Atheist Ailurophiles

All things cat, and the nontheist people who love them.
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  • Patricia

    Iy'm NAWT standin' ur wawkkin in thiss thing sow git it awffuh me, ur I'll nevurr speek tuh yuh uhggen!!!!!

    Fank yoo, now Iy'm nevurr speekin' tuh yuh uhggen........uhntill dinnurr tym!!!!!

  • Idaho Spud

    Very funny how that cat fell.  It definitely got it's point across.

  • Robert Lanktree

    I have not laughed that long in quite some time, there were tears! Honestly I start laughing again everytime I visualize the video too! I can just hear the cat's thoughts, "shit, I thought I knew you!? What the hell is this!?? You can keep standing me up you clown but get this bloody thing off me!"

    Haaaa Haaaa haaaaa!!!