Useless Without Coffee

Are you near worthless before your morning (afternoon, nightly?) cup of coffee? Share caffeinated tales of debauchery, discuss your favorite coffee dives...etc etc etc
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  • Richard C Brown

    Getting ready for a cup of usefullness.Have U had UR cup yet?

    I have been feeling rather useless after reading "The Story of Mohammed " islam unveiled by Harry Richardson.U can read it for free on line.

    Read it so we can be useful .

    (the story of )

  • Grinning Cat

    The official coffeemaker of Atheist Nexus?

    DELONGHI / 59.99 / 12-cup complete frontal access coffeemaker / Pantented [sic] feature for simplified use / Easy add water and coffee without moving around counter / Pause n' Serve / 24 hour programmable timer / 2 hour auto shut off / Permanent god [sic] filter / No. DCF212T(from

    ...though that coffee maker's "permanent god filter" might be just as effective as various purported elephant repellents! ("But there are no elephants here!" "You see, it works!")

  • Richard C Brown

    Are Atheist feeling useless about the slaughter,rape & ect of Christians and Others in MiddleEast or celebrating a job well done.?

    Lets have a cup of coffee.