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Power: Who Has It, Who Doesn't and How to Alter The Status Quo

In my last blog, I found myself focusing on the issue of an atheist "movement" and wondered whether such a movement would have to be bloodied in order to gain any ground against the theistic majority which holds de facto control in the culture of the United States.

Courtesy of Real Time with Bill Maher and a quote referred to by his guest, Rula Jebreal, I may not have gotten a hard answer, but an indicator of the thoughts of at least one person who has…


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Reflections on Seneca Lake, Selma, Stonewall ... and Atheism

While listening to Barack Obama’s second inaugural address this afternoon, I was struck by his mention of pivotal moments in past campaigns for rights for those who, before those campaigns took shape, were not the equal beneficiaries of the rights outlined in the US Constitution.  He mentioned Seneca Falls, which before this day I did not know was the locus for a convention in 1848 which focused on issues surrounding women’s rights and the seed for their right to vote movement in the US. …


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The Wisdom and Warning of Bill Maher's "Religulous"

Bill Maher is a funny guy, though sometimes what he has us laughing at is as frightening upon further examination as it was comical on first impression.  Organized religion is exactly just such a facet of human life.  We can laugh at the ideas of a sky daddy and dust-men and rib-women for a while, but when people who seriously and devotedly believe in those and other fallacies attempt to superimpose their belief on an entire population, using government as the mechanism, the topic stops…


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Christian Proselytism in the Military

First of all, I want to direct your attention to Dennis Kelley's piece, "Wow. just...wow" (thanks, Dennis!). That is what has inspired me to write the following email to Congresswomen Marcia Fudge and Senator Sherrod Brown:


I want to draw your attention to the following video:



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I Have Just Found a Treasure

Said treasure is at a fellow-traveler's site: Atheist Republic.  Therein I have found a gallery of pictures with quotes which are truly FABULOUS.  They include quotes I have not encountered before, direct and powerful quotes which I am sopping up the way a dry sponge absorbs water.  Consider the following:…


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A Meditation on Newtown, Connecticut

I was nosing about CBS News this morning, checking out coverage about the Newtown incident and other stories when I came upon the following.  Something to keep in mind: this 60 Minutes story was produced in March of 2000.

I'm beginning to wonder how many times we're going to have refer to the following quote before people are going to truly listen:

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat…


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Questions and Variations on a Theme

You tell me I must believe in your god.


Why should I believe in something which doesn’t show itself?  Why should I believe in a myth which violates the laws of physics, which insists not just on the improbable but the impossible and that which has been proven wrong?  Why should I believe something which was written by men who hadn’t the learning or intelligence my daughter had when she entered first grade?  Why should their ignorance carry more…


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Religion - It's In Email, Too

Over the past several years, I have been attempting to garner external interest in my abilities and knowledge of a specific type of test equipment, used in the semiconductor industry.  I've been out of work for not quite four years, and it would be nice to leverage those skills to make a buck or two.  Over the past couple of weeks, it is beginning to look as though my patience and perseverance are finally going to pay off.  In simple terms, I GOT A GIG!

So ... in…


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So ... Who Are The Protesters, What Do They Want, And WHO IS DRIVING THEM?

Okay, before we go any further, let’s ask ourselves a couple questions here.  First of all, just who are these protesters who have gone off the chain about a cobbled-up YouTube film/trailer/whatever it is?  Does anyone here think their average household has a personal computer?  Maybe they’re subscribed to FaceBook or have a Twitter account?  Do you suppose their kids watch Justin Bieber videos on YouTube when they’re not doing their homework?  Could I get any more absurd here without…


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Holy Guacamole! I've Been Quoted!

I was browsing CNN.com's home page when I found a link: Conventions turn atheists off.  Considering my interest in the Democratic convention at least, plus my awareness of the whole fooforaw about the god-language in the Democratic platform, I decided to have a look ... and five paragraphs down, I just about dropped my…


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An Extraordinary "Ordinary" Man

There was an interesting incident which occurred while my wife and I were en route to Kauai this past Saturday.  One of the flight attendants was on his last flight for United Air Lines … at age 84 and after 63 years of service!  This man – Ron Akana was his name – had started back in 1949, back when DC-6’s plied the skies and commercial jets were unheard…


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How Absurd Is That?

After several billion years of growth and development, a planet forms in one arm of a rather common galaxy.  A few billion years later, one particular form of life emerges on that planet, with the peculiar trait of being self-aware.  These beings are born, they live, they die, in a span of time which is the barest fraction of the time it took for this species to evolve to this point.  They form societies to protect themselves against a hostile environment.  Their curiosity leads them to take…


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Promoting Atheism - "It's the Marketing, Stupid!"

As atheists, it’s not generally in our nature to proselytize.  We get enough of that from the believers out there and, as we don’t care for the practice, we’re not much for doing unto others what they did to us.  Still, most of us I would suspect have a natural desire to see secularism and atheism advance in the face of the irrationality we too often see in our societies.  In 1992 when Bill Clinton was running for president, the catch-phrase of his campaign was: “It’s the economy, stupid!” …


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Two Reasons Why Martin Luther Fails Any Test of Integrity

Number One:

Number Two:

Luther had no use…


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Reality Check

Enow spake.

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I have a very dear friend and former lover with whom I exchange occasional emails and from whom I get an occasional "feel-good" forward.  Unfortunately, she just forwarded me something which had the following addendum at the bottom:

"Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point." Billy Graham

Sure, the rest of…


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The Problem of Tolerating Purposeful Ignorance

Stupidity cannot be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation.  Stupidity is not a sin; the victim can't help being stupid.  But stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.

― Robert A. Heinlein

When I started thinking about the piece I wanted to write, I noted that there were some marked similarities between stupidity as described by Mr.…


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Kony 2012 - It's Time to STOP Him

Joseph Kony - leader of the "Lord's Resistance Army," an invention of Kony himself and tasked with doing very little other than perpetuating itself - feeds off of the children of Uganda to that end.  Children are kidnapped, girls forced into prostitution, boys given a gun and coerced into supporting Kony's army, with no other apparent goal than to be a rogue element in Uganda and the surrounding countries.  These actions have earned Joseph Kony the Number One spot on the International…


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The Hunger Games - Enough, Already!

This past Christmas when I asked my daughter for ideas for her, one of the things she mentioned was a trio of books known as The Hunger Games trilogy.  Dutiful father that I am, I looked it up on Amazon and therewith discovered that the first of the three books was already pending release as a movie this year and a trailer was available.  I clicked on the link – mistake.

Maybe my years are showing, but I have grown sick to death of dystopias and books and movies built around them. …


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Arithmetic and god ... and Atheist Eve

I've been spending part of this morning perusing the history of "Atheist Eve," Tracie Harris's marvelously satirical cartoon which can be found over at Atheist-Community.org. A number of them have provoked a good laugh out of me (not an easy trick these days!), but THIS one in particular I thought was Just ... Plain ... PRECIOUS!



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