Hang With Friends

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  • Joan Denoo

    Scalia reminds me of a short, fat, obnoxious sophomore boy in my highschool who wanted to be noticed. The methods he used were so dreadful, no one wanted him anywhere near them. He would join a table in the cafeteria and others would leave him all by himself. He had a way of intruding where he clearly was not wanted.

    Scalia, the misfit, is the nicest thing I can say about that scoundrel. 

  • Joan Denoo

    Patricia, great find! I like the shorter version and it says what the whole book says. Good summary. 

    Now, let's throw the book out and build a life not based on superstitions. Seems like a great burden lifts from my shoulders. Life is short, it can be hard, there are things that can make it more meaningful and fun. 

  • Joan Denoo

    Hay Loren, I accidentally ran across a site with snippets of The Newsroom while looking for something else. These are great scenes. Now I am going to have to go find the longer versions; these just tease. Is The Newsroom on this season?