Atheist Reasoning on Gun Control in the U.S

Atheists are a small minority in the U.S.  Advocates of gun control might be a minority in America as well. In light of the recent shootings in Aurora I am curious as to how atheists in this network view the lack of gun restrictions.  There are probably divergent views.

I have trouble believing that both presidential candidates are steering away from any call for reform after the horrific mass shooting. In my opinion it is insane to allow citizens access to assault weapons that can kill scores of people in a few minutes.  It was even more shocking to hear on a news show that a family had to raise money to pay for the immense hospital bills for one of the victims while they were already crippled with medical bills from the mothers fight with breast cancer.

As a Canadian I came to stand with my U.S brothers for the reason rally and freedom from religion.  I would be willing to come down to the capitol and march for two other important causes.  Gun control and universal health care.

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    Russell Pangborn

    Am I in some sort of weird dream.  How can this even be an issue in any civilized country?

    The NRA versus Pediatricians - Docs Vs Glocks

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      tom sarbeck

      Russell, in the gun control debate, who uses reason?

      It's fear versus fear.

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        Dyslexic's DOG

        Actually, there should be the whole range of attitudes towards gun control as religious or non-religious beliefs are non-sequitur to gun control.

        Personally I used to enjoy shooting, both single shot and semi-automatic, though in the army cadets I loved being a machine gunner, but I see no use for such weapons within civilian settings.

        I also don't see any reason for carrying personal firearms. 

        Perhaps in some jobs and societies such personal protection may be deemed necessary.

        But it all boils down to a rational consideration of circumstances.

        Though I'm against the form of in their faces public display of gun ownership that is occurring in the U.S.

        Where people are being confronted by weapon carrying gun enthusiasts in public places.

        In that case I think such gun owners come from scraping the bottom of the rational intelligence barrel. 

        Such idiotic enthusiasts really should have their guns taken from them and only let them masturbate over pictures of guns, but should never be allowed to handle real weapons.

        I applaud Bill Maher's commentary on this topic:

        There should be a rationality test for personal gun ownership and a high rationality bar that owners must leap over in order to be approved for gun ownership, otherwise, expect more stupidity and accidents from unintelligent gun handling and ownership.