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So I stayed up for the news. (I'm not usually up this late) I watched my community react to the Freedom From Religion Foundation's billboard which stated: "Imagine no Religion". What caught my eye was the outrage of the local doctor. His attitude was that atheists had the gall to express such an opinion. Apparently he was going to show the Freedom From Religion Foundation by getting people together and saving up enough money to put Jesus on a billboard nearby. Which upon closing of the news… Continue

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Victorian fires were caused by liberalisation of abortion laws

Catch the Fire Ministries [their website]

Asked by the Herald if he did not believe most Australians would regard his remarks as being in appallingly bad taste, he said today: "I must tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear."


Asked if he believed in a God who would take… Continue

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My anthem

I have been a fan of X.T.C. for a long time. They are a great band with smart songs. When I was younger and a believer I felt this song was a about a person angry with God and but that they ultimately believed in him since they were addressing him directly. Clearly, I was misguided and hearing what I wanted. Now that I am an athiest I feel like it is an anthem and I love it even more now than I did then. Here are the lyrics. If you haven't heard it search it out and then check out more… Continue

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Why I am a atheist!

This is like my very first blog so sorry if its not very good!

Ok, well ever since i was a little girl my parents took me to church and i would end up sleeping or playing my game boy. My mom would take me to bible class and the kids would make fun of me because i didnt know how to read the bible already. That was the beginning of me not liking church. I tried really hard to fit in with the other kids and always they left me out. The whole church thing wasn't really the problem, it… Continue

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Rapture Letters: Insane?

So I discovered this gem of a site, Basically if you have loved ones who are not christian and you cannot covert then just go to this site and put their name and email address in and once all the christians are raptured away you will receive an email letting your loved one know you were raptured and are ok.

My very basic, 2nd grade question is who sends these emails if all the christians are raptured. Do they have one moderator on the site that is… Continue

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a little rant about something on my mind

I was helping my friend with a video art project this last weekend. She had been tediously planning this for weeks and had spent much time, money and effort preparing. For this shoot, we rented some gear from a local production house here in LA- a camera, monitor, lights and the various cords that connect everything- the works. During set up of all this gear, my friend could not seem to find an essential cord. She started panicking and appeared to be approaching tears while looking for the… Continue

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"save me"

theres probably plenty of copywrite infringments in this... but it was this crazy swarm in my head that i had to release unto you:)

Save me Pearl Jam & Radiohead for I have lost my way.

I cannot escape this coin operated siamese dream while riding this runnaway train.

I dream to dance dance the night away but the robots won't let us.

The OK computer runs the masses of money & greed.

I close my eyes to taste the… Continue

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"Atheist Crimes" of the last century - The Responses

Since atheists are often accused, unfairly of course, of causing the biggest genocides of the last century, I wrote a detailed article on how to respond to the charges. The strategy takes into account the fact that many religious people are not really aware of how cause and effect works. Nevertheless, the approach to this problem differs from individual to individual.

I have listed 6 possible answers that could be used, sometimes in combinations of two or more, to debate any… Continue

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way to go!

just wanted to mention that one of my friends who is a recording engineer, and with whom i have made several recordings, has had one of his recordings nominated for a juno award.

congratulations, earl!

jc morrison

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Well, well, well....

OK - so, how did I end up here? Well, I was raised Catholic - REALLY Catholic, like born again Catholic - part of the whole charismatic, healing, speaking in tongues thing that somehow made it from the snake handlers in Appalachia to seemingly mainstream Catholicism in the 80's. Anyway - I grew up with prayer groups meeting at my house etc. Everything was about Jesus. I never figured out how we deluded ourselves into thinking we were monotheistic, given the Trinity, Mary, and all the thousands… Continue

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Atheist students getting some attention


Take a look at this article that appears in the most recent Chronicle of Higher Education:

Added by tom arcaro on February 9, 2009 at 9:25am — 4 Comments

Bus Wars

[Full versions of all my posts, including images and links, can be found on my blog, Artificial Habitat]

No doubt many of you will be familiar with the atheist bus ads around Britain and the fuss kicked up by a few whining Christians.

Let's not forget that they were a response to religious bus ads giving links to sites which bang on about eternal torment for non-believers.

Well, now they've started responding with ads…


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A friend of mine from L.U. told me that our mind is surrounded by three forces – the knowable, the unknown and the unknowable. Everybody has an idea what is known, right? And we all ponder the unknown. But the unknowable will remain…er…unknowable. God and mysticism belong to the unknowable.

"Ding-an-sich”This theistic pretext is not new. Time immemorial, the mystics believe that anything that transcends human understanding is unknowable. That’s what they call the limitation of… Continue

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More tripe against evolution

[This is a call for correspondence to the party responsible for the article. If you wish to comment, please do it on the forum copy of this article]

From the Sydney Morning Herald of all places. This is disturbing.

The problem I face is weariness with science-based… Continue

Added by Фелч Гроган on February 8, 2009 at 8:56pm — 1 Comment

long live the ATHEIST BUS!!!

Lets hope more people come our of their shell....EVERYTIME someone mentions god say

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Vaguely formed idea

I want to memorize bible verses and quote them to people who annoy me with their religion, in a way that makes them realize what they are saying or doing goes against the bible, or to pretend to agree with something they are complaining about and that any sane person would think is bad, yet is supported by the bible. It should be easy to do, since there are so many contradictory things in the bible, and so many times when horrible things are said to be good, so I imagine there is a verse for… Continue

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List of Atheist blogs

I posted a list of atheist blogs that I read over at VOX. Here's the link:

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Senate slashes science

Friday's Senate version of the Federal stimulus package cuts funding for science and research, specifically the National Science Foundation (NSF), the top government program supporting investigator-driven scientific research in the US. If you're a scientist - or simply a person who wishes not to live in an ignorant nation - and you haven't called or emailed your Congresspersons yet, now might be a good time to do… Continue

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Tony Blair at the National Prayer Breakfast

I saw a clip of Tony Blair's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast (ugh) and found it insulting, to say the least. It was definitely blog-worthy.

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Keeping it holy.

Guess what (finally) came in the mail. My very own Biblical Garden!!! So this sabbath morning, instead of resting I made my own little micro climate! And... it only took me twenty minutes at which point I said:
"Suck it, God. I totally beat your record!"

Because I'm competitive like that.

Granted, the seeds haven't sprouted yet as you can see:

Continue at: A Cleverer Version of Myself

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