tom sarbeck


Yountville, CA

United States

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Atheist 6yrs; Catholic 20yrs; Agnostic 52yrs; Atheist 6yrs; Materialist.
Cincinnati until 1947, St. Pete FL until 1950, US Navy until 1952, St. Pete until 1954, Gainesville (UofF) until 1961, Tallahassee (FlaStUniv) until 1962, into computers where I became a migratory worker (St. Pete, Daytona Beach, Houston, Austin, Phoenix). Retired to San Francisco then Yountville.

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  • Daniel W

    Thanks Tom. 

    I have lost whole, complicated, entries due to the damn system selecting something and deleting it.  Didn't know about the control-z, thanks.  Since initially posting that, I submitted to the  Borg, and was assimilated into Win 8.1.  So far I don't see a difference from 8.0 except now it screws up some links.  How much fun is that?

  • Čenek Sekavec

    Hey Tom, you said I borrowed words without acknowledging their source. From where??

    I'm asking here instead of bumping an old post. I only just read the comments.

  • Čenek Sekavec

    You wrote as a comment on my blog titled 'personal responsibility':

    "Consider the words you borrowed from someone you didn't acknowledge:

    As long as we are living the only power over us is that which we allow."

    Tom, The idea is hardly new but from whom did I plagiarize?? I take it seriously, and I looked online to double check and found no quote that I failed to attribute.