michael piusinski


Madison Heights, MI

United States

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  • The Flying Atheist

    It's always nice having new members join our community.   --Carl

  • Paula T.

    I like Dio, too, and a bunch of other metal bands.  I still enjoy some of the 80s rock and my sons and I saw Marilyn Manson a bunch of years ago.  I've heard a bit of Katatonia and Gojira...still getting into that.  I'm sure we like a lot of the same bands!

  • Paula T.

    Thanks, Michael :)  Yep, I'm a metal head from way back, but most people who meet me would never guess  lol

    I think you're pretty cool, too...keep in mind that we all carry some kind of baggage, whether it's not having lots of friends (like me...I have great co-workers, but no BFF <-- hate that, but it fits) or feeling like you don't fit in.  I'm kind of a loner and homebody and I know few atheists.  A couple of people at work, but no circle of friends.  There are great people on here, so I hope you find some groups you like.  "Hang with Friends" is pretty active...and I have to spend more time here.  Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more about you.