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Williams Lake BC


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Breast cancer survivor, married since July 1966, husband is a model train buff, love reading, music, & cats. Grew up mormon, but never bought into it, or the hypocrisy all around. All religions disgust me beyond the nth degree!

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  • Atheist Princess

    Welcome to Atheist Nexus ( :
  • Dr. Terence Meaden

    Hello Patricia. Welcome to this friendly meeting place
    where we recognise religion is a great fraud used to control people, and how it is tragic and inexcusable that women and minorities have been oppressed these last two thousand years.

    Terry Meaden (60+; prostate cancer in remission; cat lover)
    founder of the busy group "ORIGINS: Universe, Life, Earth, Humans, Religion, Evolution, Darwin..." with its 260 discussion topics. We invite you to join us.
  • Sigmund

    Hi Patricia,
    Welcome to Atheist Nexus!
    Sigmund (
  • Kat C.

    Hi Patricia! Thanks for commenting on my page, us redheads gotta stick together, lol! I am also a cat lover, currently sharing a two bedroom condo with three of them, as well as two dogs, a fiance, and an insane, hippie mother.
  • David Mills

    Hi Patricia! I really enjoyed visiting your page here. Thanks for the friend request. I envy the wisdom of your wonderful country and its national healthcare system.

  • Kelly M

    Sweet Elvis Tunes!! We love our Elvis in Tennessee!! I have been to Graceland about 10 times!! (Mom's a huge Elvis fan!)
  • sk8eycat

    Purrrrmrrrowww...yesss! Duz U liek Cheezburgers? Ai wuvz dem, butt Ai haz die-uh-bee-tuss (ugh! I detest that pronunciation!) sew ai haz 2 deleet teh bred. An teh frize.

    Whoz teh tortie? She looks sew much liek our late Tazzy. Dam. Ai'm catless now (major financial problems...adopting not fare to kitteh at dis tiem), and ai miss her sew.

    PS: I has anodder penn naim: Felaine. My furst naim starts wif "F"

    O, wow. O,wow. (B. Kliban fan, too.)
  • sk8eycat

    U sed: Didyuh seed arr pitchurrz wut mum puut awn heer?

    Yis. Uv corse. Dat's y Ai ast wat teh tortie's naim wuz. We hav had kitte's awl mai lief, and dey hav mostly bin tortie gurlz & ornj boyz. We had one grae & wite "Bugs Bunny" fellow naimd Kipps...his furst mum wuz a majur Tommy Steele fan, an dat wuz teh role he playd in "Arf a Sixpense." At teh saim tiem we had a big awl blak boy naimd T. (for "Tasmanian") Devil. Mai sistur is a Jeehoover's Witless [shudders], an she haitud dat naim. *cackle!* Insisstud on cawlin him "Angelito. Maid me wanna yuck up hairbawlz. (NOT "harblz!)

    She haits Basement Cat, 2. Or rawthuh she haits peepul potrayin awl blak kittehs az eebil. She duz hav a point...shelterz & reskews haz a hard tiem getting sum peepul to adopt blak kittehs. Superstushus (racist?) twitz. T. Devil wuz 1 of teh most affekshunat kittehs we eber had...
  • sk8eycat

    Gotta remember dat Mr. Devil's full naim wuz "Mr. Tasmanian Devil," becuz he lookd & actid liek wun wen he wuz little. He t'ot he had a big fierce, but teh full naim wuz a larj mouf-ful to say alla tiem, so he becaim "Teh Debbil." Ai liekd pushin my sister's relijus buttuns, anywai, Still do.

    She haz a tennency to avoid teh bukshelvz where my Hairy Potter an sum udder fantasee classiks are. Tee-heee-heeeee!
  • Xanthe Wyse

    Hi Patricia


    I have a website and blog about Asperger's


    I see how it get's pronounced Assburgers in the US.  The term might be getting disposed of and just being part of autism spectrum

  • Xanthe Wyse

    When I've heard American's on TV, they say AASSSS-BURGERS.  We are short with the As and say P not B  without too much emphasis on any syllable.  Think the term might be getting dispensed off.  Maybe I'll have to change the name of my website?
  • Steph S.

    I just adore your webpage.  I love cats!! Thanks for replying to my discussion. Now I'll spend time on your page to look at the lovely cats. : )
  • sk8eycat

    You're right about the petition, I'm afraid, but thanks for the note, anyway.  I don't think Whitefish, Montana is close enough to the border for a Canadian to complain about a tacky-looking "shrine" there.  Air pollution, maybe?  ;>)

    Love you cat slide show, especially the tortie.  (The Grey & White person is quite handsome, too, but I have a soft spot for torties, and orange fellows.  We've had so many over the years.)


  • Steph S.

    Yes I'm a friend. Yeah I have some groups on the Nexus. They are listed on my webpage here. Hope you have a nice weekend!
  • John Jubinsky

    A lot of them absolutely do.

  • Steph S.

    I love all the cats on your webpage here!


  • Steph S.

    Hey there Patricia! Love your status. How are you doing?