tom sarbeck


Yountville, CA

United States

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Atheist 6yrs; Catholic 20yrs; Agnostic 52yrs; Atheist 6yrs; Materialist.
Cincinnati until 1947, St. Pete FL until 1950, US Navy until 1952, St. Pete until 1954, Gainesville (UofF) until 1961, Tallahassee (FlaStUniv) until 1962, into computers where I became a migratory worker (St. Pete, Daytona Beach, Houston, Austin, Phoenix). Retired to San Francisco then Yountville.

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  • Donald L. Engel

    Thanks for the invite, Tom.  Hope to have some good discussions with you.  Since we are close to the same age, there probably won't be too many disagreements though..

  • Donald L. Engel

    Thanks, Tom.  It isn't that well written, but I think I get my point across.

  • Mojo

    Tom thanks for extending the invite. I've been an athiest since the 70's and have become more so since.

    I see religion as the handmaiden of fascism and oligarchs.

    I find it absurd and pathetic that so many still embrace the superstition and denial of real humanity that religion demands.

    You and I will be long gone before the world will be free of the bonds of theocracy, but every movement has to start somewhere.