Aquarium’s new critter packs a pulverizing punch
Mantis shrimp strikes with speed of bullet; it'll be isolated because the last one eluded capture while smashing to bits other creatures on display

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has added a colorful new creature that must be kept alone in its exhibit because of the extraordinary power contained within its lobster-like body. Even though the peacock mantis shrimp will have no company, it was with trepidation and not-so-fond memories that the California facility decided to place one on display.

Peacock mantis shrimp (c) Monterey Bay Aquarium

Peacock mantis shrimp; photo courtesy of Monterey Bay Aquarium/Randy Wilder

That’s because the last time a mantis shrimp resided at the aquarium, in 2001, it unleashed a months-long period of carnage that was reported by more than 200 newspapers and just about every major news network.

It was one of two mantis shrimp stowaways that arrived in the Splash Zone galleries hidden in rocks delivered from Florida. While the first was quickly captured, the second four-inch “killer shrimp” remained elusive and proceeded to pulverize sea snails, hermit crabs, barnacles, and other display critters.

Their parts littered the bottoms of tanks.

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Oh wow! Thanks for the video. Wonderful.


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