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At 7:20pm on December 26, 2011, Steph S. said…
Hey there eintob! Thanks for replying to my discussion!
At 3:06pm on July 15, 2009, Jennifer Smith said…
Well, good luck with it all. As soon as I saw MTec I remembered that was the other school. My husband and I refer to MT as stripper work -- it's harder than people think and the girls lie about their income. Not that I would know that from the inside, of course. ; )
At 11:10am on July 15, 2009, Jennifer Smith said…
Eintob, I am telling you this as a person who has been there/done that. Medical transcription is the worst way to make money!! My sister, her friend, my friend, and I have all worked as MTs, and it's a pretty crummy world out there. Unless you get your certificate from Andrews School or some other online school whose name I forget right now, most places won't hire you. I went thru Andrews. It cost $3k and this was about 6 yrs ago. It took over 2 yrs doing it part time to get thru. They tell you it takes 9 months to a year, but everyone I've ever communicated with who "went" there says it was either 2 or more yrs. My sister got her cert from AHP (At Home Professions). She looked for work for over a yr and when she finally got a job it paid 3 cents a line. Most places would not hire her because her course was so poor. It took her 3 months and cost something like $400.

Once you're hired, many co's require 1000 lines a day, which takes about 5 hours if you're up to speed (and that takes months of getting used to the formats, software, docs, etc.), yet you won't make more than $30 to $40 a day. And this is FULLTIME. The work you turn in is supposed to be 100% correct -- even when the doc is cramming chips into his mouth, even when the doc's accent is so thick you can't make out more than a few words in a paragraph, even when the recording is so poor it sounds like garbled speech. This makes the work slower and you are down to $10 a day. In my 4th yr as an MT working for 2 companies at over 40 hours a week I earned - ta da! - $18k.

I meet moms all the time who are interested in MT work and I feel compelled to warn them not to waste their time and money for a job that will steal their time and earn them no money. The ladies who say they make $40 or even $50k a year are either lying or they have an MT biz and make their money off other typists. Hate to be a downer, and this is a weird intro, but I think it's important you know what you might be getting into.


At 12:07am on June 4, 2009, Cupcake said…
You homeschool, huh? I can't imagine all of the work that must be involved. Plus, you are in school yourself?! WOW! Go Super Mom! ;)

Bella sent this response to your comment....

Yeah, TRD started falling apart before I left...I'm not sure but I think it got a little worse. I was close to quiting derby all together but I'm glad I stuck with it and moved to OC. It's mostly drama and fighting for team equality. Mandi Festo did go to the Bay area. I hear she made the team strong and they actually beat the Saddle Tramps a couple years ago.
At 5:22pm on June 2, 2009, Cupcake said…
I'll tell her.
What are you studying in school?
At 12:30pm on June 2, 2009, Cupcake said…
Hey, Bella said to say hello!
At 11:55am on May 29, 2009, Cupcake said…
Love your derby name!
Fibromyalgia can be really rough. My mom, sister and niece all suffer from it. I can sympathize as I have joint problems. Stress and changes in the weather can cause flair ups for me too.
What do you do for fun now?
At 10:35am on May 28, 2009, Cupcake said…
That's cool. What was your derby name? I had two big injuries during training so I never got to skate a real bout. It was hard to face the facts that I just wasn't made for derby, but I really enjoy working with the league to keeps things running smoothly. They are my friends and I couldn't just walk away from them. I'm really active with sponsorship, vendors, charities, etc. Did you skate with Bella Russkia? She is with OCRG now as Wild Bella. She's a great little jammer!!

I saw on your profile that you have kids. We have two boys (ages 6 & 8). It's quite a challenge raising free thinkers sometimes, especially here in Orange County, as it is a crazed Christian/Republican stronghold. Our neighbors are all old white folks who look down their noses at anyone with a mind of their own. How is your community in Arizona?

Have a rockin' day!
At 9:41am on May 28, 2009, LeoPardus said…
Were those atheists apostates? Apostacy is the worst sin in Orthodoxy (and most of the rest of Christian denominations too). Just wondering.

Tucson! I went to the UofA. Spent 11 years in Tucson. Love that town. Still keep in touch with my old TaeKwonDo student who now runs a school there. Gotta get back one of these days. I really wanna have an Eegee's grinder. :)
At 1:29am on May 28, 2009, Cupcake said…
Hi! Thanks for the welcome. AZRD is coming here on the 20th of June to skate in our Roll For A Cure bout. Small world. Do you still derby? I am just crew these days. It's good to meet you.

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"Hey there eintob! Thanks for replying to my discussion!"
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Jun 16, 2011

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