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  • Patricia

  • Warren Jappe

    I was out on a house call for my son, fortunately I havn't had much dealing with religious people, the only encounter was my oldest brother who I think got infected by his wife, tried to ask me to take my kids to church, fat chance. Also when I had him on the phone and told him that the bible was full of violence, he said I must have misread it. So I've been pretty much sheltered from the righteous .

  • Joseph P

    Actually, Jehovah's Witnesses tend to vote fairly liberal, for such a theologically-conservative denomination.  They're very much in favor of environmental issues, for example.  They're all for the separation of church and state.

    Think about it.  They're a small denomination with a history of being treated like a cult by other Christians.  Those who are ignorant and xenophobic have abused them for a while.

    And those who actually bothered to learn about them also treated them like a cult, because of their generally cultish behavior and the fact that they're non-trinitarian.  I'd still classify them as Christians, unlike the Unity church, for example, but they're on the opposite side of a divide that was sorted out over 1,800 years ago, for most Christians.  It makes them a target for discrimination.