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  • Pat

    One more video on the Marriage Equality constitutional referendum in Ireland on May 22, 2015. Mrs. Brown's Boys, and it's great. And, I think it is funny. And, as it turns out, Ireland (one of the MOST Catholic countries in the world), is wayyyy ahead of the US on marriage equality. Over 70% of the voters in the Republic are in favor of it. Maybe my family's homeland has finally thrown off the tyranny of both London and Rome.

  • sk8eycat

    The USA is going through "The Crazy Years,"  With Pat Robertson playing the role of Nehemiah Scudder and the Neo Puritans disguising themselves as the Tea Party.

    "If this Goes On...." 

  • Daniel W

    I hope Ireland shows the world how much it had grown and changed.

    It reminded me a little of a couple who I knew decades ago. He was Italian American Catholic from
    Chicago. She was Irish Anerican Catholic from Chicago. I remember them telling me their parents did not approve of their mixed marriage, so they went to Las Vegas to get married.