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This group is for birding, birders and bird enthusiasts. One can be a pet owner, researcher, Ornithologist, birder that is advanced or novice. Anyone interested in birds!

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  • Joan Denoo

    I have an old field guide that I used when the kids were small. I also use Bird Pictures and Songs of Eastern Washington available on the internet. I have to train my eyes to see quickly, the body size, wings, tail and head features. I'm not much good at remembering. I see the bird and get into the guide and forgot what I saw. I am getting better. 

  • Steph S.

    Anyone see any cool birds lately in their yards?

  • Joan Denoo

    Huge flocks of robins came into the neighborhood and stripped all the Mountain Ash berries from my tree and the ones across the street. Other than that, nothing new.