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A group for brave atheists who have said NO and rejected; Atheists who have publicly renounced and criticised their religions.



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  • James M. Martin

    Maybe so, SecularCortex13 x, but Russia has a large youth population and many of them are ardent Puto fans.  I've seen the rallies and they act like good little Hitler Youth (Puto Youth?) and are completely fooled by his shirtless horseback riding and freshwater-fishing Hemingwayesque antics.  The KGB rules Russia, with the support of organized crime and the oligarchy, though perhaps the average Russian is a bit better off than in the old post-Stalin era. It does not help that Puto went along with allowing the R.O.C. to play a role again in the lives of Russians.  Wherever organized religion has been allowed to exist in a totalitarian regime, they've done it by supporting the tyranny.  Birds of a feather, you know.

  • AgeOfAtheists14

    racism sux

  • AgeOfAtheists14

    they've re-re-arrested then let go? the stab happy neo thugs .. etc.. in Greece. overrun by orthodox xtians from russia surely.

    gotta keep that tourist peninsula touristy .. ha. good luck. watch your 6 atheists . i got yer 6 in broward county