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  • refuseallgods

    So very grateful for your warm invitation-I certainly look forward to following up on your suggestion, too. The essence of a group/individual is something we can percieve without the need for dogma or a diety. Please stay in touch. Thank you again for your welcoming correspondence.
  • refuseallgods

    Dear Doctor's Meaden: The subject matter that most concerns me is the overreaching activity by the state which is sometimes couched in .religious. context or as if some sanctity exists due to an inherently religious concern exists, insofar as preserving wrongful convictions, esp. For instance, an atmosphete exists, although not always openly discussed, as to the certainty that "god" has spoken when the state achieves a coviction-infirm or corruptly maintained and therefore should not be disturbed under any conditions. This same bias exists tpwards anti-abortionists to a large degree still, as we see acess to those services diminished greatly , esp. in the southern us. My interests lie in dialogue-ing with those of similar political /philosophical kind-those searching to live a god-free existenceso that human liberty may be more comprehensively addressed. Thank you fpr your consideration.
  • Martin A. Moe, Jr


    Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m sure I’ll find AN interesting and educational, and I hope I can contribute something as well.

    I recall when I was about 15, that was in 1952, walking home at night along a lonely stretch of railroad track and looking up at the dark, star filled sky and wondering about the who, why and what of God. Even at that young age I did not believe everything that I was taught, especially things that did not make sense to me. WWII was still fresh in current memory, and Christianity and Judaism were topics of conversation and concern, and the role and activity of a supernatural creator God was the drumbeat of church and Sunday school What made the most sense to me on that night was that the God and religion that I knew at that time seemed most likely to be the invention of humanity rather than a supernatural creation of God. Nothing that the pastor said or that was taught in Sunday school contradicted my thoughts, I had no supernatural visitation by holy spirits or angels and what I learned in science classes over the years cemented my early opinion that religion was of human origin. Religion and humanity has always been a topic of great interest and concern to me.

    Now in my later years, I am putting much of my thoughts into writing. I have one book that will soon be published as a free ebook. I’m not fully competent with internet forum conventions , haven’t done a lot of that, so I’m not sure of what is allowed and what is not, I guess it varies. But I would like to offer the book to get opinions and feedback and this may be a good place to do so. I’m not sure if I can put the following into a post, and if so where should it be put.




    Despite rejection and even persecution It is very important for nontheists to think, study, and write with reason and purpose about the folly and absurdity of historical and present day religion. It is also important to do this by planting a seed, and not by trying to cut down a forest with a chain saw.

    Exposing religion as irrational figments of ancient and current human imaginations that attempt to fulfill a desire to extend life into supernatural realms is, basically, a quixotic quest. Despite the sheer illogical and unfounded beliefs that compose religion, and the blatant extortion of money, talent, worship, coercion, and worse, that supports religious organizations, people still flock to the star, the cross, and the crescent. When confronted with the irrationality of supernatural beliefs, some choose not to think it through, and for cultural reasons, maintain a mental curtain of acceptance of belief knowing that rejection of religious belief would result, at best, in expulsion from the community that supports their life and family. Others vehemently reject the reality that observation, analysis, and reason provide; and give credence and voice to irrational, erroneous, and impossible explanations that confirm their emotion based supernatural beliefs.

    It is usually, almost always, counterproductive to rail against a strongly held emotional belief with negativity and derision despite the rationality of the argument. Although it is necessary and essential to argue with reason and science against illogical belief, it would be good to have a positive alternative that may lessen the the loss of an impossible, eternal, supernatural existence. I have made an attempt at doing this. I wrote a small book, about 40,000 words, titled “Preserving the Essence of Human Life”, soon to be published as a free ebook. If you have an interest, send me a request and I would be happy to email a PDF of the book.