One of the difficulties in being vegetarian is that it can be more difficult, to find simple, quick, home-made foods. At least for me. I get bored with some of the same things over and over. I like the lentilwurst that I made up, but wanted another spread that was also easy. Legumes are very healthy, so hummus is a good choice. Sometimes I eat the hummus on pita, but I often just dip crackers into it. I can easly eat an entire recipe of hummus in 1 to 2 days. in that case, usually my lunch consists of the hummus and bread or crackers, and not much else. That may be too self-revealing. :-)

I didn't realize how easy it is to make hummus, until I looked it up. It's also healthy. It requires a few ingredients. It takes about 10 minutes if you have a food processor.

Starting from dried garbanzo beans, instead of the canned ones, results in a smoother, better tasting product, with more nutrients and less salt. But the canned garbanzos also make a great tasting hummus.

I work long hours and am often tired and grouchy, so I don't want something too complicated. Using the dried beans means thinking ahead, but not much time or effort. There are 2 steps-

1. Soak the beans overnight. I put about 1 cup of beans into a bowl, add water to about 3 inches deeper, and leave overnight. Then I drain off the water and put them into the fridge.

2. Boil the beans. After coming home from work, I put the beans into a pot, add water to cover about 2 inches deeper than the beans, bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. I skim off the foam to reduce the chance of boiling over. I set the timer to one hour, then get onto the computer to do homework or check A|N. The timer goes off, I check a bean to see if it smashes easily, then rinse in a colander with cold water. The beans then go into a covered container in the fridge. This is enough for 1 recipe of hummus.

To make the hummus -

Again, on coming home from work -

2 cups of the boiled garbanzos
1/4 cup water
1 1/2 tablespoon tahini
2 cloves of garlic, smashed
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp soy sauce
2 tbsp olive oil

Put it all into the food processor, blend until smooth, about 2 minutes.

Making the same hummus with canned garbanzos, I use one can, drained.

Some recipes call for lemon juice. I may add some next time - the last time I made it with lemon juice, I think I used too much (2 tablespoons), and it was lip-puckering sour. Probably about 1 tablespoon is enough.

I may add some sun-dried tomatoes to the next batch, instead of the peppers. Gives some variety. Not sure if this can be done with the really dry ones - they may need to be softened first.

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I LOVE hummus, with pita chips, or those green, orange and yellow chips made from veggies. I, too, can make a meal out of it. love it with dried tomatoes and garlic.

Black Olive Tapenade is my go-to recipe for gatherings; everyone seems to love it...I never have any left over.

Black olives, pitted. Fine to use canned, but better to use jarred...but I often, for cost
factors, mix the both.
pine nuts, toasted...a handful or so.
chopped sundried tomatoes in oil.
salt and pepper
minced garlic

I put it all in a food processor and whiz away until mostly smooth, but still with some small chunks in it. I don't give exact amounts because I don't use them...taste and adjust for your palate.
This stuff freezes beautifully for 2-3 months...never had any left long enough to see if it freezes for longer.
I just love hummus too! Here is another good and easy recipe for you to try.
Cannellini Bean Spread with Balsamic and Oregano

2 cups cooked and drained cannellini beans
2 Tablespoons vegetable stock or water
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 teaspoon salt
several grinds black pepper

Place the beans in a food processor along with the stock, oil, vinegar, oregano, salt, and pepper. Puree. If the mixture seems too thick, add an additional tablespoon or two of water to achieve the right consistency. Transfer to a serving bowl, cover and refrigerate until serving.

I spread this on tortillas and add veggie and wrap it up. Yum!!!
THis inspired me to try a different approach as well. I didn't have cannellinis so I used navy beans. Came out quite good!
Love Hummus; have it (almost) every day.

Thanks Daniel, for the tip on the dried garbanzo beans. My local fruit market has the dried garbanzo beans (bagged by the pound? or more?), but no instruction on how to prepare them, so I always buy the canned garbanzo beans. I'm gonna try the dried ones; should taste better, less salty as you noted, and possibly be cheaper :) .

I make mine basically like your recipe, but I like to add different veggies. This week, I added artichoke hearts and zucchini (from my garden). I have made it with black olives, or artichoke hearts solo, or zucchini solo (from my garden), or roasted red peppers, or plain garlic, etc.. it makes for a nice subtle variety of meals...

I also usually eat it on pita bread, but I find it quite tasty as a dip for nacho chips as well (who knew!)

Thanks Cheryl for the Canellini Bean Spread idea. I will definitely try this one!

Kate - will try the the Black Olive Tapenade as well. These all sound good (and easy to make - a real plus!!)

I hope you like it! I did find one mistake - the beans double, so 1 cup of beans becomes 2 cups. That's enough for 1 recipe, not two. I'll change the post to reflect that.

p.s. Last time I made it, I put in a couple spoons of Vietnamese garlic-pepper sauce. Awesome!
Cool! Thanks for the info...


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