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Robert McLean commented on Donegal's video

The Randi Show - Psychic Charlatans

"I had the impression that many police departments have employed "psychic detectives". Perhaps these rarely used staff could get to work investigating and exposing store front psychics. Give 'em something to do."
Jan 12, 2012
Robert McLean replied to Reha ULKU's discussion Atheism is a Political Issue
"Julia Gillard, the Australian PM was asked in a radio interview about her "beliefs" (like they are remotely important) and she relied that she's an atheist after growing up in partly religious household. Sadly, given the PM's…"
Dec 20, 2011
Robert McLean replied to scott martins's discussion IS EVERYBODY 100% POSITIVE THERE IS NO GOD?
"There's nothing to suggest the godly being is anything more than strangely misguided wishful thinking."
Dec 18, 2011
Robert McLean replied to Carrot Hare's discussion Atheists around the world! ASSEMBLE!
"Greetings from Cairns, north Queensland, Australia. It's our wet season and it's rather humid."
Dec 18, 2011
Robert McLean replied to Nickole Johnson's discussion So glad I found this site...
"Jees, these "loving" christians are so good at hate. I suppose hate appears to be institutionalised in christianity (and the other silly abrahamic religions) so it really shouldn't be surprising that they're so good at it."
Dec 18, 2011
Robert McLean replied to Hugh Kramer's discussion New atheist billboard: "Reject all religious superstitions"
"It's really good to see the group responsible is so inclusive. They've included so much of the really good religious nonsense that hardly anyone burdoned by faith is left out."
Sep 24, 2011
Robert McLean replied to Danladi Dele Agbeyo's discussion The Biblical Universe Vs The real Cosmos.
"Religion offers an easy to digest answer to those that worry about becoming worm food after shuffling off this mortal coil. If you don't actually die, it's OK. The thought of wallowing around in a dismembered state in "heaven"…"
May 7, 2011
Robert McLean commented on Greg D's video

Deepak Chopra Gets Owned.

"Religiots sprout an endless stream of nonsense to try make a point, but never do. The bloke in the red shirt said about four lines and boy, did he make a point."
Apr 23, 2011
Robert McLean replied to giannis georgiopoulos's discussion Greece, my country, is broke but still paying the Church
"Err...$250 Million?? Sh*t!! Bugger looking after the pensioners who've paid tax all their working lives, and make sure the government looks after the least productive members of society, the clerics, that gaggle of dewy eyed vacuuous…"
Apr 23, 2011
Robert McLean replied to Marie's discussion My best friend has caught the virus...
"Yep! Another great example of the unifying power of the belief in a sky fairy."
Apr 23, 2011
Robert McLean replied to John Loq's discussion The Bible is Evil
"But...we are having an impact. News from the UK this morning that one of the pope's aides has compared the UK to a third world country (apparently because of the wide variety of nationalities seen on the street) and said the country is a hotbed…"
Sep 15, 2010
Robert McLean replied to John Loq's discussion The Bible is Evil
"Hi John, they pick 'n choose 'coz deep down they know it's a pile of man made rubbish. So many are swept up in the 'social' side of their belief system experience that to admit to not believing could end in the loss of…"
Aug 22, 2010
Robert McLean replied to John Loq's discussion The Bible is Evil
"Big assumption that jeebus said anything at all."
Aug 9, 2010
Robert McLean replied to John Loq's discussion The Bible is Evil
"Because their belief system is based on completely created mumblings from Bronze age goat herders. There was no knowlege, no education and absolutely no idea what the answers were to the 'big' questions. The purveyors of the abrahamic…"
Aug 8, 2010
Robert McLean commented on Evilgenius20's video

How I Gave Up Religion

"Great video that explains the outcome in plain language. No bullsh*t or blather. Makes total sense to me. Those contemplating a return to reality should take a look. Well done and welcome!"
Jun 19, 2010
Robert McLean replied to John Loq's discussion The Bible is Evil
"Maybe it pays to hate. Look at that baptist mob in I think in Kansas that HATE gay people. They seem to make enough money to attend the funerals of soldiers to errr..present their views. They must have a tax free income. Why are they or any other…"
Jun 19, 2010

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At 6:22pm on September 18, 2009, A Former Member said…
Maybe they are afraid you're demons are contagious.
At 9:07am on September 16, 2009, A Former Member said…
Hehe, yeah, we have sheds in our back yards too, only they don't shed like our cats shed. They only provide shelter. Some people use sheds to shelter cats who shed inside their shed as they're seeking shelter.

The adds you see to xtian sites, etc., are generated by Google, and A|N has nothing to do with that. Adds like that are generated by phishing of some sort. The widget looks for words on any given page and generates adds that are associated with those words. So xtians pay for adds to pop up when the word "god" or "atheist" shows up on a page. Go to the gay groups and you'll see "gay singles" ads on the right side.
At 6:25pm on September 14, 2009, A Former Member said…
Hehe, molt. In the US we would say shed, not molt. Cats shed fur, chickens molt feathers.
At 9:58pm on September 12, 2009, A Former Member said…
Well, they're all stuck inside, but they've learned to live with it. I don't let them out when their are fireworks. What is an RDO? And what is "malt?"

I like cats, but I am allergic to them big time.
At 5:04pm on September 12, 2009, A Former Member said…
My place? It needs all kinds of work. I have five dogs and they've torn up my place. Actually, as long as they are alive there is no reason to do any improvements. They delight in destruction!
At 6:13pm on September 10, 2009, A Former Member said…
Sorry it took me so long to write back. Yes, you are right. You can't have one without the other.

I've tried some of that gluten-free stuff, but it is not that good.

Yes, I am in Dallas, TX. I need work done on my condo, too, but I can't afford it. When you finish with your house do you wanna come work on mine?
At 12:26pm on September 8, 2009, A Former Member said…
Robert, thanks for commenting on my page. Yeah, I hate that I feel so lonely, too, but I don’t mean to imply that I am always unhappy. Someone said that the other day, that I don’t appear to be happy. Sometimes I am not, but neither happiness nor sadness are permanent states. They are more like a seesaw. I guess I need to update my bio a little to reflect that.

“I'm in a relationship, but at times feel lonely.” I suppose that is normal. No person/partner can fulfill all of our needs.

“Love food but this love is complicated by a case of type one diabetes” I love food, too, but like you I have some probs – like an intolerance to gluten. Makes things difficult. Also means no donuts, which is a severe tragedy.

Looks like we have a lot in common regarding music, cinema, and dislike of xtians and their type.
At 8:28pm on September 5, 2009, A Former Member said…
Robert, welcome to Atheist Nexus. Be sure to check out the GROUPS page to find like-minded people.

I've started nine groups here, so please join any you think you might be interested in. We’d love to have your contributions.

HERCULANEUM: A PLACE FOR MEN is a group where men can discuss and explore the ideas, goals, demands, ethics, sexuality, and nature of manhood and masculinity. It is a place where we are free to be ourselves, and discuss the issues most important to our identities as men.

FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO: American history, politics, and culture: A non-partisan look at our past and how it influences our lives today.

THE KNIFE & FORK is a group for anyone who has a strong interest or mild curiosity in food, cooking, eating, drinking, and nutrition.

HUMANE ATHEISTS is a group for people who are interested in trying to live a humane life by understanding the issues surrounding animal welfare.

CONSUMER ETHICS was created to help us understand how our purchasing power can help or harm the world around us.

LINGUAPHILES & SESQUIPEDALIANS is a group for people who love languages, words, and grammar.

ARS POETICA is a group for those who love poetry, anyone who is just curious, and everyone in between.

LOVERS OF SHAKESPEARE is a group for fans of the Bard. Topics are open to just about anything Shakespeare.

ODDITORIUM is a group dedicated to the all that which is bizarre and unusual in the world.
At 9:17pm on September 3, 2009, Chrys Stevenson said…
Hi Robert, the Melbourne convention is being organized in co-operation with Atheist Alliance International - the same 'crowd' that are organizing the LA convention.

Sorry you won't be able to make it to Melbourne, but the Richard Dawkins Foundation will be taping his address and it will be available on DVD. Not sure about any plans for doing videos of the other speakers, but I would think it's a distinct possibility.

At 1:42am on September 3, 2009, Chrys Stevenson said…
Hi Robert! Welcome to Atheist Nexus. I'm Kris from Queensland. You'll find lots of people who agree with you here! Take a look at some of the issues we're tackling on the Aussie, Kiwi and South Pacific Atheists group. You might also like to look at this discussion on Hillsong's 'etiquette' programme, Shine, which is offered as a 'secular' programme in Queensland schools. On behalf of our Australian members, my co-host, The Irreverent Mr Black and I are working with the Australian Secular Lobby and some other interested parties on this matter right now.

By the way, do you know about the forthcoming Global Atheist Convention to be held in Melbourne from 12-14 March next year? Have a look at the website - it's going to be huge!

I hope you enjoy the site!

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