• Christianity Forced to Accept Gays

    We have all probably seen annoying posts by Christians that say "love thy neighbor" and insisting that they be accepting of gays and marriage equality. That is nice. I do like to see Christians rationalizing on how to be accepting of others. But let us not forget that per their faith their position…

    By Gregory Phillip Dearth

  • OH, Grow Up! Marriage Hypocrites

    It is past time for American religionist to grow up. For decades, Christians used the  Bible to force their religion on others to…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • If there were a god

    If there were a god he/she/it would be giving the same message to each nation on every continent. The imperative would be to live in peace with justice for all. The purpose would be to create a world of people making the decisions in the interest of the health of individuals, tribes, communities,…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Episode 8-Marriage

    On this episode we get an update from Jeff Stilwell and his Lightning March. We also cover the SCOTUS ruling on marriage and the reaction from the religious right. Join us this weekend at the Freethought 4th of July Picnic. Bring a yummy dish to share, Play games and meet interesting people.Learn…

    By Robert Ray

  • The Safety Of The Grave

    America has an addiction to guns. So much so, we have the largest gun lobby in the world- the NRA -with members serving in our government. This heavily skews gun…

    By Bluegrass Skeptic

  • An Epicurean Answers Habakkuk's Questions

    It's rare to encounter a prophet who acknowledges the powerlessness of his gods to bring good, destroy evil, and fix the world. Rarer still to find one who acknowledges the evils that religion brings upon humanity. Habakkuk is one of the lesser, little-known prophets from the Old Testament, and one…

    By Hiram

  • The Week of Being Happy and Pissed Off

    The week of 21 June, 2015 is likely one of the more momentous of the past several years or more that I am aware of.  It was a week of amazing and impactful news, incredibly GOOD news from where I sit, news which will be far more benefit than detriment in the long haul or so I’d be willing to…

    By Loren Miller

  • Medicare and the American mistake.

    Medicare and the American mistake                                                                                                            While rising costs in healthcare are becoming a serious burden to European governments who pick up the bill for their citizens health, the fear of electoral…

    By Gerald Payne

  • Whoa—Put on the Brakes!

    Gay and lesbian couples around the nation can now legally marry. It is indeed a victory for equality, love and unity. It is a…

    By Donald R Barbera

  • Bigotry is Finally Losing Ground in the US.

    Original version with pictures and hyperlinks to sources can be found here: past week has been a political…

    By Eric Biggers (Show Me Skeptic)