much luck at all.

My husband and I have both been out of work for more than six months. We both apply for work, in the fields we were trained in, and in other areas we are qualified for as well.  I have had more recent success than he has, if we are to base it on the number of interviews I have had.  If it is based on the ability to get the…


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Thoughts on death and mourning.

My mother in law passed away in January.  Her birthday was the middle of last week, and everyone in the family besides me went to her grave site. 

I don't want to sound heartless, but I didn't feel the need to.  I went to her visitation, and funeral.  I helped get everything back in order in my father in law and my husband and kids lives after it was over.  For me, that was enough.  I move on differently, I guess.

I didn't discourage any of them from going.  It seemed to make…


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6/228/13 Thoughts

I haven't been consistent in blogging, anywhere, ever.  So, it doesn't surprise me that I forget to write in here.  I always feel like I have important things to say, until I start writing.  Then, I feel like all I do is waste space and time.

Anyway, I guess I could waste a little space on a few of the things that have been in the news during the last few days.  As a culinary person, I guess I will start with the Paula Deen's "I guess it doesn't pay to be honest about making racially…


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Opening day, and my job, such as it is...

I am a baseball junkie, so I am very happy that opening day is this Wednesday.  Thursday, I will have a lot of games to watch, and I will saturate my mind with my favorite sport!!!So happy that winter is over, and spring is here.

My job is in sucky mode.  I don't have any hours on the schedule, so I am having plenty of free time to look for another job, or to write, or do whatever I feel like I need to get done.  This was not the way I wanted it to go, but that is life.  I am…


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Wine tasting, and a few other thoughts

Yesterday, I went to a wine tasting at the grocery store.  It was from a couple of wineries just outside of the St. Louis, Mo, area.  I love tasting wines, and all of them were interesting.  I remembered more of the wine facts from culinary school than I expected to. 

Anyway, it has been a busy week around my house, even though I didn't get to work at the deli this week.  I worked in the yard, and I went for a ride on the back of a bike earlier in the week.  My back was killing me,…


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A little verse

I haven't ever blogged on here, so this is my first attempt at it.

I wrote a few verses about some things that were on my mind, after watching all the things I could find from the Reason Rally, and also after I saw a "cute" religious joke my brother posted on FB, and it made me write this:

They say we hate, but I don’t know.

They call us evil.  Where did love your neighbor go?

They think we believe in nothing.  I believe in much.

I just don’t…


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