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2012 IM SCARED....

Started this discussion. Last reply by Inver Stone Jul 8, 2010. 88 Replies

Grand Canyon Noahs Flood BS

Started this discussion. Last reply by Johnsky May 22, 2009. 3 Replies

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Chris Crenshaw commented on moJoe's group Chariots of Iron
"I am of the mind of the honey badger in this, in which I just dont give a F*** :D. My parents know my bosses know and my wife know. All my friends know. If they dont like it shove it. That being said I was raised in a secular household(until…"
Sep 7, 2011
Chris Crenshaw commented on moJoe's group Chariots of Iron
"Where have the podcasts been? or maybe you said something in your last one?  Idk wahhhhh."
Sep 2, 2011
Chris Crenshaw replied to Eli's discussion We're not slacking. Trust me. in the group Chariots of Iron
"Yay two shows its like christmas :D"
Sep 15, 2010
Inver Stone replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"Give you our views? You said the phrase (..."for real"...). You also used LOL and ZOMG. Inver"
Jul 8, 2010
AgeOfAtheists14 replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"I'm puzzled. Well, not really, seems any 'end time' is good time to chugh ching on the fundamentalist bank statements... errr.. nahhhh Mayans were not xtians... so... wtf? Besides 2012 already happened in the form of Bush admin and…"
Jul 7, 2010
Goz replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"I love this: "When a million people believe a stupid thing it's still a stupid thing.""
Jul 7, 2010
Rob N replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"A new 6 month report on the email scandal was published today: 'Climategate' review clears scientists of dishonesty over data"
Jul 7, 2010
nick altman replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"One in twenty will get irritable bowel syndrome. You think one will wander their way into your living room? Better odds worrying about a drunk driver through a series of coincidences smashing through your wall and compromising your head's…"
Jul 6, 2010
Black Magick Woman replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"Well.. At least my birthday is December 15...I'll have a chance to turn 24...but I'll be really pissed if catastrophe happens, as I plan to graduate in Spring 2013...What a crock if I die in vain lol."
Jul 6, 2010
Rich Lane replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"I don't think this is worse than Y2K. People were INSANE back then. I remember my born again sister and her family buying land and stocking a cabin like a bomb shelter so they could be out of the city when the criminals (her way of say all the…"
Jul 6, 2010
Heather Natale replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"Hmm, well I guess it's good that it won't explode, but I still hope I am long dead before it swallows us anyway. Yeah, there surely is a lot of vampire and zombie movies, it seems like they are adding werewolves to the mix now....but I do…"
Jul 6, 2010
Heather Natale replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"Ahh so true Jim, so sadly true"
Jul 6, 2010
Jason Spicer replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"I think our sun is too small to explode. It will just get redder and swell to the point that it swallows the Earth. Though it will thoroughly bake the Earth well before it swallows it, like any good cook. And if you graph the number of zombie and…"
Jul 6, 2010
Jim DePaulo replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"If Palin gets elected in November 2012 then I will believe the prophesy is right - it shouldn't take her more than a month to fuck up the entire planet."
Jul 6, 2010
Jim DePaulo replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"When a million people believe a stupid thing it's still a stupid thing."
Jul 6, 2010
Heather Natale replied to Chris Crenshaw's discussion 2012 IM SCARED....
"I hope not either Steve, that is just my marvelous natural subtlety shining through!"
Jul 6, 2010

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Lately I've been thinking deism vs atheism

Posted on May 19, 2009 at 2:10am 3 Comments

Ok I've recently went from a deist to atheist, and here is why. I can't prove that a god pushed the button...there for I'm atheist with out proof what are you what can you be? Anyway most of that small run-on sentence is incoherent and my converson to atheism was way more complicated then that and im working on a blog for it now but my question is.

Lets say the big bang is correct which seems most likely, because all evidence of modern physics points to the universe(or mutiverse… Continue

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At 4:12pm on August 3, 2009, A Former Member said…
Please consider joining us in my new group HERCULANEUM: A PLACE FOR MEN.
At 4:50pm on July 15, 2009, A Former Member said…
Well, I responded already, but I think it was pretty brief.
At 3:38pm on July 14, 2009, A Former Member said…
Thanks for the add and the comment. And I'll respond to your repsonse I posted in the Water Cooler just as soon as I can.
At 9:42am on July 13, 2009, A Former Member said…
Chris, regarding your discussion, ZOMG GLOBAL WARMING??? -- I'm not part of that group, but I wanted to comment on your post. Years ago, I approached this subject not having an opinion one way or the other, I just wanted to find out about it. I will say in advance that I am not quick to accept any one thing as the truth right of the bat, and I am often admonishing other people for believing in things too quickly. Like "They say xyz... so it must be true.", when they don't even know who "they" are, or have analyzed "their" motivation, or even considered counter arguments. Having said that, I have become unswervingly convinced that rapid climate change is happening. I want to emphasize that word "rapid", because people often do not really listen to what climatologists are saying. You said yourself that the climiate has always changed, so this must basically be no big deal, and other people share that sentiment. That is true. Absolutely no one denies that the climate has always changed. That is not part of the debate. The concern here is the rapidity in which it is currently changing, and the potentially catastrophic effects that too many GHGs will have on the environment. Evolution often takes time, and life can adapt to changing tempatures and climates. However, it often cannot adapt to rapid changes. If one element in the biosphere and/or food change is disrupted, a chain of events can take place that could prove devastating to biodiversity. For example, if a top predator becomes extinct, the animals it feeds on will flourish, they in turn will consume more of their own food source which, more than likely, cannot be sustainable. This will then effect the next creature in the food chain.

Also, I have never come across a single person who has ever claimed that all life on earth will end because of sudden climate change. In fact, some species will adapt better than others, and the natural balances will change and eventually resettle themselves. However, our economies and way of life are based on predictable, naturally occuring processes on which we depend greatly. (Nature does a lot of things for us for free. Trees purify water, for example.) Our agriculture depends on fresh water rain, or access to fresh water for irrigation, the right amount of sunlight, bees and butterlies to pollenate crops, a predictable winter freeze which kills unwanted pests, etc. Any disruption in this process is likely to have severe economic and "quality of life" consequences for humans. (Please search "bee colony collapse disorder".) For example, a warmer climate means pests don't die off in winter, and also means they can migrate further north and invade areas that are not naturally/biologically equipped to respond to the threat they pose.

Additionally, as an example, the rainforest controls the amount of rain in those regions. Trees affect the surface temperature, which affects evaporation, which affects the amount vapor in the air, which affects plant life, which again affects water vapor through transpiration, and on and on. It is a co-dependant cycle. Clearcutting rainforest affects the areas surface temperature and water cycle. Also, once gone, they never come back. They have evolved into what they are over millenia, and you just can't cut it down without consequences.

To briefly get back to overall climate change: Scientists can determine past temperatures by soil/bedrock and ice core samples. In it they can find the ancient remains of pollen, plant life, insects, etc., and using that data, extrapolate a reasonabley accurate tempurature for that area over a historical period of time. This is how we know what the past temperatures are like, and how we can determine the rate at which it changes.

Responding to climate change is not about changing our way of life, it is about preserving it. I like having access to clean water and fresh produce, but if we don't act in sustainable ways, those things could be put in great jeopardy, especially considering that the world's population is expected to increase 50% by 2050, from 6 B to 9 B.

If you are interested in this topic, please consider joining us in Environmental Atheists.
At 1:51am on May 24, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Welcome to Atheist Nexus with its 8000 good friends.

A useful science-based group is “ORIGINS” (Origins: Universe, Life, Humans, Evolution, Religion....) with its 125 discussions and numerous video films.

One discussion (over 70 posts) is "Proud to be Atheist".
There's much to feel good about
because atheists and humanists hold the intellectual high ground—far removed from the superstitious god believers who submit to a narrow-minded controlling clergy with their imaginary heaven and hell.
Terry Meaden
At 4:55pm on May 20, 2009, Eli said…
Thanks for the add, and thanks for joining the Chariots of Iron group.
At 10:48am on May 20, 2009, Stephen Goldin said…
Welcome to the SFF group. Hope you have a lot of fun here.

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