Hang With Friends

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  • Idaho Spud

    Ruth, take care of yourself and husband.

    Carl, I'm glad to hear your good news.

  • Randall Smith

    Carl, reading your comment has made my day! I'm relieved and happy to hear you're doing so well. Sounds like you're on the road to recovery. What do you do while on dialysis? Read? You might enjoy Alexander McCall Smith's books. They're light and fun reading. (Strangely, they're catalogued under McCall.)

    Ruth, ditto on the other comments. Take your time to return.

  • Loren Miller

    CARL!!!  Great to hear from you, bro!  Hope all's well!

    I may know the thickener stuff you're talking about.  My stepdaughter's little guy uses it because he as swallowing issues.  It's called Simply Thick, and there's the website for it.  Hope it helps.