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  • Richard C Brown

    IsIs is destroying the  Christian Culture in the Middle East.Men,Women and Children are being murdered,raped and sold into Slavery.

    Oh,wait! Does this mean I care?Yes I do care and I want U 2 Care.

    The Separation of Church & State may save America.

    Jihad is against All non-believers.

    Hindus,Christians,Jews and Buddhist are the targets of Jihad.

  • James M. Martin

    Well, unfortunately, Richard C. Brown, Isis is all of our problem. Believers and non-believers alike. Although Christians are misogynistic, homophobic, and theocratic, I haven't seen any of them lately beheading anyone. So I guess their 2,000 years has made them somewhat more tolerant, while 1,700 years has only brought out the worst in groups like Isis.

  • C.L.A.W.S.

    Canada is dropping bombs over there now.