Sci-Fi/Fantasy, etc. Fan-Fiction Writers and Readers

This group is for Sci-fi/Fantasy fan-fiction (any type of genre) of writers and readers.

All is welcome!
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  • Steph S.

    B. L. Welcome to the group.

  • Steph S.

    Mandi welcome to the group

  • Sky God

    I haven't read any sci-fi lately, except for some short stories. In preparation for the Ender's Game movie, I re-read the book and decided to also read Ender's Shadow (the story of Bean's life before military school, and then repeats Ender's Game story through Bean's eyes).  Wow! Really glad I did! If any of you have read one without the other, you are missing out!  

    Before that, the last scifi I read was Dog Stars by Peter Heller, a dystopian novel, which I also enjoyed.

    Prior to that I re-read 1984 and Brave New World. With so much scary technology available to the powerful, they are definitely worth re-reading. Of course, with all the similarities, it will also scare the hell out of you!