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This is the place to post that hilarious irreligious YouTube video, an irreverent, anti-religious cartoon, or other humorous bit of media. Posts that do not reflect an atheist/irreligious theme will be deleted. (Don't make me go Old Testament.)
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  • Sentient Biped

    GC that is hilarious! That would be really useful and fun in certain settings.
    No biased - conserv, liberal, or looneytoon or religious programming should be displayed in any professional setting snywhere. It is an unethical use of the profesdional role.
  • Terry Groff

    My friend has TV-B-Gone. We have a hilarious time at bars cutting off TVs and watching the staff go crazy trying to figure out what's wrong. It would be great for Faux News.

  • booklover

    Daniel, our family has been going to the same dentist for 30 years. I seriously don't know why I don't switch. They are overly-familiar, all very religious catholics. The hygienist even says things about how conservative her family is, etc. Funny,since her son and my daughter are the same age, and she's quit talking about her son ever since he drove the getaway car in a robbery, lol. Maybe next time I'm there I'll just work into the conversation that I am an Atheist, and about as Liberal as one can be.