Hang With Friends

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  • booklover

    Our daughter is home, and has a group of friends over from Chicago. They are all sleeping in the basement family room. I love having them all here. They are all 22, except our son, who is 20. He is joining the party. :)
  • Joan Denoo

    Ruth, I am sorry to learn of you and your husband's illness and hope you feel well soon. 

    Ian, hope you fully recovered from your "cold and stomach problems" and ready to take on the last celebrating of 2014.  Winter cold and reading books go together. 

    Randy, I am impressed with your exercises. Each muscle group seems to be covered by your routines. 

    Loren, a very nice performance of blended voices. I couldn't understand the words and found this helpful.

    Eric Whitacre - A Boy And A Girl Lyrics Read more at http://www.son... 

    Mindy, what fun ... a sleepover at the college age. Great sounds of laughter and wailing, if I remember those years of mine. Your son must be in paradise. 

  • Plinius

    That was a nice xmasparty, and totally different from what we expected! Brother-in-law didn't come, for he had ordered his taxi for next Sunday - that's what you get with CVA brains. We'll see him tomorrow. Instead we went to neighbours who had invited some people they hardly knew and us. No one had family that could or would come, no religion involved, just six people feeling good together, drinking wine and playing games. Instant family without the bickering. I've never felt so good at one of the standard feasts!