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Sandra Fluke, raises her voice to defend and protect survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

'Silence Encourages the Tormentor, Never the Tormented'  ~ Elie Wiesel.

"Many take our freedom of speech for granted, especially in a noisy election season, or when the Supreme Court denigrates its importance through decisions like Citizens United. But for too many victims, the freedom to speak up about the nightmare of…


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Laff and Happiness

All credit to Al Green for writing a song that could butcher in the name of humor. Two nights ago I strapped on my guitar, wearing it low and to the side like and old-time gun slinger. After setting up my gear, a few minutes passed before the director came in and counted it off.

From there we kicked up a Texas dust storm. Three hours later it was done and all the musicians were ready to call it a night. Until one of the audience members recognized and obviously thought it was a good… Continue

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allergies getting better

I had another dog allergy reaction yesterday. 

I had stopped on my bicycle by the side of the road to give someone directions, and I was chatting with them a bit, while wearing my allergy mask. 

Someone turned in near me with a large dog in their car ... and even though I was wearing the mask, it made me sick.

So I do still have to worry about dogs in cars :(

But, even though I'm still extremely sensitive to dogs, my allergic reactions are less severe.



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Human Memory Notoriously Unreliable

If Jesus of Nazareth ever even really existed, it is highly unlikely that anything written about him in the New Testament Gospels is true and accurate.

The Gospels, beginning with Mark, were first written about half a century or more after Jesus allegedly lived and died. Until then several different versions of his life story and deeds were passed down by word of mouth, most of them wildly discrepant with tales of Jesus nearly unrecognizable from the accounts that have…


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Treatise on Morality, Scott Clifton

""What I'm interested in is maximizing health happiness and well being and minimizing unnecessary harm and suffering."

~ Scott Clifton

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50 Shades of Sexism: Hip Hop & Songs About Degrading Women

Video below: (NSFW, some strong language)

I remember when I first heard this song; I was at a trendy pub…


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Confessions: When will my deconversion be complete?

When I was a Christian, I read the book ''A Grief Observed,'' by C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis was once a self-proclaimed atheist, but as his life took many turns, he was drawn to Christianity. He is often quoted by many Christians, as being a poignant voice for them. Frankly, he still is one of my favorite authors. He has a way with words…


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Treatise on Morality.

Every time I hear, "How can you be moral without god?", I know what the bible tells of god's behaviors and the behaviors of followers of religion. I see those who preach, teach and practice hate. Battered women who try to live under the influence of religion, Christian and Islam, learn the things that will maintain and perpetuate family violence. If you have doubts, just look at the morality of god's acts in the bible and morality of families living according to biblical teachings. I want…


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According to the Bible, God drowns, kills, slaughters, genocides, stones, burns, mauls, rapes, crushes, ....

There is plenty of evil in “the Good Book,” but here are some highlights:

1. God drowns the whole earth.

In Genesis 7:21-23, God drowns the entire population of the earth: men, women, children, fetuses, and perhaps unicorns. Only a single family survives. In …


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10 Ways to Stop Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed BY JEFF HADEN

10 Ways to Stop Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed BY JEFF HADEN

I saw a mother with a baby in one of those slings that holds a baby on the chest of the carrier and she had a little child who looked about two years old. Mother tried to look for her products on the shelves, keep an eye on the one walking beside her, and quieting the baby.

It reminded me of those…


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Frankenstein: the Modern Prometheus

My three children were 10 years old in 1974 when we arrived in Spokane and started a new life. We lived in a camper tent and enjoyed the summer, but when winter came upon us, the camper was very cold. My grandmother had just closed down her home and moved to my parent's home. She had no need for all the blankets she made over the years of raising her own five children and another family of five children whom she raised after their parents died in the flue pandemic of 1918. 

We piled…


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...And What If I'm Wrong?

I am an atheist. I do not see any compelling evidence that god exists. The evidence presented to me by preacher, teacher, friends and family refers me to expressions of personal feelings, of euphoria, or some tell of how elevated they feel.

Response to my questions about other evidence usually results in referral to miracles they heard about; the reports turn out to be second or third hand. Too many claim recovery of some bad thing in their life in answer to prayer. All too often,…


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Resisting Win-Win

Just some off-the-cuff thoughts here. I've particularly been noticing when people in my life are resisting win-win solutions. My reaction is that I want to scream "Why do you resist that? It is best for everyone and particularly great for you! Are you insane? What is your malfunction?"

But this flits through my mind in a quarter second and then I return to normal. I remember the long process that I went through in learning how to think.

There is a latent but ever present fear…


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Land of Nice Atheists

This Sunday's blog post is about atheism and Christianity in Denmark. Very different from here in the States.

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Grandma Irene Jacot's former home

"This picture was taken looking north on Cedar and Fourth near downtown Spokane, when runoff water was still choking catch basins and storm sewers from a flash flood in May 1957. In June of that same year, President Eisenhower declared Washington’s Grant and Lincoln counties and Idaho’s…


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Why ice sheets will keep melting for centuries to come

Why ice sheets will keep melting for centuries to come

Most of my family and friends live away from ocean coast lines and will not be affected by rising sea levels. The processes of ice sheets forming and melting have been occurring throughout history. My home in Spokane, WA was shaped by the flash…


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Compost, black gold

Every snippet of growing things, except diseased or pest ridden or with seeds or with plants that have runners that spread, go into my compost. The result is priceless mulch better than money can buy. 

Several years ago I bought Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoons™ and buried them in my compost bins and into my box raised beds. I have an abundance of worms working my soil…


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How Did We Become a Society Suspicious of Science?

How Did We Become a Society Suspicious of Science?   Thanks to Dave Schey. 

~ "Senator James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, openly denouncing the findings of climate scientists as a hoax."

~ "The Texas State Board of Education, which is dominated by religious…


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Our Irish ancestry

I am a strong advocate of knowing one's historical, cultural and genetic background. History matters in spite of all the efforts to leave traditions behind. For me, understanding my ancestor's Irish background helps me understand our familial hatred of anything government. Our family descended from Irish immigrants who left Ireland in the 1840s because of the Irish famine. It was a political famine, caused by British landowners not allowing the Irish farmers access to the grains they grew…


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