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  • refuseallgods

    Phone connection is a bear again! I feel for you, bipolar and all-pain in the rear, although lots of genius types have that affliction; Robin Williams, for instance. Anyway, I agree with your assessment over Robert's v. Scalia persona-I only hope that Roberts isn't another John Edwards Tom Dela-type hypocrite; very polished and competent outwardly but still as personally corrupt as Capone.
  • refuseallgods

    I feel that the comments Scalia makes in open court only serve to further attempt to draw attention to himself-I'm very grateful that he's not Chief there or we'd never hear the end of his "commentary". Just like the eharmony commercials lead viewers to perceive religious types as wild and passionate with someone they just met(to pander to the market they need to reach) matches the degree to which religious people like Scalia are willing to twist themselves to accomodate the audience they "play" for, more or less-yet come down hard on those who do not agree with their sham logic and carefully structured legends and dogma.
  • refuseallgods

    I get the feeling you're discussing re: our wish to be in opposite climates than where we are-I get bored with being weather bound ( an overload of snow and totally freezing temps can really be overwhelming to deal with although not as bad as Fargo, ND, I'm sure)have you ever spent any time in a really frigid area? I'm aware that Canada has some very warm, almost desert like terrain, too. I am just attracted to water at this point in my life although at one time I was completely enthralled with deserts and experienced that landscape for a time, too.