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Jun 14
Scott DeLong commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Fox News Paper
"I have watched that entire documentary before and it was very informative."
May 26
Loren Miller commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Fox News Paper
"Brave New Films has had Fox News' number for a while.  Recently, they released their documentary, "Outfoxed" to general accessibility on YouTube.As with many such pieces, this is NOT something to watch right after dinner, if you…"
May 26
Michael Penn commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Fox News Paper
"Fox News may be entertainment but it's also telling those who watch it exactly what they want to hear. I prefer Al Jazeera and then I throw in a few others from around the world to round it out."
May 26
Gerald Payne commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Tea Party Paper
"Racists, bigot's and fundamentalists come along with every generation. Just as football players and new age daydreamers, bigots will always be a proportion of the electorate. Obama never inspired racist thought, he just reawakened it. We would…"
May 24
Ceil commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Tea Party Paper
"Having grown up with racism as part of life in the 50's and 60's white suburbia, I thought it was over for the most part when Obama was elected.  But now those who learned to hide their racism in the last  20 years, have gotten…"
May 24
Gerald Payne commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Tea Party Paper
"Communism is a red letter word in America. It's a phobic inspired totalitarian nightmare. When an influential group of people dominate the media, it makes no difference whether they're communist or capitalist. The former using state power…"
May 24
Michael Penn commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Tea Party Paper
"I never saw real racism until Barack Obama was elected president. No, I'm not speaking about anything that Mr. Obama said or done. It's everybody else. As for the Tea Party, I know a fundamentalist family who owns a health food store.…"
May 24
Donald L. Engel commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Fox News Paper
"i'm a POLITICALLY CONSEVATIVE, SOCIALLY LIBERAL Republican, and I think FOX news is a total disaster in the world of spreading news and ideas.  They're as retarded as a Texas conservative."
May 23
Scott DeLong posted blog posts
May 21
Loren Miller commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Tea Party Paper
"The HBO series The Newsroom went head to head with the TEA Party on a couple of occasions.  Here's a particularly notable scene from that series."
May 21
Gerald Payne commented on Scott DeLong's blog post Sociology Paper
"Time and again I've heard reports of the problems in the American penal system, and the difficulties in bringing about social reform. I think the problem lies in the ,'freedom of the individual' trumpet blast that dominates American…"
May 21
Scott DeLong posted blog posts
May 20
Scott DeLong replied to Gerald Payne's discussion Is the real reason for religios conservatism fear?
"Fear is a powerful tool that can control the masses. The religious right is using that fear to gain more power and is doing that with good effect. In a sense, I have to praise them for using fear to control people. It sounds horrible, but they have…"
May 17
Scott DeLong joined golnaz's group
Mar 13
Scott DeLong joined Blair Scott's group

American Atheists (Official)

American Atheists is a nationwide movement which defends the civil rights of nonbelievers, works for the separation of church and state, and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy.
Mar 13

Profile Information

City (For Member Searching)
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Country (For Member Searching)
United States
About Me:
Influences: Voltaire, Friedrich Nietzsche, John Rawls, Bertrand Russell, Karl Marx, David Hume, H.L. Mencken, Benedict de Spinoza, Thomas Aquinas, Judith Butler, John Stuart Mill, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, William James, Niccolo Machiavelli, Jean-Paul Sartre, Thomas Paine, John Dewey, Arthur Schopenhauer, G.W.F. Hegel, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Jeremy Bentham, Plato, Aristotle, Emma Goldman, Hannah Arendt, Karl Popper, Sigmund Freud, Epicurus, Cesare Beccaria, St. Augustine of Hippo, Immanuel Kant, Michel Foucault, Carl von Clausewitz

Plans for the Future:
Become an Academic, most likely specializing in History

My Beliefs:
I am an Atheist and Empiricist
I am convinced the Religious Right in the United States are promoting a Fascist agenda
I believe we must reform our current prison system
I love and strive to learn as much as I can about history
I have a very bleak view of Human Nature
I consider myself a Democratic Socialist and truly distrust Libertarians like Grover Norquist
I believe that Libertarianism means private Tyranny
I hate Ron Paul
I also believe that a Majority of the American People are stupid
I need evidence to be convinced of something
I believe that the United States Constitution is a living document that adapts to changing values in a society
I believe in the absolute Seperation of Church and State
I am vehemently opposed to the Death Penalty
I prefer to keep myself to a small circle of friends

People I Hate

On the Right:
Pat Robertson
David Barton
Jerry Falwell
Ralph Reed
Sarah Palin
Michelle Bachmann
Grover Norquist
Ron Paul
Ayn Rand
William Bennett
Ted Nugent
Rand Paul
Scott Walker
Christine O'Donnell
Ted Cruz
Murray Rothbard

On the Left:
Al Sharpton
Alan Dershowitz
James Carville
Ingrid Newkirk
Germaine Greer
Gloria Allred

My Heroes:

Friedrich Nietzsche: he helped me become aware of the Herd mentality and my distrust of the masses

Elizabeth Warren: Her progressivism has made me aware of the countries problems

Bertrand Russell: his essay called "Why I am not a Christian", led me to become an Atheist

Voltaire: He inspired me to speak out, no matter what the risks are

C. Wright Mills: he made me aware of the power elite in this country

H.L. Mencken: His essays led me to become more cynical and distrustful of authority

Edmund Burke: He instilled a bit of Conservatism in me, and has given my pessismism of human nature

Karl Marx: He led me to socialism

Jean-Paul Sartre: I credit him for making me develop an Interest in Existentialism

My hobbies:


Video Games

Reading Nonfiction Books

Reading Alternate History

Favorite Subjects:



My Favorite Historical Subjects:

Byzantine History

Chinese History

Greek History

French History

Russian History

My Interests in Philosophy:


Political Philosophy

Social Philosophy

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of History




Economic Philosophy

Favorite TV Shows & Series:
I, Claudius
All In The Familty
House of Cards
Everybody Loves Raymond
Prisoner Cell Block H
Cold Case Files

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At 11:39pm on September 5, 2014, Joan Denoo said…

Hello Scott, I am happy to share a friendship with you and learn more about you. Although I share an aversion for the same people and their types as you, I have, perhaps, a more optimistic view on humankind and life in general. I have a great interest in politics, economics, humanism, and love to garden, read non-fiction books, especially history. I foresee some interesting discussions with you, although I am not a philosopher.

At 12:26pm on August 19, 2014, Steph S. said…

Greetings! Welcome to the site!

At 12:57am on August 18, 2014, Chris G said…

You and Gabby Hays are appropriate since we are in the 100 year anniversary of WWI.

Is your avatar Gabby Hays?

It looks like you are well learned and have a diversity of readings.


At 6:47am on August 15, 2014, Randall Smith said…

Wow! Impressive listings. Welcome. I agree with your "beliefs".

Scott DeLong's Blog

Fox News Paper

Posted on May 21, 2015 at 10:00pm 4 Comments

this was the first research paper that I wrote in College. It was done in the fall of 2012 for my Humanities 101 class.

In 1996 media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, chairman of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate News Corporation and Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox News and former media advisor to Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Sr., launched the Fox News Channel. They said their goal was to bring “fine and balanced journalism” to the American public (Greenwald 8). It has been…


Political Ideology Paper

Posted on May 21, 2015 at 7:59pm 0 Comments

I wrote this paper, back in October of 2013 for my Political Ideology class. 

Hubris: the Republican Party and the betrayal of America

The party that was one the champion of the Progressive movement and of the movement to abolish slavery has been taken over by a group of conservatives who are determined to drive this country into the ground unless certain demands are met. This party which was once the…


Tea Party Paper

Posted on May 21, 2015 at 7:30pm 5 Comments

I wrote this paper 3 years ago, in my Humanities 102 class. In this paper, I wrote about how the Tea Party was really a front for corporate america to sabotage Barack Obama's agenda.

            Over the past few years in America there has been a movement known as the Tea Party movement that is trying to bring notice to big government and wasteful spending through a grassroots style movement.  But is this truly a grassroots movement as the Tea Party claims they are?  There are major…


Italian Renaissance Paper

Posted on May 20, 2015 at 9:48pm 0 Comments

I wrote this paper in April of this Year for my Italian Renaissance class. In this paper, I compare the Maesta Altarpiece by Duccio di Buoninsegna to Sandro Botticelli's Madonna of the Pomegranate.

Duccio's Maesta



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