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From Google Quote of the Day

Ask a deeply religious Christian if he’d rather live next to a bearded Muslim that may or may not be plotting a terror attack, or an atheist that may or may not show him how to set up a wireless network in his house. On the scale of prejudice, atheists don’t seem so bad lately.
- Scott Adams

Added by Woody Bass on May 1, 2009 at 4:47pm — No Comments

Creationist Says Science Relies to Heavily on Faith

Ray Comfort is a creationist. You may remember him from the Crocoduck video I posted last weekend. Ray has a blog called (for some reason, I don’t quite get it) “Atheist Central”. Today Ray posted attacking evolution, and the so-called “pope of evolution”, The New Atheist favourite (that’s for you, my Commonwealth friends) Richard Dawkins. The article is full of glaring hypocrisies, I almost didn’t want to post about it, as it’s just too much.… Continue

Added by Randy Keating on May 1, 2009 at 3:13pm — 1 Comment

jesus never existed

i found this site thru google reader's default "atheism" setting.

(which i highly recommend)

i've spent the last 3 days plundering the seemingly endless links in here.

there is a lot of........... no, make that, 90% of the site is dedicated to trudging thru the roots of early christianity and the establishment and fortification of the catholic and othodox churches and their "heretical" siblings. it touches on the roots of islam at points too.

as a classical… Continue

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NYC Atheists

Had a great group to speak to at NYC Atheists last night. Totally full room - no empty seats. This was a very curious group with lots of good questions at the end. We also announce Recovering from Religion and got some very quick response from people. There has been an effort to help people recover from religion her in NYC but they want to join their group with RR. As a result I am doing some video question/answer for them today and tomorrow some TV footage as well. It will be good to get some… Continue

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Evangelicals are Biggest Backers of Torture (Surprised??)

A Pew Survey found that 54% of Americans who attend church at least once a week support the torture of so-called enemy combatants “often” or “sometimes”. That number drops 12% for people who rarely or never attend services. But it was the evangelical Protestants, (you know, the literalists, the creationists, the kings of intolerance) who ran away with it. More

Added by Randy Keating on May 1, 2009 at 10:15am — 6 Comments


How the hell can billions of religious people be dumb enough to believe the scriptural bullshit?

Added by Richard Goscicki on May 1, 2009 at 9:12am — 7 Comments

Waking up in an alternate reality

The realization that most of the people that populate this planet have an invisible friend can be very scary when you truly understand the full scope of it. It's effectively the same as waking up to find yourself still dreaming or maybe the word nightmare is more accurate. Either way this viral delusion can and does effect anyone. Conservatives, liberals, professionals, imbeciles, the poor, rich, sick, well, sane or insane all line up to testify about the warm, fuzzy feeling they get when they… Continue

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Heavy boots and critical thinking

This is simultaneously amusing and depressing.

Added by Paul on May 1, 2009 at 3:17am — 2 Comments

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