Hang With Friends

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  • Joan Denoo

    OK. This is what I think will solve part of our problem of not getting the photos delivered to our walls. One way I can retrieve some of those unposted photos is to look at my Inbox, post the name of the person sending the undelivered comment, look at each comment from that person's URL, ie. 



    Open it from the inbox, not from the wall. Sometimes that works. 

    It seems some other have the same problem as I. Hope this works. Or, as B.F. Skinner stated, I have just developed a superstition. 

    Let me know if it works. 

    Or not. 

  • booklover

    I see everyone's stuff, Joan. I'm glad you can figure out computer stuff! I sure can't!
  • Randall Smith

    Daylight savings time is about to end. Being a morning person, I'm glad. But there goes my after supper walks. County back roads get pretty dark at night.