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Selina Mannion replied to H.Q.'s discussion Are you a closet Atheist? in the group Saudi Atheist
"I am not saudi. I joined this group because I used to have a lot of saudi friends."
Aug 7, 2012
H.Q. commented on Anonymous Saudi's group Saudi Atheist
"Are you living in Saudi then?"
Aug 6, 2012
H.Q. commented on Anonymous Saudi's group Saudi Atheist
"My dad is saudi so I guess that makes me somewhat ethnic :)"
Aug 6, 2012
Selina Mannion replied to H.Q.'s discussion Are you a closet Atheist? in the group Saudi Atheist
"I told some muslims and I get the same cliches "how did this world get here if there is no god". the otheres I thought they are so brianwashed there is no point in telling and we were not close anyways."
Aug 6, 2012
H.Q. commented on Anonymous Saudi's group Saudi Atheist
"Oops introduced *"
Aug 5, 2012
H.Q. commented on Anonymous Saudi's group Saudi Atheist
"Hi everyone, I don't think I ever I traduced myself. I'm a (half) local who just moved back 5years ago. Not planning to stay here much longer. It would be nice to get to know you all."
Aug 5, 2012
H.Q. added 2 discussions to the group Saudi Atheist
Aug 5, 2012
H.Q. replied to janna thorson-jabr's discussion Request for articles about the experiences of atheists : طلب مقالات عن تجارب الملحدين in the group Arab Atheists
"Hi Janna, I would have loved to write about my experience for you. I'm afraid it's too late though? How did your project go?"
Aug 5, 2012
H.Q. replied to Jedi Wanderer's discussion Brave Saudi Arabian Woman Confronts Religious Police Officer Harassing Her (VIDEO) in the group Saudi Atheist
""golli, eish bitsawwi?" oh how I'd love to say that to a matawaa."
Jul 25, 2012
H.Q. replied to Carrot Hare's discussion Atheists around the world! ASSEMBLE!
"Eastern region, Saudi Arabia."
Jul 25, 2012
Selina Mannion replied to H.Q.'s discussion Why is this group so quiet? in the group Saudi Atheist
"I have a close friend that is a saudi atheist."
May 14, 2012
Jedi Wanderer replied to H.Q.'s discussion Why is this group so quiet? in the group Saudi Atheist
"Well HQ I am a little disappointed too, I was hoping to talk to a few Saudis here but there are so few of them. I am not a Saudi myself, but having lived in KSA in Riyadh for 2 years I know a lot more about the place than I did when I was just…"
Feb 4, 2012
H.Q. added a discussion to the group Saudi Atheist

Why is this group so quiet?

Ok, so we are 9 members. Imagine if we were all in one room. Would that be a quiet room? Don't thiiink soo,,,I personally don't log on here much, but taking a quick look at the site i decided why not? This site has lots of interesting discussions and people. Mostly, like minded people. So i think i'll give it a few more hundred visits, thank you very much.Why not start with your story? In Saudi Arabia, How were you introduced to the concept of Atheism? if you're anything like me , that word was…See More
Jan 24, 2012
H.Q. joined Rose Schwartz's group

Coming Out Godless: What's Your Story?

Perhaps one of the most moving types of stories are ones of personal experience. Whether you have always been godless or just came out to yourself, please submit your story to comingoutgodless.com.
Oct 21, 2010
H.Q. replied to Riaz Ahmed Shah's discussion The month of Ramadan in the group Atheists who were Muslims
"i made a cup of coffee at work and thought : yeah , i could have a *feminine* excuse !"
Aug 30, 2010
H.Q. replied to Anonymous Anon's discussion Hello all, ex muslim here
"hi there :) Nice to have you here you should check out this group on Atheist Nexushttp://www.atheistnexus.org/group/atheistswhoweremuslims. also , check out this sitehttp://www.ex-muslim.org.uk/. i got referred to it by someone here . Most of the…"
Aug 14, 2010

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At 10:16am on November 30, 2010, Prometheus said…
Hi. I was raised devout but got more liberal as I got older.
At 4:31am on September 14, 2010, Mohamed Zaki said…
welcome HQ, i am on COEM as well my username is kimo whats yours? but i haven't been active there for quite a while..
At 6:26am on September 10, 2010, Argentium said…
why is thattttttttt ?? :P
At 10:40am on August 29, 2010, Sufian Ahmad said…
Sorry I just saw ur comment...
I guess I say God's name multiple times a day, I don't have a problem with it or lets say you cannot really speak much arabic without saying God, unless if u care that much.
I don't have a problem with these God in Languages as a Cultural Fossil, I guess, I guess why be "religious" about it :D
At 2:38am on August 22, 2010, Anonymous Anon said…
nope,however its funny that you asked that, my dream country to live in is Norway!!!
At 6:04am on August 12, 2010, Ghada Al. said…
hey dear
thank you for accepting the add :)
glad to see a saudi female atheist around here !
i found this website by accident, i was googling something.. its very interesting to find an online community exclusive For Nontheists!
At 3:04pm on July 31, 2010, E.Lag said…
Thanks for welcoming me :)
At 10:32am on July 25, 2010, ɟǝןıx dǝʇɹɐɹ said…
The truth is that women indeed have lighter brains ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_brain#Structure ) but this doesn't have any relevance regarding intelligence. Actually, the male brains have a lower metabolic rate than the female brains. Watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO3rDS6GYow
Don't start to argue in contradictory with stupid people, in this particular context with men, because you'll lose. Maybe you'll win the argument but you'll still lose. It is better to make them think if you can. Don't tell them what you believe but raise questions in their heads. They have to draw the conclusions alone. Present them facts and data but don't provide them your conclusions. Don't be frustrated if they don't come to your conclusion. Majority will not draw any conclusion because they are afraid and because of their weak minds. Your mission is just to plant seeds in people's heads. Sometimes you spread your seeds on fertile soil, sometimes on dry and hard rock.
I was born in Transylvania, I was raised in a Transylvanian Romanian culture, my ancestors were mainly Greek-Catholics excepting some that came from Bucovina and were Christianized Jews (that was the Christian Orthodox side of my family). Russians occupied Romania and Transylvania and forced everybody to become Orthodox. My mother baptized me as Orthodox but my father was always an atheist. In my teenage years, I was religious for a bit because I thought that will make me a better person and that is "normal" thing to do but I never could make peace between the science and the bible. Eventually, I renounced to ask on and on those unanswered questions raised by the contradictions between the science and the bible and immediately I noticed how much mental energy I unconsciously kept occupied with stupid dilemmas and how much of it is available now. I really felt a very quick improvement in my brain activity.

I came in USA in 2005 and right now I am in Houston. Maybe we should continue to talk in an email?
At 2:34pm on July 24, 2010, ɟǝןıx dǝʇɹɐɹ said…
I am a doctor too so don't take his opinion like coming from someone "that knows what he is talking". Why doesn't he forbid his son to drive? Does he want his son dead? I care about that doctor so much that I would like to forbid him to drive. I don't want him to die in an accident. Will he be compliant with my ban? I don't think so because he will not recognize my authority. In the same time, he wants to have authority over you... Why doesn't the state let up to the families to ban girls from driving? Why have the government to be concerned with who should be behind the wheels? If I am concerned, I'll not let anyone that is irresponsible to drive: any drunk or drugged person, any child, any mentally disabled, etc.

Texas is a religious place too. I have to be discreet because people discriminate you based on being atheist. I am an immigrant too so I don't want to double my problems by being seen both an immigrant and an atheist. I remember that a few months ago I called a lawyer and the second question after asking my name was "are you Christian?".
There are atheist Texans but they are in a different position than me so it is easier for them. I have to shut up for now, until I get firmly on my feet.
At 12:06pm on July 24, 2010, Murtad Fitri said…
I joined this site in April. I was kinda active for a few weeks, and then I discovered the councilofexmuslims.com forum. I've been addicted to it since. I need to wean myself off it. :)
Take care. :)

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