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Loren Miller's Discussions

World of Batsh!t - #1: Sky Demons (CoolHardLogic - YouTube)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Loren Miller Mar 5. 6 Replies

We've all seen it - claims either so outrageous or so ignorant that they test the bounds of credibility, and they're usually, though not always associated with religion.  Well, it would seem that…Continue

Tags: mon-roe, Sky Demons, CoolHardLogic, batshit

What kind of smoke alarms do you have? (Daily Kos)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Loren Miller Feb 26. 4 Replies

I get an email of links to mostly political pieces from the Daily Kos every day, and that's how I became aware of the following.  Personally, I have no idea whether the three smoke detectors we have…Continue

Tags: carbon monoxide, photoelectric, ionization, detector, smoke

Thinkers Anonymous

Started this discussion. Last reply by Greg Feb 16. 10 Replies

Right off the top - I did not write this, and I honestly do not know who did.  I stumbled onto it this morning on the hard drive of my laptop, in a folder of a collection of written pieces I have…Continue

Tags: anonymous, thinkers, humor

What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 14 (December-January 2014)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Loren Miller Jan 18. 2 Replies

Kids beaten because they're supposedly demons, a young boy whose penis was cut off by a mohel, a religious organization ruling that the internet is illegal in their country, a young girl saddled with…Continue

Tags: mohel, polio, circumcision, news, religion


Faith is NO Reason ... Truer words were never spoken.

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About Me:
I'm a semi-retired / involuntarily unemployed electrical engineer who has a rather eclectic background, never mind a few miles on the odometer. I suppose I was an "apatheist" for quite a while - largely indifferent to the whole issue of gods - but after 9/11 and the more blatant appearance of evangelicals and Dominionists on the scene, my atheism has finally come to the fore.

Other interests include high-end stereo and home theater (and with that, CD and DVD collecting), BMWs and general car enthusiasm, single-malt whisky and biking.

I flatter myself that I know my way around Atheist Nexus at least reasonably well (I've been here a touch over four years!), so if you need a hand with something, please don't hesitate to give a shout.

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Loren Miller replied to Steph S.'s discussion How to be Tactful Responding With Diplomacy and Grace in the group Ethics and The Atheist
"I suppose I've said this before elsewhere, but considering the topic, it's worth repeating: Criticize the idea, NOT the person.  Ad hominem not only gets you nowhere, it's a form or argument typically used when nothing else is…"
6 hours ago
Loren Miller replied to James M. Martin's discussion Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Why "Cosmos" Will NOT be Accompanied by Creationist Explanation for...well...the Cosmos
"I guess I'm too far gone.  I don't find POE funny, certainly not in a time when there are people out there who would take ol' Jared of the Creationist Baptist Church of Alabama as though he were speaking straight from the…"
7 hours ago
Loren Miller replied to Ruth Anthony-Gardner's discussion Finland's Gay Bondage Stamps in the group LGBTQI atheists, nontheists, and friends
"You. Are. Kidding. Me.No, apparently you're NOT kidding me.  Holy Safe, Sane and Consensual, Batman!"
9 hours ago
Loren Miller replied to Alan's discussion The reason why the United States has such a higher rate of religion compared to the UK
"The problem with religious freedom is it is too often interpreted as religious license, the right to practice one's religion without regard to the consequences, especially as regards the impact one's beliefs may have on another, especially…"
9 hours ago
Loren Miller replied to Luara's discussion A question for the ex-religious
"Nope ... Waiting for Godot is the play by Samuel Beckett.  Admittedly, I've never actually SEEN the play but ***SPOILERS*** ... Godot never shows. Knock the "ot" off of his name and the sentence still applies."
11 hours ago
Loren Miller commented on Mike Mitchell's blog post Always Consider Beliefs
"Consider them?  Of course.  Respect them?  Not a chance."
12 hours ago
Loren Miller commented on Donald R Barbera's blog post Who Outed Al Sharpton?
"I'll grant you, Pat: he knows how to game the media.  He just hasn't learned how to game me ... and at this rate, he's not likely to."
13 hours ago
Loren Miller commented on Donald R Barbera's blog post Who Outed Al Sharpton?
"Pardon my french, but who fucking cares?  The ONLY time I notice Al Sharpton is when I have no choice in the matter: either when he's in the news for the noise he's making (entirely too often) or when he's getting his clock…"
14 hours ago
Loren Miller replied to Two Cult Survivor's discussion Need advice on coming out to my spouse
"The Socratic method may help as well.  Peter Boghossian's A Manual For Creating Atheists has created a real stir in the atheist community for its deft and well-thought-out approach to discussions with believers regarding their faith.I…"
14 hours ago
Loren Miller replied to Luara's discussion A question for the ex-religious
"I have had WAY more experiences which I would class as "numinous" (though not relating to any form of deity) as a direct result of my former practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique than EVER with the religion of my youth…"
14 hours ago
Joan Denoo commented on Loren Miller's blog post A Confrontation of Belief on Prime-Time Television
"Just as cochlear implants are effective, prayer is ineffective.  So is study of Gray's Anatomy effective, bible study is ineffective.  A lesson sorely needed in today's world.  I wrote Don's research papers for him when…"
Joan Denoo liked Loren Miller's blog post A Confrontation of Belief on Prime-Time Television
Loren Miller commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"Cleveland just got its first Piada restaurant, maybe 10 minutes from where I live.  So what is Piada?  Have a look here ... and try NOT to drool on your keyboard!"
sk8eycat liked Loren Miller's blog post A Confrontation of Belief on Prime-Time Television
Napoleon Bonaparte commented on Loren Miller's blog post A Confrontation of Belief on Prime-Time Television
"The biggest problem with religionists is that they are incapable of rational thought and therefore, in some situations, will get it wrong often to the detriment of more enlightened people. It is a psychological illness and maybe could be treated…"
Michael Penn commented on Loren Miller's blog post A Confrontation of Belief on Prime-Time Television
" I agree totally, Loren. Effective television can be a strong medium of change and I think we have many non-believers behind the scenes today. Bringing issues of this nature up on TV will help eliminate the god myth. Internet and TV will work…"
Idaho Spud liked Loren Miller's blog post A Confrontation of Belief on Prime-Time Television
Loren Miller commented on Ruth Anthony-Gardner's group Hang With Friends
"Any Grey's Anatomy fans out there?  If so or if not, something happened in yesterday's episode which bears on us more than a little.You might want to have a look"
Loren Miller replied to Gene Sokolowski's discussion Great New Book: Taking Liberties: Why Religious Freedom Doesn't Give You the Right to Tell Other People What to Do
"I have no intention of getting used to it, Asa.  What we have here is a textbook example of the tyranny of the majority presuming to lesson and discriminate against a minority.  But there's a problem: their numbers are dropping while…"
Loren Miller replied to Tweeeekk's discussion Do Religious people actually read their own holy books properly?
"Hmph ... not that much different from the kind of apologetic crap you hear from christians about the bible.  Can't say as I'm much surprised.And before I forget - WELCOME!  Glad you found us!  Please enjoy yourself and if…"

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At 1:56pm on February 12, 2014, Joan Denoo said…

Loren, just to let you know I have seen the article you recommended and have it highlighted to read more thoroughly. Thanks for thinking of me about Reagan and Obama. No doubt, I will have a comment or two to make. 

At 8:39am on January 28, 2014, Michael Penn said…
I just replied you from my private e-mail as a message did not show up in Nexus. After the reply I could click here and go to the comment wall. I have Firefox and have not had this problem before. It might be Charter on this end, OR just clear up after I reboot the computer. Who knows? I do know that I cannot click "message" on your Nexus page and send you anything. That part just does not work. Earlier clicking DOG's link to a reply about Walter Brown did not work. That link is working agian now. Very strange problem.
At 8:12am on January 28, 2014, Michael Penn said…
It clears every time I close my browser. At the moment answering you is no problem. If you get this message then I'm not sure what was causing the problem in the first place?
At 7:58am on January 9, 2014, Randall Smith said…

Don't mind me and my "old age" opinions. Heck over the years I've gone to countless baseball games (esp when I lived in L.A.), one pro football game, some pro basketball games, and many college football and basketball games. But, as I said, that was back before ESPN, etc. Like you, I really don't regret seeing them all in person. I guess it's a state of mind. And I should define "crazy"!

At 10:01am on January 7, 2014, Joan Denoo said…

Randall, thank you so much for reminding me that you steered me to the "amputee" site. I am sorry I forgot my source. 

I am so with you on the prayer thing and I had the same thought about the prayers for the girl who died. People, get up off your knees, unfold your hands, and start working toward sensible gun laws and the social institutions that fail to detect insanity that brings about such tragedy. 

You are right about not being too bold about non-belief in a crowd of Hell's Angels who are christian, or whatever. Judicious boldness seems to be right. 

I got really far behind reading my mail while at my daughter's home and with my five great-grandchildren. Thanks for being patient.

At 9:54am on January 7, 2014, Joan Denoo said…

Loren, thanks for the heads up on your new piece. I am reading it now. I really appreciate you calling my attention to this subject that gets my bells ringing. I'll get back to you after reading it. 

At 7:56am on December 27, 2013, Randall Smith said…

I'm the guy that steered you to the "amputee" site!

At 7:27am on December 27, 2013, Randall Smith said…

I guess what gets my goat are the prayers (in church. What an exercise in futility! It's so inane, let alone ridiculous. When that poor Colo. high school student (Clare?) died last week, I couldn't help but wonder what all those people who prayed for her recovery thought. I wonder if anyone decided to reject god?

At 7:30am on December 25, 2013, Randall Smith said…

I don't think being surrounded by a bunch of Hell's Angels is a good time to say " You're a bunch of ugly misfits!".  There was one person that asked me what church I went to. I admitted I didn't go to any because I am not a Christian. "What are you?", she asked. I totally shocked her with the truth!

At 11:06am on December 18, 2013, Steph S. said…

Loren Miller's Blog

A Confrontation of Belief on Prime-Time Television

Posted on April 18, 2014 at 8:00am 3 Comments

Anyone here watch Grey’s Anatomy?  It’s rather a scattered potpourri of mostly doctors at a fictitious Seattle hospital, playing out multiple plotlines, medical and interpersonal and too frequently with about as much reality involved as the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, but that’s beside the point.  There was one particularly refreshing event which occurred in the most recent episode, broadcast naught but a handful of minutes ago as this was written, between Drs. April Kepner and Jackson…


The Unbelievers - Postscript

Posted on April 8, 2014 at 1:25pm 7 Comments

During the introduction to The Unbelievers, the announcer indicated that there would be a book signing after the film and Q&A.  This was at once great news and lousy news, since I had brought my copy of Krauss’ The Physics of Star Trek with that very purpose in mind, but sadly, I have nothing of Professor Dawkins to that same end (yeah, yeah, I know, shame on me :-P).  Still, half a loaf is better than none and I exited the theater for the lobby and the line.  Uh, boy! …


The Unbelievers - My Experience

Posted on April 8, 2014 at 9:44am 19 Comments

The drive from Cleveland to Columbus was punctuated frequently by heavy rains, which made the trip something less than enjoyable, though the 120 miles passed without incident.  Approaching the Wexner Center, there was a considerable queue of people in front of the building, waiting for the doors to open (it was over an hour to show time).  I secured my car in a nearby garage and joined the line, and we chatted a bit before 6 PM arrived and we were admitted to the auditorium.  I…


Creating God in One’s Own Image (discovermagazine.com)

Posted on January 26, 2014 at 9:50am 9 Comments

For many religious people, the popular question “What would Jesus do?” is essentially the same as “What would I do?” That’s the message from an intriguing and controversial new study by Nicholas Epley from the University of Chicago. Through a combination of surveys, psychological manipulation and brain-scanning, he has found that when religious Americans try to infer the will of God, they mainly draw on their own personal beliefs.

Psychological studies have found that people are…


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