• Do Your Best And God Will Do The Rest

    For many, many years, I have always found an unending fount of devilish giggles whenever I read sappy church signs. You know, the ones that are thought up by the…

    By Amanda Ashcraft

  • I see good things coming out of Atheist Nexus

    Each one of you, Loren, Pat, Bertold, and Daniel, and others on this Atheist Nexus site are such decent men and women, full of experiences from life, and a healthy quality of skepticism. You see the cons of religious dogma and the terrible things people do in the name of their gods. We all know the…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Religion is a creator of hate

    History repeats itself, over and over and over again. This is why I think there is no such thing as a god, jesus, salvation, redemption, or any of the other claims people who act as if they know make. If there were a god, there would be a universal god, one who empowered all people around the Earth…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Sunday Assembly comes to Seattle

    The Sunday Assembly is coming to Seattle on the 28th, and I'm going to be there. It's a church without religion, if that makes any sense. Here's my blog post about it. …

    By Jonathan Tweet

  • A Little Sunday Morning Humor

    By Raymond Betancourt

  • all for theistic goals (poem)

    atheist coming out the brights naturalists center for naturalism center for pragmatic buddhism atheist buddhists nah theistic goals all of them are for theistic goals give me antitheism yeah ignosticism agnosticism ignostics scepticism pantheism rationalists physicalist agnostics pantheists…

    By Maciej Matiaszowski

  • "How is your lover?"

    Ive been sick at home with pneumonia. My mind is going all sorts of strange places, including conversations I've never known what to do with.It just popped into my mind. A few years back 5? 7? I was on the phone with my aunt. She was my dad's brother's wife. My family was highly puritanical - no…

    By Sentient Biped

  • Isn’t it time to save the the U.S.A. from the South?

    The religious South persists in maintaining the U.S.A. in some kind of 1860s time warp. The 1860s was an extremely turbulent decade. Many economic, cultural, social, and political disturbances occurred in Europe and U.S.A. Unrest occurred with people advocating for fundamental changes in power.…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Are atheists spiritual? Yes! If you mean atheists posses a sense of wonder and love

    Without a doubt, some animals have an awareness of life and death. One obvious example is the elephant. Even dogs and monkeys are known to grieve. There is something in the brain that registers those realities and humans are the only ones with verbal language to express their feelings of loss and…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Allergy shots as a business

    Yuck!  Yuck! I have been getting allergy shots at a local group allergy practice, headed by Dr. R.I actually have an ugly history with this place. In 2002, I got allergy shots for awhile from Dr. T.   I get somewhat sick for several days after each shot, but Dr. T finagled me up to concentrate on…

    By Luara