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  • Randall Smith

    Joan's "Dudeist" is, of course, a caricature of the famous Vitruvius "proportion of the human figure". Leonardo of Vinci  is usually given credit for it with his rendition. I'll spare you the details.

  • Joan Denoo

    Egyptians gave up cats for gods, no magical qualities there. The Greeks gave up Zeus, he couldn't make things happen through magical powers, nor could Jupiter and Juno. Along came the Abrahamic faiths, one after the other, killing each other and trying to control each other. Well, so much for religion. Maybe a good dose of reality, critical thought, effective and efficient action is needed.

    Let's get those religious mythologies out of our government and start practicing sound decision making.  

  • Randall Smith

    Have you seen Mars lately? Big, bright, red, high in the eastern sky at 10PM. Lunar eclipse Apr 15, I think.