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  • sk8eycat

    Ooooohhh!  I like that Hitchens quote; I'll have to remember that.

  • The Flying Atheist

    Joan, I had no idea you had first hand experience in dealing with the RCC in Spokane! 

    Chicago is a VERY highly catholic city, so any news of this type is prominently featured in the local media ad nauseum.  (rolling my eyes with disdain.) 

    Our current cardinal Francis George was criticized a few years ago for calling the gay community "Nazis" because our Sunday pride parade passed by the front of one of their parishes, thereby ruining the day for the parishioners.  How dare we! 

    I see that Cupich was very vocal against the passage of Washington's same-sex marriage law.  And he is considered a "moderate" compared to the more conservative cardinal George. 

  • The Flying Atheist

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