Parenting Little Heathens

Atheists don't have a lot of parenting resources that speak directly to them. Come chat about all things parenting here.
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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

  • Grinning Cat

    What if the "abstinence only" philosophy of sex education applied to other subjects? (click image to enlarge)

    (an oldie but goodie from Big Fat Whale, shared by @punkwalrus on Twitter)

  • Chris Brockman

    What to Think About:  Philosophy for a Thoughtful Younger Generation, by Chris Brockman is up on Amazon. Brockman uses his own definition of “philosophy” as a “systematic study of who I am, what’s out there, and what should I do about it,“to arrive at suggestions for things to think about.  Each chapter ends with scenarios and questions challenging the reader to think. This book is “written from a humanist perspective,” and may offend some religious sensibilities.  It is recommended for young adults.  Chris Brockman is the author of the classic of religious skepticism for children What about gods?