• Ten Secular Commandments

    The ReThink Prize is giving away $1K each to the best ten secular commandments for the 21st century. Here are my ten submissions.

    By Jonathan Tweet

  • What Does Science Say (Part 4 & 5 Homosexuals)

    Part 4&5What Does Science Say?In a famous letter to an American mother, world renowned psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, wrote in…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • Cita de "Varios días en Atenas"

    "¡Hemos nombrado el error principal de la mente humana, la pesadilla de la felicidad humana, el pervertidor de la virtud humana! ¡Es la religión, esa moneda oscura de la ignorancia temblorosa! ¡Es la religión, esa envenenadora de la felicidad humana! ¡Es la religión, esa guía ciega de la razón…

    By Hiram

  • god man arrested in india

    Nearly two-week stand off between the supporters and security personnel of Satguru Rampal Baba, which escalated into violence and high drama. At last on19th, he was arrested from his ashram.In India,every year some god men go to jail,many more are exposed to be frauds and fakes.


  • Who would believe in blood type astrology?

    I was reminded last night why I don’t go out to socialize much: because people are stupid. This is something I realized early on in childhood when I found I couldn’t relate to my peers because they were dumbasses who believed in Santa and other magic sky-people, and who would tell me that my family…

    By Kacie Tsao

  • In the Closet (Part 3 Homosexuality)

    Part 3In the Closet"In the closet" means keeping one’s homosexual orientation hidden, often acting as a heterosexual to avoid…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • dog in the supermarket

    I went to the supermarket yesterday about 3 PM, wearing my facemask.I started to feel slightly off when I was there. So when I was checking out, I asked the grocery clerk if there had been a dog there earlier.She said yes, there was a dog there about 10 AM. And I did get an allergic reaction to it…

    By Luara

  • Does Life Have A Meaning

    Hello everyone,Does life have a meaning or any meaning at all?  Or, does life even have to have a meaning. Was just pondering this and thought to throw it out there for maybe some thoughts.Thanks

    By Ben Pittman

  • Homosexuals (Part 2)

    Part 2Any Community, USAIn the United States, no welcome sign ever hung out for homosexuals, but they have been here since the nation…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • Religion is somehow different… (a meandering ramble about linguistics, atheism, and weird cognitive biases)

    A little bit of context to start— I’m currently living in China, teaching English at a kindergarten. The school I work for arranged an apartment for me, which I share with another teacher. It’s a nice place in a nice neighborhood, and my Chinese is good enough that I can get around and even help…

    By Kacie Tsao