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  • Deidre

    hey ...hope you're having a good weekend ^_^

  • Donna Coffey


    Thank you for the heads up.  I sure am glad I didn't post my street address.  I wonder if I'll have any interesting mail this week.

    Mormons and Muslims -- believe in a book sent by god with the unaltered word for his chosen people.  Same idea, different language.  There are comparative religion books juxtaposing these two that go in much more depth on their similarities than my brief comment.

    I'm pleased I feel no attachment to either, well, except that I have family members in both still.  Shari'a might be illegal, hopefully, but not Islam.


  • Aaron Richardson

    I don't consider six years a short while. I wasted so much time, money, and energy trying to live for an imaginary deity who never existed in the first place, except in my mind. I wasn't raised in a religious household whatsoever. In fact, it was the complete opposite. I was raised in a completely dysfunctional household saturated with abuse and domestic violence. As a child I spent some time in foster homes and a mental hospital before the shit-storm finally calmed down, and I settled down with my dad who was a recovering alcoholic. It was too late by then though. I was a mess and my life became even messier as I became a teenager. My teenager years are nothing but a blur thanks to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Luckily I graduated HS by the skin of my teeth and managed to escape the hellhole I was living by joining the AF. My troubles and addictions only followed me from there though, and I got very close to getting kicked out of the military. Fortunately they decided to pay for me to attend rehab. During this time I was very unstable psychologically and vulnerable to religious zealots who would want to convert me. And that's exactly what happened. I came across some christians in rehab (and after) who played upon my vulnerability and before you know it I was a baptized, bible thumping, religious crackpot with no idea what I had gotten into. It didn't take long before I was telling everyone I met they were on their way to hell, giving half of my income away, and depriving myself of everything earthly thing I once enjoyed. I became a hardcore street evangelist that carried around obnoxious signs and yelled the "gospel" at everyone that passed by. I spent a ridiculous amount of time praying, reading the bible, and attending bible studies and church. I eventually became one of those people that loved studying theology and church history and found myself adoring people like John Calvin, John Knox, Johnathan Edwards, etc. In other words, I was a "Calvinist." I also eventually finished my enlistment in the AF around this time and decided to move back to NM from Idaho. I wanted to come back here so I could attend school and be closer to family; and so I could witness to them and try to help turn them away from their sins lol. It was hard to leave at first because I had countless christian friends, many of whom were accountability partners with me and knew my deepest and darkest secrets. I still do love a lot of these people like my own siblings but I can’t stand to be around them anymore because they still believe all that bullshit. I forgot to mention this earlier, but my dad also became a hardcore christian after I did and still is to this day. Sometimes I can’t stand being around when he starts trying to preach to me or talk about Christianity. He’s so dogmatic and there is nothing you can say to him that will change his mind. After I moved back down here to NM I didn’t have any christian friends down here whatsoever. To put it simply, I didn’t have anybody down here to encourage me not to question Christianity. Somehow, someway, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Matt Dillahunty found their way on to my computer screen, and before you could recite John 3:16 I was a full blown atheist; it literally happened within a few months. Well, that what those six years looked like in a nutshell. There is a lot I left out, but I think you get the gist of it.