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Religions: My New Definition: Hijackers Of Childhood/Atheistic Wonderment Of Everything For Dubious Agendas.

During our early childhood years as young Atheists (Implicit Atheism, no knowledge nor care about Gods) most of us had an overwhelming wonderment for absolutely everything, I spent my childhood examining everything I could find and wondered how it all worked and was related to myself, if given a present involving technology, within two days it would be in pieces as I investigated what made it move or make noises, blow air, etc.... 

This wonderment followed me into my early teens and…


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Review--Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

It is nearly impossible to imagine that FOX News and Cosmos appear on the same network. It is difficult to believe that they are even on the same planet, but often ignorance and intelligence team up to become strange…


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Atheism or Agnosticism?

A paper prepared for members of the Atheist/Agnostic Club at Rossmoor in Walnut Creek

We call ourselves the Atheist/Agnostic Club here at Rossmoor and sometimes we seem to sit on opposite sides of the aisle – atheists on one side, agnostics on another. I’m suggesting that we can all pull our chairs together and be one. I believe atheists and agnostics are not two separate and distinct philosophies but actually one and…


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The première of #Cosmos featured Giordano #Bruno reading Lucretius' On the Nature of Things! Learn more: — Society of Epicurus (@SocietyEpicurus) March 10, 2014


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Society of Epicurus on Tumblr

The above link is to the tumblr page; it has many shareable secular humanist memes, links to articles, quotes, etc. that can be easily shared on social media.  Please share them!

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I am very reluctantly asking for some help here. Please check my gofundme page and read the email my friend Chrys Stevenson wrote on my behalf. If you are able and willing, any help you can give is m…

I am very reluctantly asking for some help here. Please check my gofundme page and read the email my friend Chrys Stevenson wrote on my behalf. If you are able and willing, any help you can give is most…


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The Biggest Fact of the Human Adventure

It is an absolute fact that:

This is the only picture of the human adventure (1) that is strongly based in a solid fact set from our modern knowledge base and (2) that also assigns a meaningful function for our species in the scheme of things:…


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Atheists - Are we doormats?

I recently had an experience which reminded me that being an Atheist does not hold you in the neutral category. We are seen instead as ‘the enemy’ and as much as you try to exclude yourself from fanaticism, the very act of exclusion enrages believers who would declare non-belief to be a far more sinister threat than belief in something, even if that something is in direct opposition to their worldview.

Study 1 (at my current place of employment) : A group of my colleagues and I…


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"I Fired God"

I didn't sleep very well for several nights after reading Jocelyn Zichterman's book, I Fired God. As the subtitle says, "My Life Inside--and Escape from--the Secret World of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Cult". Then inside the cover; "A compelling memoir and account of the IFBC and its shocking history of religious abuse.

While somewhat familiar with the Amish (and their shunning practices), some Mormon sects, and, in general, far…


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Click here for a closer look!

In the racial politics of the United States, I have been involved in a good portion of them that centered on the Civil Rights Movement. During that time, there was great solidarity among all African Americans, although at that time we were designated black or Afro American by the mysterious group that hands racial naming…


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High School with Rudy Julliani


Here's my latest eBook, kinky and fun as ever.  Plus it brings our a serious national problem that we all should be concerned about.  As always a five-dollar purchase will help me continue buying ads on Atheist/Nexus to support our important website—to go along with…


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Problem with Obamacare

I dreaded signing up for the health insurance under Obamacare, because I figured it wouldn't cover the very expensive drug Xolair, that I'm getting for an off-label use.   The drug costs me almost $10,000/year.  I complained that with health insurance, people like me who have unusual problems fall through the cracks, and health insurance does everything it can to pay as little as it can and has caused me a lot  of headaches and stress in the past.  

I did sign up for health insurance,…


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New book on Atheism

I have just published a book that discusses religion and atheism in light of the bio-cultural sciences, and in dialogue with the philosopher Gilles Deleuze. It is called Iconoclastic Theology: Gilles Deleuze and the Secretion of Atheism. For more details, see…


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Neil deGrasse Tyson On Science Deniers

Crooks and Liars embedded a video with Neil deGrasse Tyson on the place of science in our society. It’s a good interview.

I mention it here because he talks about the…


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Hello Friends and fellow trekkers,     I have been a non-believer since childhood.  I just recently retired and wrote autodidactic research on Human Evolution.  The results automatically tied in with…

Hello Friends and fellow trekkers,

    I have been a non-believer since childhood.  I just recently retired and wrote autodidactic research on Human Evolution.  The results automatically tied in with Atheism even though the stated goal treated the reconstruction of Speech using the phonology of Ancient Languages.  This research puts to bed the oft proclaimed accomodation of language with  divine origin which is total nonsense.  I would like to join any discussion or react to any…


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It must be part of human condition ...

My day started good as most days usually do.  I try to choose the attitude I want to work with for a given day.  Today was going to the public library and attending critical thinkers presentation.

Interesting topic on the agenda.  The genome project national geography team did - in bringing about the understanding of genetic ancestry. At some point of the presentation, I teared up because of a comment one of the participants said - " ... we are 99% similar genetically but we kill…


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Quotes from the "Founding Fathers" on religion

These were collected by Bill Perdue, I copied them from a comment he made on AlterNet. -JBH


"I have examined all the known superstitions of the Word, and I do not find in our

particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike, founded on fables and mythology. Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and…


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The Moral Machinery

How does morality evolve? We are social animals. We have language, reason, and empathy. Of course, empathy can also be found in other animals such as bonobo chimpanzees. What makes humans different from other animals is language, abstract reasoning, and the ability to plan for the future. How would a hypothetical group of humans with language, reason, and empathy plan a society? How would they need to conduct themselves to get along peaceably with one another? Before long, they will have… Continue

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Book of Julian Jaynes, The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind

Did any one read the book of Julian Jaynes the origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind?

I want to find peoples to talk about that book. Best description of the growth of the last 5 thousand years of the evolution of the consciousness. Now I have a pretty good idea what happened. Please contact me. This book help me to understand the evolution better.

Bibles scholar should read this book too. Why Plato create the philosophy of god and government,…


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