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What is "Sacred?"

Started this discussion. Last reply by tom sarbeck Apr 1, 2013. 11 Replies


Started this discussion. Last reply by The Nerd Sep 29, 2008. 1 Reply


Indiana businesses can now discriminate against LGBT community.

Indiana governor Mike Pence signed into law the 'Religious Freedom Bill' that allows businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community on religious grounds. Within minutes, a boycott on Indiana began.

Here is a list of Indiana based companies:

Threat Assessment

Things are heating up. Religion in the U.S. is losing its influence and people are leaving religion in droves. The remaining extremists are becoming more isolated and marginalized, and more extreme with their rhetoric. The extremists are preparing for violence.

The American Family Association (AFA) published a map of "Anti-Christian Bigots." A tool for mentally unbalanced extremists to find their target. Of course they would deny it's purpose, but what other motive is there?

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lists the AFA as a hate group. The SPLC has a detailed archive of extremists as well.

We can't ignore them and assume that religions will fight among themselves, like the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. or the Shiah and Sunni conflict, or the ongoing "Armageddon" in the Middle East. Now they are all targeting the non-religious. Their frustration will grow and they will become violent as their ideological influence fades into oblivion.

The first of their "soft targets" has been abortion clinics. Threats and intimidation has dramatically increased since 2010. The LGBT community is slightly more difficult for them to find but when they do, the odds of confrontations getting violent has skyrocketed as more states legalize gay marriage.

It's getting exceedingly difficult to remain tolerant. We face the possibility of regressing into a long, dark period in our history. I hope we can win with only reason and time.

The Bible through the lens of Historical Psychology

What is the true nature and intent of religious writings? In one context it's a compilation of historical tales of supernatural triumphs in favor of one culture over others. Tales which instill in young children the fear of punishment they need to survive until they are at least twelve or thirteen years old, when they begin to develop formal operational thinking skills.

Coincidentally this is roughly the same age that Jewish children celebrate their Bar Mitzvahs or Bat Mitzvahs. Through a lot of research, Jean Piaget arrived at roughly the same period in life when formal operational skills were well into development and children should be capable of enough empathy and reason to take responsibility for their actions, providing, of course, that they were taught proper critical thinking skills. This is one example where science appears to validate a tradition, depending on whether or not you think Piaget was pure in his research or just anecdotal.

There are many examples in the Bible of parables that reflect what the people of the period understood about human behavior. 

In the "Parable of the Wicked Tenants" (Mark 12:1-12) A landlord sets up a winery and rents it to some tenants who later refuse to pay rent. They maimed or killed any collectors who came their way, and finally the son of the landlord came to collect and they believed that if they killed him, they would win squatters rights on the property. I can only infer from this that it was accepted at the time, which makes sense under traditional tribal warlord conditions.

In Mark 12:10 Jesus recounts an existing scripture about a stone rejected by the builders, which becomes a "cornerstone" or in the case of this parable, an integral part of the structure, but this is only mentioned after it is assumed by Jesus that the landlord will arrive on the scene himself and evict the tenants with extreme prejudice.

I found this confusing at first. It might refer to the tenacity of the landlord to hold onto his property despite what has become commonplace at that time, of acquiescing to the brute force of the existing power structure. This tiny paragraph of scripture eludes to the construct of the bureaucracy of it's time, and one man's fight against the bureaucracy. The priests at that time were of course, political appointees.

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Belief is a delusion.

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tom sarbeck replied to Atheist Insurgency's discussion What is "Sacred?"
"The New Oxford American Dictionary suggests comparing "sacred" and "secular". NOAD defines "secular" as having no religious or spiritual basis, so it warrants criticism as "atheist" does (because it implies…"
Apr 1, 2013
Loren Miller replied to Atheist Insurgency's discussion What is "Sacred?"
""Set apart" is right on the money, as in not subject to scrutiny or critical analysis.  More like "leave your brain at the door, because if you use your brain, you'll see right through the snake oil we're trying to sell…"
Apr 1, 2013
Atheist Insurgency posted a status
"Published a book on Kindle and at"
Apr 1, 2013
Atheist Insurgency posted a status
"This is great, now lets pull together and accomplish something shall we?"
Aug 25, 2012
Atheist Insurgency commented on David Thornton's group Washington State Atheists
"I am glad to be here. I have been thinking of moving out here for over a year and I finally did it."
Aug 25, 2012
Atheist Insurgency posted a blog post


A lot has changed since I was here last at I finally moved out of the Bible Belt. There were a few atheists in central Illinois, but we were up against religious institutions so deeply entrenched in state and local government that putting forward progressive rational public policy is met with vicious, irrational hatred and bigotry. The state would rather have unquestioning loyal sheep that vote on name recognition alone than to have people who question authority and demand…See More
Aug 25, 2012
Atheist Insurgency commented on Atheist Insurgency's group Threat Assessment
"It's a common misconception that Unitarian Universalists accept atheists too. This is not true, apparently."
May 20, 2012
Atheist Insurgency posted a status
"Unitarian Universalists do not include atheism. They are spies."
May 20, 2012

Springfield Illinois News

The Springfield Area Freethinkers just launched the site

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Posted on August 25, 2012 at 5:07pm 0 Comments

A lot has changed since I was here last at I finally moved out of the Bible Belt. There were a few atheists in central Illinois, but we were up against religious institutions so deeply entrenched in state and local government that putting forward progressive rational public policy is met with vicious, irrational hatred and bigotry. The state would rather have unquestioning loyal sheep that vote on name recognition alone than to have people who question authority and demand…


Reading book reviews of The God Virus

Posted on January 18, 2011 at 12:42am 1 Comment

I still haven't read Dawkins. I'm getting most my information from posts, comments, my personal experiences, and my Communication education. Most of the ideas I come up with fall in line with Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins and others, but I certainly don't mean to plagiarize anyone's work, and I would hate to put a huge effort into a book only to discover that I re-invented the wheel.


I guess I'll just have to start forking over the cash for a whole library of atheist…


Public Education in the United States of America

Posted on January 11, 2011 at 6:17am 0 Comments

It's a crazy conspiracy theory that education is deliberately stifled in the U.S. right? Wrong. First and foremost, I was never taught critical thinking skills in District 186 in Springfield, Illinois. I was never even taught that there was such a think as "critical thinking" until I went to college.

So, what purpose is served by deliberately limiting or suppressing knowlege?

A primary law of economy states that a product's value is inverse to it's available quantity. In… Continue

Muqtada al-Sadr

Posted on January 7, 2011 at 9:19pm 0 Comments

As U.S. Troops were reportedly nearing the city's outskirts, Muqtada al-Sadr was preparing several squads for guardianship of the ancient relics of Iraqi history. He sent troops to guard the museum that contained some of the earliest relics or human activity on the face of the planet. He was there to prevent looting. U.S. troops were totally indifferent to the building and its contents. Was it worth it to piss him off? He wasn't there to defend Saddam. He was perceived as a threat and…


Gender Judgement question

Posted on July 5, 2010 at 10:00am 8 Comments

You might think this is a stupid question, and I would like answers for real so please leave comments:

If you knew that you would never be judged against your gender, never be criticized for not being "manly" or "womanly" what do you imagine your life might be like?

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At 11:47pm on January 3, 2011, Josh Trott said…
Checked out your blog and your website, have you ever thought about publicly debating theists? If not, or even if you have, I'm trying to get a group together here in Springfield to do just that, confront the delusion that is religion. I'm thinking about calling the group "The Logic Squad", but your name and website gave me an idea for a different one if you're in agreement to at least allowing me to use it, the "Atheist Insurgency Debate Squad". The initials aren't coincidence either, I'd like to spread rationality and reason like AIDS.
At 6:53am on January 6, 2010, Rick said…
At 3:43pm on July 24, 2009, Little Name Atheist said…
I've never wished an entire insurgency a happy birthday before.

Happy Birthday!
At 4:09pm on May 28, 2009, Rick said…
Just wanted to say HI
At 11:36am on November 28, 2008, Atheist Insurgency said…

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