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Bensalem, PA

United States

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  • Kenneth Copp

    Thanks for your welcome. My time is limited and I need to learn how to use this site.
  • Patricia

    Melinda has yelled at a few people on a/n when something displeases her, & I have no intention of putting myself in her path again. She has her opinion, & I have no interest in it.

    I never thought to email you as it would seem too much like whining, & she has ground it into me very clearly that she is much nicer than I could ever be & lots of people complain to her about me, etc. etc., & I'm nothing more than a crab, mean-spirited, bully.

    I have no idea what I said or did to set her off, or that ''lots of other people'' complain to her about me, because she doesn't know me from a hole in the ground.

    I voluntarily go online & visit my sites but I am not about to visit a place to be given a blast when the mood strikes, or go to places where I feel I am walking on eggs. I don't need to be around someone acting like a spoiled pom pom girl who has a small clique who looks down her sarcastic nose at anyone outside it.

    My pc has an off button.

  • Melanie Puckett Stephens

    " Thanks Ruthe, for the welcome and group suggestions. I have many hobbies and look forward to checking them all out"