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Let's hear the worst quote you can find from respected Theists throughout history

It's really easy to find a ridiculous quote from Ken Ham or Joel Osteen or Rick Santorum. I want to read some crazy quotes throughout history from respected Theists. Here's a one to get started:

“Women should not be enlightened or educated in any way. They should, in fact, be segregated as they are the cause of hideous and involuntary erections in holy men.” -Saint Augustine

submitted by DontToewsMeBroh
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Dishonest Bible Translation

A while back I got myself a bible to read intending to finish it front to back. I only got through Genesis and a small part of Exodus.

But a few days ago I decided to continue from where I left off and I got to the part where god is sending all the plagues to Egypt and where god is supposed to have "hardened Pharaohs heart".

However that is not what it said. What my copy said was that Pharaoh had hardened his own heart.

I was so pissed off that a bible translation could lie so blatantly and hide such an important point.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows what is the most honest English translation? I would like to procure one to replace this pile of lies.

submitted by jonathino001
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My dog tags from the USMC

Just a story I thought I would share.

So I joined the marines at 18 right out of high school. Got issued my dog tags and they had Roman Catholic as the religion on them. I didn't say anything while in boot camp because I didn't want any extra attention. Once I got to my unit I requested a new set. Filled out the appropriate paper work and very clearly marked non preference.

Got the new tags and they said Christian. I was really bothered by it and pissed they put anything at all. So I went to the Army Navy store just off base and had a set made. For religion I put Jedi Knight. I thought it was funny.

So fast forward a year and we have a big uniform inspection. Dog tags are a required piece of the uniform. Usually they will check one or two things if they are good they assume the rest of your uniform is good.

So standing information at attention waiting for the command SgtMaj to step in front of me for inspection. He steps in front of me and reaches into my collar and pulls out my dog tags. They like to check the name to verify you're wearing your tags. Then I saw the look on his face. He dropped my tags and gave me the craziest look. Didn't say a word and went to the next Marine.

Later he found me and pulled me aside to talk about It. THANK GOD, he was a Star Wars fan and not religious. Told me he had a good laugh over it. Then ordered me a new set with no religion.

submitted by quit_crying
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Please Help Doctors Without Borders Contain Ebola and Save Lives

Go directly to donation page..

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Ebola has no standard cure.

The struggle against the Ebola virus relies on having medical personnel care for the infected people by helping these victims with pain, nausea, and bleeding. This is very high risk. For people in poor areas with no medical resources, Ebola is a likely death sentence both for the victim and for that victim's unaware family. In this situation, ignorance can be very deadly.

There are several organizations that fight epidemics like Ebola, and the r/atheism community has supported one of these organizations for years: Doctors Without Borders (DWB). DWB has been going on the offense against Ebola by finding the infected communities, raising awareness about the symptoms and how to react, building quarantine facilities, and treating the infected. The fight against Ebola is happening right now and you can help!. If you qualify for a flair, remember to include your username in the message and remain anonymous - check the "Make this donation anonymously" box under the Message to /r/atheism text area.

The medicine being developed to treat Ebola is far from mainstream and it's certainly no miracle. Ebola will not be cured with holy water and such false claims have to be taken very seriously. And if anyone believes that Ebola will bring about the End Times as some global plague, you can prove them wrong by helping to stop this virus.

Donate here

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The countries in Africa affected by this epidemic do not have top facilities like these missionaries enjoyed. The sooner the medical efforts are bolstered, the better it will be for everyone.

You can see DWB in action in a recent PBS-Frontline documentary and and check what they were doing 2 years ago in Uganda.

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At 11:01am on March 2, 2009, Timothy said…
agreed. i bet if there were a study done on leaders of fundie churches, one would find an alarming rate of Axis II personality disorders based on the DSM-IV-TR...
At 7:25pm on February 17, 2009, Timothy said…
that was a funny freudian...acception should read exception, of course.
At 7:22pm on February 17, 2009, Timothy said…
i am very happy to meet your acquaintance. my father is also like yours in that he could very well be described as an abusive manipulative hypocritical megalomaniac control freak. what's the probablity there are two of those? kidding. the only acception to their similarity is that my father decided to join The Ministry...I was not allowed to dance or date outside of our so-called non-denomination. It was miserable other than I learned to sexualize the corporal punishment. kidding again. or AM i?
At 2:56am on February 11, 2009, Tao Jones said…
Thanks for the add.
At 8:35pm on February 4, 2009, Moonbeam said…
Yay, another atheist comedian to make fun of the sheeple! ;-)

Jeremy's Blog

Alex Jones On Creationism

Posted on October 27, 2009 at 5:30pm 2 Comments

I think somewhere in the 10 hours long marathon editing session....

somewhere between coming up with the concept and the end result....

I may have lost my way...

please tell me if this makes ANY sense at… Continue

Kirk Cameron, UnCensored

Posted on October 26, 2009 at 1:53pm 2 Comments

God damn right


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