Secular Sexuality

(NSFW) A no-taboo approach to sexual education and health.
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  • Joseph P

    In regards to the stuff back in November, the general impression that I get about the sex addiction groups is that they're for suppressing any sexual expression outside of a rigid norm.  From what little I've seen of it, it seems like sex addiction is a con to save a marriage when someone gets caught cheating.

    Oh, and Dr. Ray, have you looked into Stitcher?  I get the vast majority of my podcasts through that app.  It would help me keep much more regular with my listening habits.  Dogma Debate is on Stitcher, so David could probably help you set it up.

  • Joseph P

    Well, I guess if you have a particularly aggressive foot fetish ...

    Still, you'd think that the strangeness of the thing would be sufficient to put anyone off their stride.

  • Grinning Cat

    I just learned that sexuality educator Al Vernacchio (who promotes "pizza" over "baseball") is also a wedding officiant! He writes about the conflict between the "Mary Poppins" part of his brain (leaving a couple "to their happily ever after") and the "John Keating" part ("hoping to inspire new ways of thinking about rather traditional ideas").

    A spoonful of sugar: Reflections on being a wedding officiant and a sexuality educator

    (Note: Pennsylvania did go on to achieve marriage equality, nearly a year after "Mr. V" wrote this piece.)