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Violent Conflict and Climate Change

Started this discussion. Last reply by Grinning Cat Mar 31. 1 Reply

Don't have enough wars and rebellions? Do you hunger for more US "action" abroad? Climate Destabilization will meet those needs.Here are two important conclusions from the report that the IPCC…Continue

Tags: US boom in unconventional fossil fuel, Climate Destabilization, violent conflict

Organized Crime involved in Ukraine snatch

Started this discussion. Last reply by Michael Penn Mar 24. 1 Reply

The Mafia Ruling Ukraine’s MobsJamie Dettmer at The Daily Beast claims that…Continue

Tags: Eastern Ukraine, organized crime, Crimea


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Patricia commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"Certainly learned a lot more about lead & the almighty dollar!"
6 hours ago
booklover commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"Thank you Grinning!!! I count you among my good friends I've met on Hang With Friends, and Ruth, of course too for starting Hang! This is my favorite spot! Very cool Felaine! COSMOS was Terrific as usual! He might have well come out and said…"
7 hours ago
The Flying Atheist replied to Ruth Anthony-Gardner's discussion Finland's Gay Bondage Stamps in the group LGBTQI atheists, nontheists, and friends
"Daniel, very eloquently stated.  You always seem to have an "even keel" sensibility in your outlook that is spot-on. "
7 hours ago
Grinning Cat commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"Happy birthday, Mindy! You certainly bring thought and smiles to a lot of people, whether or not they've met you face to face! (And Carl, thanks for telling us about George Takei's birthday as well.)"
10 hours ago
Ruth Anthony-Gardner commented on Steph S.'s group Geek & Nerd Haven
"Geckskin from UMass Amherst sticks to many surfces, and removes easily for reuse. Gecko-like adhesives now useful for real world surfaces "
11 hours ago
Steph S. commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"Happy Birthday George Takei"
11 hours ago
sk8eycat commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"I forgot to say that Bill was a beautiful skater, but he was always stuck in the chorus line, except for an HAP spot here and there.  Pity."
11 hours ago
sk8eycat commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"One friend of mine from my HOI days sat next to Sulu before Trek hired Walter Koenig to play Checkov. (He also skated in Ice Capades for a year before he decided to try film and TV. Another couple…"
11 hours ago
Ruth Anthony-Gardner replied to Charles Cusumano's discussion this is VERY scary
12 hours ago
Ruth Anthony-Gardner posted a discussion

U.S. Solicitor General to defend lying in political campaigns

Obama's First-Amendment Defense of Political LiarsRemember when Obama campaigned on hope? *sigh* He's destroying all hope for US democracy. The U.S. Solicitor General answers to Obama, and he's set to defend lying during political campaigns on first amendment grounds. President Obama, through his U.S. Solicitor General, arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court, has now stated that lying in…See More
13 hours ago
Sentient Biped replied to Ruth Anthony-Gardner's discussion Finland's Gay Bondage Stamps in the group LGBTQI atheists, nontheists, and friends
"I read several articles on this topic, both on gay blogs and "regular" press.  I'm sure that somewhere, someone gets the point - I hope so -  but I'm yet to see it. Before and during the time of Tom of Finland imagery,…"
13 hours ago
booklover commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"Joan, what a lovely post! Thank you so much! You are a treasure. I DO have Tabasco sauce in my attitude! What a great way to put it! Thanks Spud! Hey Carl, I love George Takei! I will have to tell my daughter that it is his birthday also! Loren, I…"
14 hours ago
Ruth Anthony-Gardner commented on Joan Denoo's group Politics, Economics, and Religion
14 hours ago
Ruth Anthony-Gardner added a discussion to the group Parenting Little Heathens

Parenting Teen Drivers

If you have teenaged drivers, share this.Teen drivers were six times more likely to have a serious incident when there was loud conversation in the vehicle — to the point of needing to make an evasive maneuver to avoid a crash — and three times more likely to have a serious incident when there was horseplay in the vehicle.Another important finding is that actions the driver alone controls – reaching, texting, using a phone and eating — seem less likely to lead to a serious incident than things…See More
15 hours ago
Ian Mason commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"Nice one, Loren. Stealing."
16 hours ago
Ruth Anthony-Gardner added a discussion to the group Climate Concerns

Solar Power is unstoppable

Horray for Al Gore's uplifting speech speech!Al Gore On Climate Change CrisisMost Climate Destabilization news is depressing. Al Gore cheered me up.Gore said there have been two game changers in the last few years that have turned the tide in the war we’re waging against climate change.The first, he said, is the frequency of historic climatic events and the obvious …See More
16 hours ago

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Poo Fools (us all)

Posted on December 25, 2011 at 2:01pm 46 Comments

Day after day I see Atheist Nexus members argue scripture details, spreading theistic memes here, without realizing their self-betrayal. Memetics still seems, to most, an abstract intellectual debate. We can't grasp religion as an infective agent. We can't see ourselves as merely copying machines for viruses.…


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At 11:37am on April 17, 2014, Loren Miller said…

Ruth, just as a point of information: could you please edit the title on your Fuck You= Australia's Coal Policy piece?  Back when we actually had moderators on here, they used to be concerned about that getting A|N flagged for inappropriate content.  I'm not a moderator, but I think that's important enough to consider.

Thanks in advance.

At 3:11pm on March 9, 2014, Votaw said…
At 2:52am on March 7, 2014, Derek ~William Haughton said…

Hi Ruth

Many thanks for the welcome, I'll take a look at the groups you recommend!

At 9:43am on January 19, 2014, Nsajigwa sisi kwa sisi said…

Hi Ruth A G
Did you said I sound very bright when I was just joining the Atheist nexus some years ago..?
may be u were right in the "brights" sense of D Dennet meaning.
After reading / Finishing Breaking the spell I concur You, yes i am one of the Brights freethinker nonbeliever
There is god but one created by human being..!
Human beings created the gods..!

At 4:07am on January 13, 2014, AgeOfAtheists14 said…


ok check this!
and search within that chan/ for 'klan'

street level i tell u!
guess after reality hitting like a slap in the face
we're done here?
back to Earth ; )(

At 11:07am on December 18, 2013, Steph S. said…

At 5:28am on December 5, 2013, Loren Miller said…

Hey, Ruth!

Considering your environmental consciousness, I thought today's entry from was worth your time.  Wasn't sure if you were subscribed to them.  I am, and their daily vignettes I find both interesting and occasionally very important.

At 7:56am on December 1, 2013, Luara said…


I made a comment in a discussion that was for you - I'm copying it here so you will be sure to see it:

About 30% of people with IBS are estimated to have non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  More may have non-gluten food allergies.

I've been looking into the research on non-classical food allergies (not the kind of food allergy everyone knows about that may cause anaphylaxis).  The research on adults almost all relates to people with IBS. 

There isn't a lab test for non-celiac gluten sensitivity, but the best diagnostic procedure would be to do what was done in a study on NCGS.  They say people with NCGS were in two separate groups - people who were sensitive only to gluten grains, and people with multiple food allergies including gluten grains. 

The people with multiple food allergies were likely to have other allergy problems as well, such as allergic rhinitis, eczema and asthma.  So if you have allergy problems and IBS, food allergies are especially likely to be causing the symptoms. 

As was done in the study, one should first get tests for celiac disease, either the blood test panel or a biopsy of the small intestine.  Celiac disease may be misdiagnosed as IBS.
They did double-blind placebo-controlled food challenges, but in practice, a food challenge usually just means eating some of the food, after the hypoallergenic elimination diet described in the study, and seeing what happens.

Also, people with IBS may be helped by a low-FODMAPS diet. FODMAPS include the fructans that you already know cause problems for you.  I'm not sure if non-classical food allergies can cause people to be more sensitive to FODMAPS - it could be that if you quit eating certain foods, you would no longer have a general sensitivity to FODMAPS. 

It's a really good idea to know if you have NCGS, because it's theorized that NCGS may be a precursor to celiac disease - so avoiding gluten could prevent getting celiac disease in the future.  Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, so if you have a family history of autoimmune problems or you have autoimmune problems yourself, you are more likely to have celiac disease. 

I have a LOT of those non-classical food allergies, but I'm not sensitive to FODMAPS in general.  I have BOTH autoimmune problems (Hashimoto's and probably celiac disease), AND allergy problems (allergic rhinitis and non-classical food allergies).

At 9:11am on November 28, 2013, Sentient Biped said…
Ruth have a happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for all of your contributions onNexus!
At 9:32pm on November 21, 2013, Steph S. said…

Hello Ruth!

Hope you are doing well my wonderful friend.

Always thinking about you.




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