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  • booklover

    Felaine, my 22-year-old daughter bought a manual typewriter off of EBay. I had to show her how to use it. She loves it!
  • Grinning Cat

    I remember actually playing the typewriter part of Leroy Anderson's "The Typewriter" in the high school orchestra!

    (The piece uses a separate bell to mark the end of each "line" in time with the musical phrase.)

    And yes, electric typewriters, just like manual ones, also had a bell that rang when you were getting close to the right margin. No automatic word-wrap there!

    To put this conversation back on an appropriately feline track: this picture is one of many at "Kittens on Typewriters", at The Cultural Cat, .

  • sk8eycat

    I always associate corn-on-the-cob with this:

    Grinning Cat, how I envy you getting to "play" the typewriter!  Damn!  I never could type, but I did play the bass drum in the BHS marching band my senior year...because I can't read music, but my 12 years of dance lessons taught me what a basic beat is.