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A discussion of the rules: rule #10

Started this discussion. Last reply by John D Dec 3, 2010. 1 Reply

A discussion of the rules: rule #9

Started this discussion. Last reply by Daniel W Apr 20, 2011. 14 Replies

A discussion of the rules: rule #8

Started this discussion. Last reply by Grinning Cat Apr 9. 44 Replies

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A place to post and find links to news and current events, videos and other media that pertain to atheists, rationals, skeptics and humanists world-wide. The content of Atheist News is user driven, so the more the community contributes, the more informative and useful the news will be. Comments and personal insights into the news articles posted only make them that much better. Get involved! The RSS feed is active. Updated daily.
My personal blog. If you ever wonder about what else I will ramble on about besides religion, you can go check it out. Vampires, dub step, politics, TV shows, technology, video games, erotic pictures of Count Chocula. You name it.

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Bertold Brautigan commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"Hear hear, Pat. I'm one quarter Irish, and I'm thinking I may have found a retirement country."
12 hours ago
Pat commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"Poblacht na hÉireann. The Republic of Ireland.  The first country in history to grant human equality by the majority of the people without the intervention of legislatures or courts. The citizens said all are equal. I could not be more…"
13 hours ago
Patricia commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
13 hours ago
Joan Denoo liked moJoe's group Atheist News
sk8eycat commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"Hillbilly Graham-Cracker could afford to GIVE the SOB one."
Loren Miller commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"I note that gospel of prosperity pastor Creflo Dollar is under scrutiny again for asking his congregation to buy him a $65 million Gulfstream G650 executive jet.  Can we hope that this time the federal government gets spine enough to…"
sk8eycat commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"While we're at it, ban anyone else from the corrupt Bush family from running for anything ever again, even trash collector."
May 13
Robert Brown commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"If you like George Carlin, I just posted a great video of him doing a routine about politics. Exactly what we are talking about."
May 13
Bertold Brautigan commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"What I don't get is how the Rs keep getting with the glaring hypocrisy of pretending they're for "small government" when they want the government to control everything except their business practices. They portray themselves as…"
May 13
Robert Brown commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"One thing I do find interesting and curious about elections and outcomes is the equality of all sides views of candidates. Most people distrust political candidates and know they lie to get in office and lie to stay there, and that distrust is…"
May 13
Robert Brown commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"@ Bertold - The self serving nature and fear mongering about religion on both sides helps perpetuate the re-election of idiot candidates. Atheists simply aren't electable (for the most part) in states like ours because an…"
May 13
Robert Brown commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"@ Joseph P thanks for the funny correction on conjunction. Ignorance of the candidates is part of a problem trend though on both sides. And while your post was humorous, some people actually think all democrats are socialists that…"
May 13
Bertold Brautigan commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
""Political honesty" is a better oxymoron even than "Reagan's Memoirs.""
May 13
Warren Jappe commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"When Clinton conspired with the republicans to exclude anyone else and limit the discussion topics in the so called debate soured any interest I might have had in the man and any pretext of honesty in the political process  "
May 13
Bertold Brautigan commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"> every election shows we have anything but informed voters.  The Republicans figured out in 1980 that they don't need no stinkin' analysis of the issues, and they've outrun the no less self-serving but far less competent…"
May 13
Grinning Cat commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"@Pat, the National Popular Vote interstate compact would effectively bypass the Electoral College. It's been passed by ten states and DC so far. As soon as states with a majority of electoral votes enact it, they are all required to give…"
May 13
Joseph P commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
""The general view is that candidates are voted for by the right because they are evangelists, or and white, or and men." I fixed that for you.  You used the wrong conjunction."
May 13
Joseph P commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"And as a bonus, it would make it impossible for anyone to vote for Romney for anything, ever again, since it's impossible to figure out his position on any subject more complicated than preventing rich people from having to pay taxes."
May 13
Robert Brown commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"@ Bertold - We already have candidate literacy tests called elections. The candidates all lie, saying they will represent us and make promises that they don't keep. If people had to prove they know a candidates positions, they would know…"
May 13
Bertold Brautigan commented on moJoe's group Atheist News
"@ Robert - how about a "candidate literacy test" for candidates? That might eliminate half of the nutjobs posing as representatives of the people."
May 13

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At 2:37pm on July 30, 2011, Candy Cooper said…

Hey, when are y'all going to get off the stick and get a new podcast out? It's been since 3/8/11, and I'm going through some serious withdrawals here.

Love you guys, keep up the good work, please... 

MoJoe- in response to the furor created by your comments about personal responsibility and being aware of your surroundings. There was a book that came out around about 1997 about listening to your fear. The book wasn't really worth reading, the first and last chapters about said it all. But basically it was saying, "Don't be the Wildebeest on the edge of the herd." If a situation makes your feel uncomfortable or fearful, there's a reason for it and you should take appropriate action. It certainly wasn't saying that people who get raped or mugged are responsible for their attacks because of the way they were dressed or acting. But that you could keep yourself safer by not going jogging alone in the dark by the waterfront in an area known for high crime, or using that ATM in a high crime area alone. That sort of thing. When my daughter of 20 went off to UCSD as a Junior, her first time living away from home basically, I told her to be aware of her surroundings. To listen to her feelings, and if something didn't feel right don't do it. Like jogging in the woods, UCSD has a beautiful Eucalyptus forest on campus, but it's also a great place for predators to hang out. So I told her not to the Wildebeest on the edge of the herd and reminded her of all those animal shows where the animals that get taken are always the old the young and the sick, on the edge on of the herd.


Once again, I love you guys, oh and Joe I friended you but not Brother Richard on facebook so I'll be expecting my money soonest...


At 12:39am on June 3, 2011, michael oliver said…
love the took
At 9:10am on May 15, 2011, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…
Hi Joe. I moderate a new group Hang With Friends. I really need information on how to manage a group. I can't figure out how a member could be deleted. I can't figure out how to send a message to one member. Don't you have a FAQ for group moderators? help
At 11:39am on November 22, 2010, Zach Stofle said…
Hey Joe, Four Loco is awesome, about two or three bucks each and you only need two.
At 6:22pm on November 5, 2010, Elizabeth Newman said…
Really, when a common vistor of a site is called a /b/tard it really ceases to be "classy". I'd really never consider going on that site since it really has nothing for me. Anything I could see there that I'd actually find entertaining I could find on google or youtube.
At 5:34pm on November 4, 2010, Elizabeth Newman said…
I had a feeling that Eli was but I was unsure about Lamar. Does he still think that "mudkipz" is an insult? Hahaha!
When you first mentioned 4chan I got really excited. I've never been on the site but I know alot about it.
At 3:22pm on November 4, 2010, Elizabeth Newman said…
I do have to admit that the dubbing companies do go above and beyond when it comes to the movies... except for 4Kids 'cuz they can't dub for crap XD

I've been taking Japanese this year so that I don't have to go through the trouble of watching dubs or reading subtitles. Hopefully if I stay with it I'll get better at understanding it.
I've been wondering this: do Eli and Lamar like anime because they seem to have every type of nerdery in them (except for mudkips).
At 4:02pm on November 3, 2010, Elizabeth Newman said…
OH MY FREAKIN' SPAGHETTI MONSTER!!!!! YOU HATE DUBS TOO?!!!! Man, I mean I knew we shared a love for anime but I didn't know we also shared a hatred for dubs (well except for Death Note, Baccano, and Sengoku Basara. Those are pretty good.)! The nerdery runs through my blood from the fact I was bore of a scifi/anime nerd and a bookworm... So geekery has been loged into my genetics. If it's nerdy I am almost bound to love it. XD
At 9:27am on October 30, 2010, Daniel W said…
Where is the rule about mullets? I checked the TOS and "The rules" and saw nothing. You need to get to work on that. We could have a mullet explosion on AN and would only have ourselves to blame. yet another controversy on our pages. As community manager you need to get to work on this.
At 3:21pm on October 26, 2010, Elizabeth Newman said…
Thank you so much for the reply, Joe! It really means alot to me, considering you're one of my idols XD.
When my mom told me you replied I started jumping up and down... Damn my fangirlish inclinations. Also thank you for the info on Sam Harress, it'll probably help me alot.

Thank you again for the kind words and remember: the bannana was designed by the sun gods to perfectly fit the grove of our hands (HA!!).

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