• Atheist Child Poem

    Twinkle, twinkle little God,Logic tells us you are a fraud,Existing in the minds of fools,Stay out of our public schools.

    By Sikandar Solzer

  • Euphemisms R Us

    What do collateral damage, friendly fire, special rendition and disposition matrix have in common? They are euphemisms for distasteful…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • Bumbling idiots

    Don’t Christians ever wonder why the Apostles struggled so long in recognizing Jesus as God?  Hmmm.  In Mark, Matthew, and Luke, they never do.  They keep falling down, saying things like, “Jeez, we’re gonna get caught!” or “How in the world did you do that, man?”…

    By Emmett Hoops

  • Happy 4/20!

    Thousands of years ago — in times we are fond of calling ‘primitive’ (since this renders us ‘modern’ without having to exert ourselves further to earn this qualification) — religion and medicine were united in an undifferentiated enterprise; and both were closely allied with government and politics…

    By Alan Perlman

  • Hi all you fellow Freethinkers/Secular Types/Atheists/

    My name is Vincent and I'm an artist, part time rationalist, and a believer in Dan Dennett's idea that secularists have a responsibility to create communities and institutions that provide the things that religion religion provides. In the face of the real possibility that religion as it exists is,…

    By Vincent

  • Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

    Have fun at grandma's house. hahahaha. Put twenty dollars in an egg and make a kid's day.

    By roland707

  • Happy Easter, Bloody Easter

    “In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade…On the Avenue, Fifth Avenue, photographers will snap us And you’ll find that you’re in the rotogravure…”Irving Berlin“They tried to nail him down, but he got away.”Marquee outside church in…

    By Alan Perlman

  • Always Consider Beliefs

    I used to foolishly believe that I, as an atheist, and my friends, family, or colleagues who were Christians ultimately wanted the same things. I truly believed that, with the exception of “that one thing” (of course referring to the belief in God here), we were basically the same. After all, just…

    By Mike Mitchell

  • Quitting Smoking without God

    The second step of most 12-step addiction programs is typically "Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity." What if the individual cursed with addiction does not believe in a power greater than ourselves?I used to be an alcoholic. Back when I was a theist I…

    By Gregory Phillip Dearth

  • Another Passover, another celebration of non-deliverance; on not being a jerk

    Imagine the religious principles which have, in fact, prevailed in the world. You will scarcely be persuaded that they are anything but sick men’s dreams.”David HumePsrt I: The Non-EventAnother Passover is upon us. I’ve said just about all I can say about this holiday when Jews celebrate their…

    By Alan Perlman