Hang With Friends

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  • Randall Smith

    I'm lucky not to have any nearby neighbors. I have the radio on all the time, both indoors and out (mostly classical).

    Speaking of dusting, I've had to triple my cleaning duties due to having a dog inside much of the time. She (Dot) shakes, rolls, and scratches (fleas?) a lot. I think it's a cause of my throat tickle and cough. Ugh.

  • Plinius

    Earplugs don't help, Joan, when you want to sleep and the basses interfere with your heart rhythm. But luckily it's only some five days a year. Normally I love music, and also silence. When I'm home alone I very often concentrate on things I've heard and enjoy them again in silence - music, sounds, poems.

    I like the Da Vince text very much, Ian!

  • booklover

    Randy, that's why I hesitate to get another dog. I love them so much, but my house is so much cleaner, even with 3 cats. BTW, Dale is at the vet. Today he gets an ultrasound and x-rays. I'll let you guys know what happens.