rudeness and cruelty on both sides of the isle

most of the people i grew up around where religious, my ma and pops where as moderate as possible though (thank....well the universe lol). but i grew up around alot of rude and bigoted extreme type ones too. but also i"ve met alot of atheists and agnostics who happen to try to offend people of religion on purpose, now both sides have the right i mean in america anyway. but don't you think ignorant religious people and people without belief who are ignorant are both in the wrong, both can disagree but neither side has the right to take it too far? bu tas you probably know i"ve met more ignorant religious folks than non-theists and agnostics. i think respect is the best way for both sides. please share you're thoughts on this subject if you would not mind?

  • Timmie

    Newton had it right: "every action has an equal and opposite reaction".
    Atheists have been a silent minority for a very, very long time.  We've kept our heads down, we've smiled and nodded, and been gracious and respectful regarding the beliefs of others for centuries (millennia, really!).  We knew we were the minority, the outcasts - so we played nice. 


    And what has that gotten us? 


    It seems to me with the introduction of the first "Evangelical Christian" President of the United states, the ubiquitousness of the Internet for belief affirmation and broadcast, the religious floodgates gates were opened and the whole of the world was submerged in vacuous piety.


    We were civil, we played nice.  Yes there were those that went "rogue" and would speak up - but even then, it was nice.  E. V. Ramasami Naicker, who fought in India against the horrible and reviled caste system; James Randi took on the Faith Healers; Madalyn Murray O'Hare fought  prayer in school - LEGALLY - but got murdered for her troubles. 

    It is time for rational thought to be championed.  It is time to shout down the anti-intellectual, counter productive, dogmatic hindrances to scientific progress - being nice hasn't worked.  Marginalized by superstition and brushed aside as "elite" - we've sat on our laurels too long and are witnessing the destruction of the only planet we have in the name of almighty super beings. Our silence, our civility is costing everyone on the planet dearly. 

    We're not being rude -we're being HEARD. 

  • Glen Rosenberg

    Brian, Brian, get me some cool hwiiiiip. You mean cool whip. No cool hwiiiiiiiiip, cool hwiip.

    Yeah okay if you are going to tell me Brian and Stewie are in the same ballpark I will accept that. Even though Stewie's gaiety is filled with mischief he makes up for his insolence by being cute.

    But please dont equate theists and atheists. The battle prattle between our actors is insignificant. Rather, ask yourself what it is, what it does, what is its nature. I aint got the heart to gefilte fish a diatribe. so.......

    And Timmie, okay Timandra, stick with a pic. I am getting seasick here!