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Trailer Trash

Started this discussion. Last reply by Plinius Feb 10. 22 Replies

This term was used in a discussion about a different topic, and I wanted to give it an airing of its own.  You see, my first online handle & screen name was "Trailer Trash".  I worked for a dozen…Continue

On being alone with yourself:

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ted Foureagles Nov 27, 2014. 21 Replies

This is something that’s always been central to my being – my way of internally balancing. By the time that I was about ten years old I was going off on overnight hunting trips alone. Later I’d take…Continue

This Holiday seaon:

Started this discussion. Last reply by C.L.A.W.S. Nov 3, 2014. 8 Replies

In front of one of the many Baptist Churches around here is a sign promoting their Oct. 31 "Judgment House". Sounds a little too scary, or at least unpleasant for me. Under it is an ad for their…Continue

Turn to page 124 in your Hymnal

Started this discussion. Last reply by Michael Penn May 11, 2014. 1 Reply

Give me that old time religion.Give me that old time religion.Give me that old time religion.It’s good enough for me. He’ll be riding on a donkey when he comes.He’ll be riding on a donkey when he…Continue

Tags: Hymn

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Ted Foureagles replied to Asa Watcher's discussion Do you suffer from hopolophobia?
"No Donald, the Middle East, even if it could be construed in some wild fantasy as a monolithic entity,  never declared war on America.  We went there and instituted war, and they responded with groups that now are at war with us.  We…"
Ted Foureagles replied to Asa Watcher's discussion Do you suffer from hopolophobia?
"Well said Free'. It's a problem when well-funded lobbies have so much influence on lawmaking.  Here in rural South Carolina I can vote for anything that makes it to the ballot, and it doesn't mean a damn thing because the agenda…"
Ted Foureagles replied to Michael Lackey's discussion President Obama and Religion
"It's not about truth; it's about rallying the tribe against the neighboring tribe.  Religion may once have been about the pursuit of truth, but the scientific method took over that role, and rightly.  Religion persists almost…"
Ted Foureagles replied to Michael Lackey's discussion President Obama and Religion
"I agree with that Loren.  Saudi Arabia regularly and officially beheads people for things like "sorcery", or for just opposing the government, yet they're the US's 2nd bestest buddy in the region.  Israel, our very best…"
Ted Foureagles replied to Michael Lackey's discussion President Obama and Religion
"The problem is that the concept of "faith", which could be defined as pretending to know what you don't, as reliable epistemology is inherently flawed. ISIS, or whatever you want to call them, has not strayed from Islamic apocalyptic…"
Ted Foureagles replied to Asa Watcher's discussion Do you suffer from hopolophobia?
"..."Now I ask you; are you willing to start peeling away the rights afforded by our constituion one right at a time?  If we do away with the 2nd amendment, what are you willing to give up next?  As soon as you give up one right, it…"
Ted Foureagles replied to Asa Watcher's discussion Do you suffer from hopolophobia?
"I carry a gunshot wound from a .38 in the back of my right shoulder, and a knife wound on the front of the same.  The weapons involved were not the genesis of the issue, but just the tools.  Any tool is an extension of its craftsman. }}}}"
Ted Foureagles replied to Asa Watcher's discussion Do you suffer from hopolophobia?
"No solution is ever absolute.  We could start by requiring firearms to be registered, licensed and insured much as cars are, and create strong penalties when violations are uncovered, again just as with cars.  We could tax ammunition like…"
Ted Foureagles replied to Visvakarman Svetasvatara-Upanish's discussion Physician Assisted Suicide.
"My life is my own, but I owe some debt to the earth that made me possible, and to some extent to the society in which I was born and nurtured.  I've pretty much exceed my "use by" date, and could give my minerals back to the…"
Ted Foureagles replied to Asa Watcher's discussion Do you suffer from hopolophobia?
"Ahh, I tried to read this whole thread, but couldn't quite swing it.  As for a word to describe those who fear atheists, I don't see why plain old xenophobia couldn't serve.Guns.  I've owned some sort of firearm since I…"
Ted Foureagles replied to jay H's discussion Pot and IQ
"I've taken the Stanford-Binet IQ test three times.  The first was shortly after entering public school, the next was after I'd passed through the school system.  The score was 10 points lower.  The next was several years…"
Feb 22
Plinius replied to Ted Foureagles's discussion Trailer Trash
"Nothing thrashy about your homes, and you have so much outside space! I saw on tv that it's possible to build a new house in days without driving stakes. Here everything is built on driven stakes of 10 or 15 metres, so all buildings stand in…"
Feb 10
Daniel W replied to Ted Foureagles's discussion Trailer Trash
"People live in all sorts of cool structures that stray far from the stereotype ranch houses, bungalos, and McMansions. I've seen houses made from old airplanes, adobe houses, straw bale houses. I've seen barns and churches and firehouses…"
Feb 9
Ted Foureagles replied to Ted Foureagles's discussion Trailer Trash
"I do know of one instance where someone cut a mobile home down.  It was in the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes County, North Carolina -- site of the original Thunder Road.  It was a brandamnew 12'x60' trailer of 1966 vintage.  It…"
Feb 9
Idaho Spud replied to Ted Foureagles's discussion Trailer Trash
"Not familiar with mobile homes, but I see what you mean now."
Feb 9
Ted Foureagles replied to Ted Foureagles's discussion Trailer Trash
"It wasn't "cut in half".  I may have not been clear.  A doublewide mobile home comprises two discreet units.  Typically, one is the "wet" half with the kitchen and bathrooms, and the other is the "dry…"
Feb 9

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About Me:
Atheism confirmed at age 6 after two years of Mom-directed Bible study.

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At 12:17am on December 7, 2014, Ayla said…

I wish you could find time to talk to me for a few hours.  I am all alone and spend my hours working or sleeping.  My cats are my company.  

My past is so gone, and a new me (or the real me) is recognizing itself and would like to share some time with the love of my life (even though you thought it was all superficial, it was far from that.  

Every day i think of you. I come home at night and since i live in the boonies, the sky is dark and full of stars.  I wonder which one you are looking at tonight.  I feel your energy.  I am on a new track in life, and it is being on my own, and it is getting easier, but missing you is the one thing that is killing me.  I dream of you always.  

Please just give me a chance to show you the real me.  I am not sure that you ever met her.

I am willing for a weekend out in the woods, or whatever kind of meeting you would agree to, but i think you will like the real me.  I do.

At 10:00pm on November 3, 2014, Ayla said…

working on opening a foster home for veterans.  Thanks for all your hard work in our past to help me.

At 9:39am on September 18, 2014, Freethinker31 said…

I am honored  to be your friend....

At 9:33am on November 9, 2013, Denise B Brown said…


All ... lostness, sickness, sociopathic, deathly harmful demeanor, scum of the earth, dead, heartless,  are just a few of the words and actions that I experienced without my recognition. I am repeatedly destructing myself and everyone around me.    I just want to tell you that you were the only person that gave me unconditional love.  I will always truly Love you, but know that too much damage has been done and destroyed by me.

I just wish I could erase it all, but I would never erase you and your energy.

I truly wish you peace in your life's ventures.

Previously yours

and alway in my heart


 The old me is dead, and I only want to do things right, honest and respectable to everyone i encounter. 

Is there any way we could meet and just be honest and open to each other, with no expectations, but to heal ourselves.

If not, I totally understand why, and I leave you with this thought

Thank you for loving me, it was the truest love there ever was.

I am a new me

Ayla   no ore,no less

At 10:40pm on July 8, 2013, Denise B Brown said…

58 years of trying to figure out who i was.  when i found out, i did not want to own it.
 the pain that i caused was the most horrible thing anyone could do to another being.
 I can not go backwards, and it hurts to go forward knowing the things i did,
 wondering who the hell was operating my mind,and my actions.  
This has me wondering how one could go so astray and still be able to exist in their mind.

  The insanity that i finally now recognize is like a horror film with all the evils
of the world surrounding me. All the darkness that steals every ounce of my being.
The one i hurt beyond repair is the only soul that i truly loved but it was a sick love.  
how can such an event or group of events have slipped into my life and into theirs to the point
 of no return.  how can hate be so strong as to conquer and destroy us from head to toe.
 No way back, no way forward.  I so want there to be life after this existence,
with the only hope that i can find my true soul, that is not so dark.

I have seen the light of day seldom, and want to know what it is like to live without fear of
destroying everyone that gets a little bit close.

I was told that i do not know how to love, or how to allow others to love me.
The only thing that i think that i do know is that i am filled with disgust and feel helpless
 for that soul i destroyed.
somehow running away is leaving a long dark trail of insanity and hurt. Can i ever wipe
the slate clean? or is it

I guess i just have to accept that our actions are true , and that i have to accept because
we did what we did
insane or not, it no excuse, and i therefore must accept that i  am without hope.

The pain i caused has eaten a hole like a cancer in a soul, and that was soul was the truest, kindest
and loving that ever existed.  How can i go on living with this weight of guilt.  Can i ever reach
them again in another world, or is there only this life.  

forgiveness is then impossible when the events of this life destroy life itself.
So i fade away into the vast abyss screaming in vain for one final breath.
to the one i hurt the most...i am already there, My life is over,.and hope you will find your final
days on earth with peace and kindness
from all others you encounter.

To my soul mate that i destroyed.

At 7:20am on April 12, 2013, Randall Smith said…

 Holy Crap--your dog being shot! What kind of son of a bitch would do that? I'm not sure I want to know if she makes it or not. Disheartening. Thanks for sharing.

At 7:13pm on July 9, 2012, Tammy S said…

There are a few of us hiding up here in NC Ted and you have one or two by you there in SC as well. We gotta stick together, they have us surrounded! LOL Good to meet you!

At 11:59pm on May 12, 2012, annet said…

Your writing is so clear and thoughtful, it is very enjoyable to read.  (edited typo)

At 4:56pm on March 27, 2012, Steph S. said…
Thanks for replying to my discussion!
Greetings and welcome to the site!
At 4:05pm on March 24, 2012, ChrisC said…

Certainly is good to feel free to express my opinions on this subject! I'm just spending some time learning what's what on here - lots of reading to do! That should keep my out of trouble.


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