tom sarbeck


Yountville, CA

United States

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Atheist 6yrs; Catholic 20yrs; Agnostic 52yrs; Atheist 6yrs; Materialist.
Cincinnati until 1947, St. Pete FL until 1950, US Navy until 1952, St. Pete until 1954, Gainesville (UofF) until 1961, Tallahassee (FlaStUniv) until 1962, into computers where I became a migratory worker (St. Pete, Daytona Beach, Houston, Austin, Phoenix). Retired to San Francisco then Yountville.

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  • Donald L. Engel

    Thanks, Tom.  It isn't that well written, but I think I get my point across.

  • Mojo

    Tom thanks for extending the invite. I've been an athiest since the 70's and have become more so since.

    I see religion as the handmaiden of fascism and oligarchs.

    I find it absurd and pathetic that so many still embrace the superstition and denial of real humanity that religion demands.

    You and I will be long gone before the world will be free of the bonds of theocracy, but every movement has to start somewhere.
  • Gerald Payne

    That electric Universe will blow a fuse Tom.