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Poured the tea,
In my deserted heart,
That melted,
I came across the ports,
And came to know,
My ship is sailed away,
I stayed sunken there,
As days passes in the earth,
Times of life is rolling on,
Like I am being bullied here,
And so I am being hated here,
Thought I would die,
And to acquittal of all problems,
So in the way of fulfilling my intention,
I found somebody waiting outside,
With holding a single rose,
Loving stares touched my eyes,
Apprehended my intentions to die,
And hold my hands on,
I saw my intentions of dying fled away,
And that is life on earth!

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  • Roland Chubbovich

    HELLO. Kind greetings from me, in reverse to your welcome. I am very proud.

    My name is Roland and my home is Bulgaria. Very beatiful cuntry.

    I am ex-military scientist from bulgaria and bigtime atheist. I also have sociology Readings from there. I am interested very much in social darwinism and I once  took part in Eugenics esperiments during soviet era. Have youseen the film "Twins"?  this film is very good u think? I especially liek the squat man, he is very funny haha. But seriously. this type of experiemt almost exactly we tried in Bulgaria in 1970s

  • Danton Medrado

    Thanks, Ezra!

  • Silvestri Hiberni

    Thank you Ezra