Hang With Friends

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  • Joan Denoo

    When the fire fighting crews return from a blaze, many of them have lost so much water that their eyes look sunken. They wear very heavy protective garments and in high heat with extreme physical exertion, they are exhausted, literally. 

    Firefighters on the front lines of Carlton Complex

    This is the Okanogan Forest fire in central WA state. 

  • booklover

    Good Tuesday morning to you Friends. :)  My daughter is at her University, where she is an Art Camp counselor, and art teacher.  It's her dream job.  Too bad she only gets to do it one week a year!  My husband and son are at work.  I am here with my sick dog and 4 cats, one of which will be moving with my daughter in 3 weeks.  I am just going to relax today and do a little housework.

  • booklover