Joseph P

39, Male

Raleigh, NC

United States

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  • Dawn

    Hi Joseph, Tampa is much better than other areas of the south that i have lived before (Georgia, North Carolina and Mississippi). However, I work in a rural area north of Tampa (Pasco and Hernando counties) for a non profit organization that includes long prayer sessions at every meeting and I have zero co-workers that are non-believers. This area feels more like Georgia than Florida.

  • Jody Lane

    I made my escape from evangelical fundamentalism years ago. I've rejected the pat answers as vacant platitudes espoused by the intellectually weak and morally lazy since I was little more than a child. I am searching for answers but not from an all-knowing/all-loving god or any theist who claims to have them, all of them, without errancy.It took a small epiphany recently for me to realize that most of the people in my life are simply horrible human beings. And every one of them is a Christian. I have spent my entire life biting my tongue, not offending and trying to respect the opinions of the faithful and their right to express their belief as they chose. I finally realized that not one of them had ever offered me the same respect. I stopped biting my tongue and cut ties--mercilessly and irrevocably and I am happier for it.  In a nutshell, I'm searching for reason and reasonable people. I know they're out there!

  • Sara Marie

    Hi Joseph. I've only been in North Dakota for a little over three months. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. So I don't know too much about what's going on here. NYC was by far the worst in terms of religion. So I am really glad to have gotten out of there. I plan to move to Washington in the future. I miss living near the coast but I also wanted to be closer to nature. It is also easier for me to talk to people online, not that I don't talk to people in person I just prefer to listen and converse through writing.