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  • Arwen's Journey: A Tale of Middle Earth

    Arwen's Journey: A Tale of Middle Earth by Gwaithmir (writing as Karlmir Stonewain) Summary: During the decade following the War of the Ring, King Elessar and Queen Undómiel work tirelessly to reunify the kingdom and institute governmental reforms. Most of the war-weary population embraces the…

    By Gwaithmir

  • New endorsement!

    Hey, godless fans of fantasy and sci-fi!  I want to let you all to know that my edgy new YA fantasy was launched at the Brattleboro (Vermont) Literary Festival last week before a healthy crowd of book-lovers. This one is bound to create a stir--as long as enough people manage find out about it. How…

    By Don


    Readers and writers here at A|N who enjoy sci fi and fantasy--and the new, related genre, cli fi--will enjoy my edgy YA, due for release in October.  For some…

    By Don

  • Hugo award winners 2014

    Here is an article about the Hugo award winner for best novel and the other awards are listed at the bottom.Gravity? really?…

    By Sky God

  • Dr. Who Fan Fiction archive

    A great website to read Dr. Who fan fiction

    By Steph S.

  • "The Gods of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs

    Burroughs wrote the original Tarzan books. The God's of Mars is the second in a series. It is a beautiful metaphor for religious absurdity. Not to give too much away, but Mars is depicted as a planet with multiple races, each having its own religious beliefs. The religious beliefs of each race…

    By Edward Teach

  • Richard Matheson: 1926 - 2013

    My first exposure to Richard Matheson was probably back in the early 60s, and that marvelous anthology series, Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone.  Matheson told amazing stories … of a man recovering from a nervous breakdown and what he thought he saw on the wing of the aircraft he was flying home in,…

    By Loren Miller

  • great website for sci-fi newsAbout Scifispace.comAre you a science fiction fan? Do you like to go to conventions, watch science fiction movies, read fantasy books, watch tv shows, play role-play games like Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire:…

    By Steph S.

  • Interrogation (Star Wars Fiction)

    Gently, Keeto placed the pack into place. While it wasn't connected to the rest of the bomb, yet, the gel inside was unstable enough that it could still go off if mishandled.From behind him, someone yelled, "BOOM!"He screamed, almost dropping the pack. "Idiot!" he yelled, starting to rise for his…

    By David Loewen

  • My Research Paper

    This is the research paper I wrote for my English Composition class. It's titled "Atheist Acceptance: The Stigma of the South." I realize it's a bit short, but I'd love some feedback.

    By James Bradford