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Spokane, WA

United States

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I changed from faith to science. I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, a survivor of breast cancer thanks to the fine diagnostic work and treatment at Cancer Care Northwest, which included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Dreadful stuff, but a wake up to living each and every minute. Life is to remember the past, live in the present and remember a preferred future. One can be good without god! My family demonstrates it

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  • Donald R Barbera

    Joan--There is a boring course college called Music Theory. Sounds daunting if you've never done a thing other than listen to music. However, once the first page is turned you discover it is nothing but bullshit. However, there is a course called the physics behind the music. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not about chords, repetitive flow, modulation or the various scales that exist and in what society. It actually explores sound generation and why an A doesn't sound like a C. You get into tension theory (a lowbrow brother quantum mechanics), wave forms etc. It is a very different animal and usually doesn't fall into a music major's path. Nevertheless, some fall into it's path just because it has the word music attached to it. That is why the best instructors know how to make what is virtually an inaccessible subject into one that is accessible and interesting, the difference between being an instructor and an educator.

  • Donald R Barbera

    Dr. T. Have you tried Prometheus books. They publish their guidelines and are very forthcoming about what they seek.That is one of the first places I'd recommend.

  • Donald R Barbera

    In response to you request to some of the inane remarks coming from Christians to simple questions like, " How are you." Suddenly, you are maddened that you even asked. I've certainly heard, "God bless you" and II reply "May Odin give you many strong children." I must admit that I've never heard, "Let go and let god." I guess that's like  "let Jesus take the wheel," which I just want to be forewarned when that happens so I can pull to the side and let them pass. Again, it is the same with, "God will lead you," I would certainly ask where? The last time I let some one lead me I ended up in a dark alley with a gun in my ribs (not actual, just making a point) I have my own to add to you list which irks be to regurgitation. Try this one. In response to a simple "How are you doing?" I got this, "I blessed and highly favored." I was in a strip club which I used to frequent. I said nothing, but what I was thinking that for being blessed and highly favored she seemed to be in an occupation that suggested otherwise.


    "It's god's plan."