Apostate Atheists

A group for brave atheists who have said NO and rejected; Atheists who have publicly renounced and criticised their religions.



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  • Randall Smith

    Just wondering whatever happened to this group(?), and why I belong. Anybody out there, including the founder?

  • James M. Martin

    I assume that all atheists are apostates, except those who were never victims of religion to begin with.

  • Randall Smith

    I couldn't escape fast enough. In a room of high school classmates on a reunion picnic, a "meal prayer" was offered. I was stuck--forced to listen. I snickered to myself as the lady thanked god for the "nice day", food, good health-- the usual inane stuff. With my back to the group, I held my head high and gazed out the window. That was the only statement I could make. I hope somebody noticed, but I doubt it.