Hang With Friends

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  • Steph S.

    Love the beautiful pictures and videos you all have been posting. Hectic here - but end of semester will be here soon. Then summer time. It is starting to really warm up here. Finally able to get outside and bike more. This summer I hope to go hiking at more state parks.

  • Joan Denoo

    sk8eycat , what has the Southern Tenant Farmers' Union got to do with Patricia's trip?

    Oh, I looked it up. Thanks. Didn't know that!

  • sk8eycat

    Oh, Joan....thank you!  I'm still chuckling, but when I first figured out "Southern Tenant Farmers Union" I bellowed with laughter, and frightened poor Pumpkin off my lap. He's back, but not lying down...he stands on my bony thighs, and sticks his tail (a flagpole) up my nose.

    And you said you had no sense of humor...Hah!

    That's a keeper!