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  • sk8eycat

    I have 3 dead CRT monitors in the back room that I don't know how to dispose of.  Can't put them in the regular trash bins (the kind with wheels), and I'm physically unable to carry them down to the curb for some dumpster diver to "steal."

  • Patricia


    There are lots of online places to recycle & even buy your old electronics. They will send shipping label for you to print to send items & some even deal with UPS or whatever to come & pick up parcels. Worth checking.

  • Grinning Cat

    I'm sure many cats didn't forgive the developers of flat-panel monitors!

    A classic Dilbert cartoon from February 13, 1996: (click to embiggen)

    Catbert: 'I know I should be off tormenting people...' 'but I can't pry myself away from this most excellent butt-warming device.' 'It's probably because of the hype, but I'm thinking this would be even better with Windows 95.'