Joan Denoo


Spokane, WA

United States

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I changed from faith to science. I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, a survivor of breast cancer thanks to the fine diagnostic work and treatment at Cancer Care Northwest, which included chemotherapy and radiation. Dreadful stuff, but a wake up to living each and every minute. Life is too short to dwell on the past. One can be good without god! My whole family proves it.

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  • JanBodh

    Dear Joan, I was a follower of Hinduism about 2 years ago, since my birth. I am 33 now. I graduated in science and later on studied management. As a child i had firm belief in God and his powers. In our Hindu culture people are very superstitious they teach young ones like that. I have been through some bad patch concerning my health but only modern medicine saved me. My father is a veterinarian and gave me freedom of thought since childhood, he had a close friend at job whom he admired a lot and is an atheist. But my father is not an atheist, he says he believes just because he copies my grandfather who was a firm follower of Hinduism.I feel gifted to be in a family where no one imposes religion on me. Since school days i used to say that the scientists and discovers were real Gods and my parents never ridiculed me.So i calculated myself to be an atheist.
    As far as my statement is concerned i can't think of a day, actually afraid of a day, when i have reached the almighty and have known every thing, sitting besides him thinking that there is nothing left, this is the end. I felt scared of that, that if i meet almighty it will be that: i with him or i be him( when i unite with the almighty) what will i do then, what will i think of then....I know this is not possible so i believe in infinity which is the truth about universe; i.e. It's infinite and ever expanding. If we have an almighty it will be the end...the wall of universe, but universe has no wall
  • JanBodh

    Dear Joan please visit my site to know what i have to say.
  • John Jubinsky

    Yes I've been on board it. It is the USS Constellation of 1854 which is a twin to Old Iron Sides. The pictures are of the inner harbor area of Baltimore. I took some new ones and am trying to organize them all. I eventually intend to post about 30 more of waterfront cafes, restaurants and festivals not to mention more marina pictures. The building behind the boat called Chesapeake is a National Aquarium.