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  • Loren Miller

    Well, I'd say that Mother Coco has a face like a horse, but then I'd probably be insulting the horse!  In any case, I thought it was a good chuckle.

    Oh, and Tom?  Yeah ... more than a little likely, I think, though she ain't no RuPaul!

  • Joseph P

    If he's (assuming he identifies as male) a gay drag-queen, he's in the vast minority.  Apparently, the vast majority of drag queens are straight.  *shrug*

    Of course, when we're dealing with a performance piece like this, all conventions go out the window.  I wouldn't call the Kids in the Hall drag queens, despite their frequent dressing in drag for their show.

  • James M. Martin

    @ Tom Sarbeck. Duh! Really? You're making that up. Tee hee.