• Capitalism can't work without a poverty class.

    Capitalism can't work without a poverty class. In order to increase the numbers of people in the poverty class,* withhold the kind of education that teaches critical thinking, stress obedience; * educate children to remain dependent on church and government as adults; * tax wages at a higher rate…

    By Joan Denoo

  • What next?

    Do you think we live in a democracy where we have opportunity, freedom, and equality? Well, take a look at what is happening all around us. If you are honest, take off your blinders, unwrap yourself from the patriotic flag and see what is really happening, you will understand that these words,…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Islamic Mauritania ♥'s Modern Slavery

    This via The Friendly Atheist Blog, with links as added.  A big aspect of the story is one courageous Muslim man -  Biram Dah…

    By Sentient Biped

  • Theodicy and the Black Experience

    Why Lord?: Suffering and Evil in Black Theology—Anthony Pinn—Theodicy has to do with suffering under a loving and benevolent God. It is a difficult subject because it challenges why bad things sometimes happen to good people. This book will not make it any better, but you will see that someone is…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • A Query to Political Candidates Regarding Separation of Religion and Government

    This post is prepared specifically for political candidates concerning their positions on policy issues related to church-state separation.  It is adapted from The Reason Revolution: Atheism, Secular Humanism, and the Collapse of Religion, a short, free e-book available at…


  • The Middle East

         I’m at that point with the Middle East where honestly, I feel the ISIS issue is, well, their issue.I also get the impression from the Arab League that they are just going to sit on their bottoms, sip tea and wait for the west, or NATO or the US to handle the situation.  But this seems the norm…

    By Rick

  • I am offended

    I am offended There is a peculiar phenomenon going around that I want to address. I feel deeply rooted offense when I see a person insult another, or belittle them, or assault another physically, mentally and emotionally. I am offended by parents who deliberately do not educate their children…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Religions Should Accept Findings Of Science:

    I'm in discussions with Theists who are in constant denial of Science that goes anywhere near not supporting their Faith.They claim to understand science and the findings of scientists, accept health warnings and findings in Cosmology and Geology, but only up to where the sciences don't interfere…

    By Dyslexic's DOG

  • Do Your Best And God Will Do The Rest

    For many, many years, I have always found an unending fount of devilish giggles whenever I read sappy church signs. You know, the ones that are thought up by the…

    By Amanda Ashcraft

  • I see good things coming out of Atheist Nexus

    Each one of you, Loren, Pat, Bertold, and Daniel, and others on this Atheist Nexus site are such decent men and women, full of experiences from life, and a healthy quality of skepticism. You see the cons of religious dogma and the terrible things people do in the name of their gods. We all know the…

    By Joan Denoo