We debate origins of the Universe, life, Earth, humans, religion, atheism, using common sense, evolution, cosmology, geology, archaeology, and other sciences, to repel biblical creationism and other religious beliefs.

Do we really understand?

Do we really understand that this portal is occupied by personalities like you and me who can grasp the simplest of scientific views as they are intended to be?When someone asks me "why are there still apes" what I feel is not anymore sympathy, but anger in my mind towards their parents who wanted them to be morons!  We are here because we really want to make some change in the positive direction! And we are 7 of us online now! out of the 7 billion we are 7 online! Singular times 7! My wife left me because I do not believe is BS! I am cool with that! I am sure I will be more an asset to this world than any nother holy book preacher!

Why are we not a unanimously technological civilization yet when it is quite true that the theists enjoy most of the advancements that we atheists achieved!

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    Maurice Velandia

    I sympathize with your situation,  it is not easy to be at odds with ones family's beliefs.


    I have noted that at atheistnexus there seems to be a strong positions along these lines:


    "It is so obvious that reality is just as we perceive it, and that science is the most obvious way to move the human race forward.  How can the rest of the world believe in something else? The really should open their eyes!"


    I, however, believe that each person has the right to believe whatever brings the most meaning to their life.  Unfortunately some of those beliefs are self defeating, or downright dangerious to the entire human race.  IMHO we need to be patient (and I mean for centuries), natural selection will eventually sort out the most beneficial course for society and beliefs.


    In the meantime, I trully believe in coexisting - live and let live. 


    As far as "theists enjoy most of the advancements that we atheists achieved" - I couldn't disagree more.  We stand on the shoulders of giants.   And they are millions of shoulders streching back millions of years, some meek, some murderous.   ...more on this later :)


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      Jimmy McCann

      Out of the 7 Billion there are several million that are closer to the Stone Age than they are to the technological world. However even 7 like minded people can grow to be a powerful influence. 

      Much empathy, into my third marriage :-(

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        Ruth Anthony-Gardner

        "Why are we not a unanimously technological civilization yet?" Personally I think we need to become that, to all be connected, in order to switch from a destructive overpopulated fossil-fuel "growth" economy to a sustainable economy in balance with our planet. Without global justice and universal participation, we'll lose habitability in a few centuries. I'd like to see the sequestered wealth of the 1% in tax havens confiscated for a massive program to bring everyone together, through technology.